• Venus in Cancer

Cosmic Band Chemistry

Amazing sexual and creative chemistry mark the relationships within the classic rock band Fleetwood Mac. Where does this magic come from? Astrological comparisons of band members Stevie Nicks and Lindsey ... read more

August 2009 Forecast

Romance sizzles as summer kicks into high gear. Although the Venus-Pluto clash can disrupt relationships at the start of August, other forces weigh in for most of the month to combine emotions (Venus in ... read more

Venus Transits Cancer

Making the most of summertime frolicking is likely to be easier, thanks to Venus passing through Cancer from August 1 to 26, 2009. When the planet of love transits the sign of home and family, it's time ... read more

June 2008 Forecast

Celestially speaking, June is typically an easy-going month that traditionally hosts more weddings than any other month of the year. Celebrations and graduations are likely to infuse the air with an ... read more
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