Your Money Horoscope: April Showers and Cardinal Energy

Your Money Horoscope: April Showers and Cardinal Energy

Aries Energy and Your Money Horoscope

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) start the seasons, and they are symbolic of bold, new beginnings. Now that spring has sprung, we find ourselves surrounded by impulsive Aries energy. Additionally, we have a Full Moon Total Eclipse in Libra and New Moon in Aries that will conjunct with Uranus, the planet of unexpected events.The April Money Horoscope inspires us, but with the caution that we first look before we leap. Now let’s see what it all means for your Sun Sign:

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With so many planets in your Sun Sign forming some auspicious angles to other planets, your April Money Horoscope is due to be one of the best this year. Now’s the time to pitch that raise you so readily deserve. The 18th is an ideal time to start stashing money away for the future.


In April, your ruling planet, Venus, continues her stay in your Sun Sign and then moves into your house of money on the 11th. You’ll have the money to buy the things you like and want. Monetary recognition for hard work is also possible. Avoid anyone who wants to fight over finances.


April is your month to be seen and heard. Venus helps you plant seeds for the future as she favors your long-term goals. Your ability to effectively communicate is your gift, and Venus will help you cash in on that after the 11th.

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Recently, you’ve had little monetary wiggle room, but your April Money Horoscope suggests that now you can meet your obligations and possibly stash some cash for a rainy day. If you’ve been toying with a money-making idea, now is the time to share it with people and get some valuable feedback.


The total lunar eclipse on April 4 occurs in your house of communication. Sharing your words and ideas can help you and others become more profitable. The King of the Jungle is a magnanimous leader, so remember to listen to others’ ideas as well.


Your April Money Horoscope reminds you that time and money work hand-in-hand, so if you’ve got extra time on your hands, use it to make extra money. Month’s end can become the start of a lucrative time for you, so find something you love to do and profits should follow.


During the third week of April your ruling planet, Venus, forms some profitable angles to financially lucky Jupiter and the planet of the unexpected, Uranus. This adds up to a possible money manifestation from a place you’d least expect. Accept the gift with a smile.

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With so many lucrative ideas forming in your head, you’ll need extra hands to make them a reality. Although you’re perfectly capable of being self-sufficient, try sharing the workload with a partner to possibly double your efforts and your profits.


Saturn is currently in retrograde in your Sun Sign, causing you to rethink your budget. Your April Money Horoscope suggests that you’ll take a more philosophical approach to paying down debt. Instead of offering to pick up the tab, splitting the bill will leave more money in your pocket.

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Your Money Horoscope typically ties itself to your career efforts, and this April will be no different. In fact, you’ll be giving your money-making abilities quite a bit of thought. Take time away from work to free your mind; you’ll come up with some exciting possibilities for the future.


Look to the April 4 eclipse to expand your thoughts. Your creative ideas as well as basic practical matters seem to be tugging at your wallet. With the help of Mercury and Neptune in your second house mid-month, you’ll come up with some practical and creative ideas and solutions.


Planets in your solar second house of money set the theme for your April Money Horoscope—you’re impulsive and may be prone to spending without accounting. Keep track of expenditures and stash some cash for the unexpected; that’s not to say you shouldn’t still have fun.

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