Your Chinese Horoscope: Relief From Confusion

Relief From Confusion

Chinese Horoscope

You have a comforting feeling of more steadiness as this Way Horse month continues through the new moon on July 15, and there’s relief from the confusion and the feeling of being drained of energy that many experienced in June. The best attributes of your animal sign shine brighter as July progresses. July 16 brings the Sheep in a Flock month. This is a period of knowing a full sense of self in the midst of team efforts. Here is your Chinese horoscope!

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Your special animal days offer you opportunities to express your truer self:



As tempting as it is on July 11 to just go for the fun, finish those last obligations and you’ll enjoy the pleasures of your evening even more as the Granary Rat. It’s tough to get activities started on July 23 even though changes are happening quickly. Hang tight as the Rat on the Crossbeam and real opportunities will arise.


July 12 is a day that begins with a little confusion, or just the urge to sleep in as you are the Ox in the Byre. Activities pick up later in the day for an enjoyable time, according to your Chinese horoscope. Competitions for power are settled through your intuitive actions as the Ox on the Road on July 24.

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On this powerful full moon day, compassion in thought and action gives you strength and sex appeal on July 1 while you are the Tiger Climbing the Mountain. As the day progresses on July 13 your feeling of well-being grows as the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Unsettled feelings of doubt on July 25 will pass as you are the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


What at first appears to be an unwanted surprise on July 2 may well be a wonderful gift as you’re the Rabbit of Woods and Mountain. You express your most romantic, emotional self on July 14 as the Rabbit in the Burrow, according to your Chinese horoscope. On July 26 your heart and head are aligned as you charm others as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest.


Honor your feelings and your body on July 3 as the Dragon of Patience. Releasing tension does wonders for your performance. Surprises bring new beginnings on July 15 as you’re the Rain Dragon. Your enthusiasm leads to success on July 27 as the Dragon in the Whirlpool.

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This July 4 holiday, you’re the Hibernating Snake during your Snake month. Have great fun and accept others’ generosity. Important changes take place on July 16 with you ready to lead others as the Snake in the Field. You’re full of charm, yet down-to-earth on July 28 as the Snake Leaving a Hole.


July 5 brings a day of over-the-top surprises on your Way Horse day and month. Flow with them, enjoying the natural appeal you have today. You feel excitement building on July 17 as you reach for your goals as the Horse in the Clouds. Share power to successfully complete that major change you want on July 29 as the Traveling Horse.


You’re charismatic on July 6 as the Sheep in a Flock. People are drawn to your energy and your true self. You’re pulled between duty and amazing opportunities as the Serious Sheep on July 18. Go for balance and have fun. Fulfill old promises on July 30 as the Lost Sheep for freedom to move toward your dreams.


Your Chinese horoscope suggests you finish old projects during the morning of July 7. Then enjoy the fun later in the day as the Tree Monkey. Important shifts are taking place in your life on July 19, but you’re alert as the Mountain Monkey. Let what inspires you guide your words on July 31 to thrive as the Independent Monkey.

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You have a message to deliver as the Cock Crowing at Noon on July 8, and it’s that inspiration and excitement are coming this afternoon and evening. Enjoy! Healing and wisdom are the orders of the day on July 20 as the Rooster of Solitude. The school of life has taught you well.


Make that long-time health improvement happen on July 9. You’re the Sleeping Dog who’s about to increase your energy. Memories of old ties and old loves start your day on July 21. As the Mountain Dog you draw on your inherent talents for success today.


Move ahead on those creative efforts on July 10. You succeed at expressing your softer side and attracting others as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. Tempers may be short on July 22. Your diplomacy calms everyone as the Monastic Pig.

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