How to Use Chinese Astrology to Find Your Career Path

Finding a career path or the type of work that best suits you is not an easy thing to do. Using Chinese astrology to guide the way is a great way to get started and get into the path that will lead you best.

Let Chinese Astrology Guide Your Career Path

A job search or career change could be enhanced with the help of the animal that lives in your heart. This system covers a 12-year cycle, giving a whole year to you, making it very empowering. This is the year of the Dragon—an innovative year for deep thoughts and changes in financial realms. Also, it’s a time to try your luck or push your blessings to the limit. Below are a few ideas about each sign to enhance satisfaction in the career realm.


Smart as a whip and doesn’t like feeling trapped, the Rat-person also loves to talk. Being upfront and good at giving information, this person will do extremely well as a guide. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

Top Career Picks: Psychologist, hairdresser or beauty business, marketing strategist or administration


These steadfast people are great at hard work. They can tow the line for long hours and not complain. Reliable and calm, they get the job done. With a surprising flare for the creative, the Ox also embraces the delicate side of life.

Top Career Picks: Construction, interior decorating, bodyguard, police officer, fireman, farming or warehouse work


Here we have a person who is not always easy to work with, making the Tiger a perfect person to work independently or in their own business. They are not hard on their workers but like to be in charge. With a rebellious way of doing things, they bring abstract talent to the table.

Top Career Picks: Chef, dog trainer and handler, machine operator, clothing designer, teacher, veterinarian, or musician


Independent and beautiful, these people can make looking fabulous happen in any venue. Here we have song and dance people. Taking care of others is often a choice profession.

Top Career Picks: Anything in fashion and beauty, managing money or being in the front of a store taking it, extreme sports athlete, exotic dancer, or blogger and writer


There is intense entrepreneurial energy here. They can start a business, bring it to its full potential, and either form a franchise or sell it and start a new one. The Dragon is also funny and artistic.

Top Career Picks: Business wheeler and dealer, comic writer, salesperson, spiritual guide or inventor (Did I mention, salesperson?)


Snakes get a bad rap, but honestly, they have a positive side to them. After all, they bring such wisdom to the table you have to pay attention to their words. They have great sex appeal and manipulate with ease.

Top Career Picks: Political anything and everything, lawyer, professor, dancer, administration for large companies or historical writer


Here we have a person who will work tirelessly, no questions asked. Just give them a task and they will not stop until it is completed. If born in 1966, the year of the Fire Horse, this one has to be free to do as they please; no micromanaging here.

Top Career Picks: Driver, pilot, postal worker, caregiver, office worker/assistant, and for the Fire Horse—anything they want to be


Brilliant beyond belief, these sexy, sensual people have a hard time adjusting to who they are and where they fit. School is boring, as they have to be bumped up to stay alert in class. They are starters of ideas and very psychic.

Top Career Picks: Phone psychic, teacher, hotel worker, front desk worker, photographer or prop person for film and theater sets


Tricky and witty, fast-thinking and very physical, these people have to have movement in their lives. They can make you laugh but they can also make you cry. So working with people, they must learn tactfulness early on, or they are like working with the mean girls from high school.

Top Career Picks: Comedian, personal trainer, athlete (tennis pro, swimmer, martial arts instructor), convenience store worker/manager, computer tech, childcare worker or retail


Talk, talk, talk. The Rooster knows how to talk. This person has great people skills and can talk their way out of anything. Charming as can be, they can do almost anything they put their mind to. However, they love to rule the roost

Top Career Picks: Owner of their own business, housemother for group homes or sororities, general, president, politician, manager, boxer or martial artist, dancer, entertainer or builder


They are loyal and highly intelligent, with a drive to accomplish what they start. Sharing knowledge is one of the greatest things this person loves to do.

Top Career Picks: Math teacher, astrologer, housing developer, broker, medical worker, or business owner of intelligence venues


Creative, honest and oh so giving, these are the kindest people with a world of patience. They are also pretty smart so here we have a whole package of goodness.

Top Career Picks: Caregiver, artist, sport environment, coach, religious position or researchers

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