Cosmic Band Chemistry

Amazing sexual and creative chemistry mark the relationships within the rock band Fleetwood Mac. Where does this magic come from? Astrological comparisons of band members Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham and John and Christine McVie reveal many planetary connections, which fueled their success and challenges, both in their romantic relationships and while working together.

In a strange twist of fate, the romance between Nicks and Buckingham derailed in 1977, the same year John and Christine McVie’s marriage fell apart. Mick Fleetwood divorced his wife during that time as well. It was said that the bandmembers were all sleeping together, and the resulting emotional turbulence was famously reflected in the songs on the Rumours album.

Although the band’s membership shifted in the early years of Fleetwood Mac (founded in 1967), its major successes came from the work of Fleetwood, Nicks, Buckingham and the McVies. Here we will look at the romantic relationships within the band to discover the secrets of its unmatched creative-romantic chemistry.

Karmic connection
The inspired pair of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham met in a Northern California high school, and became involved two years later. In 1975, they formed Fleetwood Mac as a songwriting team. Born on May 26, 1948, Nicks has Sun, Mercury and Uranus in versatile Gemini. This Air-sign emphasis gives the singer-songwriter the gift of self-expression. She is brainy, whimsical and flighty. Fortunately, Moon in practical Capricorn grounds her emotionally.

As for relationships, Nicks’ Venus in Cancer is sentimental and possessive – and it thrives on deep emotional connections. A Venus-Neptune square gives her an ethereal artistic style, but it can cloud her judgment in matters of the heart. Although her relationship with Buckingham, the band’s lead guitarist, was probably her most public relationship, she was married for a short time to Kim Anderson, the widower of her friend, Robin Anderson, soon after Robin died. Because Neptune is associated with loss, a Venus-Neptune affliction can be seen in her marriage, which she said was the result of her shared grief with Kim rather than true love.

Born on October 3, 1949, Buckingham has Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Libra. He’s an Air sign, like Nicks. This shared Air element was the source of their compatibility – both at home and in the studio. Since Libra rules partnerships, Buckingham was artistically inspired when he was working with Nicks. As for romance, Buckingham’s Venus in Scorpio makes him intense and passionate. He can also be jealous, secretive and controlling. Since both Scorpio and Cancer are Water signs, their relationship included a deep emotional tie.

Their downfall was a shared Neptune affliction. This influence created problems with boundaries, trust and clarity. Because they were susceptible to each other’s moods, small irritations could blow up into full-scale battles. They were also influenced by outside influences, including drugs, which added to the darkness between them. In 2000, Buckingham married Kristen Messner. He and Nicks seem to have resolved their karma, and they have become good friends.

Marriage ties
Married in 1968, John McVie is a Sagittarius, whereas Christine is a Cancer. On the surface, Sag is too carefree and adventurous for homey, sensitive Cancer. Looking deeper, though, we see what cosmic connections bound them together through eight years of marriage – not to mention playing together in a successful rock band.

Born on November 26, 1945, John has Moon in Virgo and Venus in Scorpio, like Buckingham. The bass guitarist is a passionate perfectionist, which is evident in his musicianship. The Scorpio influence suggests that he has a demanding side, especially in relationships. Still, that influence creates a profound emotional tie with Christine, who was born on July 12, 1943 and has Moon in Scorpio. As a singer, songwriter and keyboardist, she’s intensely focused. And as a double Water sign, she’s emotional, caring and moody – and secretive and controlling. Scorpio ties are always complicated, and this couple was no exception. The highs were transcendent, whereas the lows could be devastating.

Another troubling factor was criticism. With Christine’s Venus in Virgo and John’s Moon in Virgo, the couple could nit-pick each other to death. Some major communication blocks added to their challenges as well. With Mercury in Sagittarius, John’s communication style is impulsive and philosophical – which is at odds with Christine’s Mercury in Cancer, indicating an element of subjectivity and sensitivity. If he lashed out at her, she would understandably clam up, which would drive any Sagittarius nuts.

However, the main influence that brought them together was Saturn, the planet of karma and work. John’s Saturn in Cancer conjuncts Christine’s Sun in Cancer. This tie created a productive working relationship. They were born to accomplish something together – and they certainly did!

Although their personal relationships didn’t last – and a few them have prominent solo careers – Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood still perform together as one of the most enduring bands of all time.

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