Date and Love a Gemini

Gemini: A Multifaceted Gem

Is dating a Gemini, the sign of the twins, like dating two people? Well, that wouldn’t be too much of a far-fetched statement, but it’s more accurate to say that Geminis are multifaceted individuals with many interests and the need to communicate them.

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury—the messenger, the communicator—which makes them not only great communicators, but Mercurial spirits whose thoughts run deep, and cover a wide range of subjects; some of which no other sign would touch with a 10-foot pole. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

If you love the unexpected, if you’re intrigued by dating someone who is as changeable as the wind, then Gemini is for you. The very fact that you’ll hardly be bored, even while seemingly doing nothing, might be enough to find them attractive. Their childlike wanderlust for life is invigorating. They do have a slightly darker side, which only comes out occasionally; just give them space and do your own thing while they’re deep in thought. They do snap back to their normally jovial selves quite quickly, which is good news.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Date a Gemini

If you relish in a little fun banter and debate, you’ll be pleased you’re dating a Gemini. Of course, it’s nice to let them win any arguments or discussions, unless you want them to go on and on until you finally concede anyway. They’re not so much difficult as they are determined in their opinions, but they’re certainly not made of stone. And once they’re interested in you, they will defend their chosen love interest to the end. Even if their closest friends aren’t quite as sure of Gemini’s partner as they are, it’s okay. Everyone will find a way to get a long. Gemini is sure of it.

If you want to date a Gemini, you can’t be a stick-in-the-mud. You have to be willing to be everywhere at once in thought and sometimes in body. Most of all, you must allow them to be themselves. With Gemini, what you see if what you get. If you bore them, they can’t help but move on to more interesting turf, not because they’re heartbreakers, but because they simply need communication. They need someone who will grow with them, and someone who shows an equal amount of interest in life’s big issues and its little quirks.

Love a Gemini

Geminis give their choice in love a lot of thought, as they do with everything. To have reached this point, you should take pride in the fact that you’re probably an exciting soul and a great listener. Geminis like to express themselves, which is good if there’s ever trouble in Loveland, because they’ll tell you about it way before they leave you. Keeping up with Gemini’s ever-changing moods can be challenging, but it can also be exciting. Gemini’s do best with someone who matches their temperament and shares their many interests, which could be something totally new tomorrow. Are you ready for the ride?

“By knowing what your partner is made of astrologically, you can better gauge your relationship.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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81 thoughts on “Date and Love a Gemini

  1. Marc from the UK

    I dated a Gemini who has all the characteristics mentioned above, and she completely messed up my head and had me questioning myself as if I was completely losing the plot!!! The best thing I did was call it a day politely and in a positive manner and move on!! ……. Over a short period of time I realised I did the right thing and thanked the stars I was not in her environment anymore! They can be hell to be around. we are worth more than that!

  2. virgo

    The worst thing for a Virgo too do is date a Gemini period as they are a child and always will be a child even if they are for what ever age that they are and there dark side of them is there shadow and are typically always endorsed within there ways of mood swings etc as they are an Air Sign and they really do need too sit down and have a very close look at Astrology books just too learn about there higher selves and there other best too matches are the other air signs and they are either a Libra, or a Aquarian or another gemini themselves, as i had dated a gemini myself many years ago and believe you me a virgo and a gemini is DEFINATELY no match as i had waisted (6) years of my life with a complete irrattic woman of which too me was a complete mental case, like for example i was only going down the road too visit one of my male friends at the time and so she had turned around and had put a fork into her calf muscle right before my very eyes and she was ropibble, so i ask you why tolerate such a frivoulous kind of non-sense and so i had too stay behind too assist her and help her, as she knew on where i was going and she knew on what i was doing as i had told her well in advance and it is not as if that i did not take her any where and so our relationship had ended in being a very very possessive one amd today i have been very very happily married too a capricorn for the past 15 years and we are very and very extremely devoted too one another and have two wonderful taurean children and if use know anything about astrology we are all solid earth signs in other words material, and the only reason why that some of these air and fire signs, just had a close look at themselves and read a bit into the science field of astrology then they would have no problems what so ever as they must learn these masculine spirited people too stop being like children and take a very deep and close look at themselves, like by for now and the best of british.

  3. Gemini Girl

    I am a Gemini and all those things said about Gemini are true. However, they need to elaborate on the dark side. We can be irrational when angry, indecisive, flighty, and unstable in our daily routines. And yes we can be narcissistic. I am in a two and a half relationship with another gemini and it is totally explosive at times. In fact, he says i’m crazy. I think he can b crazy. I don’t know that if given the choice to be reborn i would do so under gemini. It’s been a rough ride under this sun. God Bless!

  4. sue

    I’ve been with a gemini for over 13 years now. You are so right about the 2 sides. Yes he is childlike at times but that can also be his charm. He’s mostly a “what you see is what you get” type of person. He gets this tough exterior of not caring if people accept him or not but deep down inside it really does matter to him and I’ve learned that over the years. Geminis can be very insecure and really need that little attention and will go somewhere else if they feel like they are lacking it from the person they are with, but the thing is … and this may sound strange..they ARE loyal and only go to see if they can at least get a response to their reaching out to someone else.
    I’m a virgo and came from a 20 year marriage to another virgo who was very dictating and controlling and my gemini husband helped me be who I am now. He’s flexible when I couldn’t understand how to be, he’s so easy going about money it’s unbeleavable, he gets so excited to try new things and he’s the BEST on road trips, he’s NEVER critisized me about how I feel about things…I’ve learned that I’m fire and he’s metal and the respect of what those 2 things are really helps me to understand him and myself more.

  5. Cheesygrin

    I’m a Pisces with my Moon in Gemini and I dated a Gemini with Moon in Leo.
    And he broke up with me twice and both times he decided with no communication or input as to what I might want.

    I think what burns is that communication was our thing.
    Out of all the guys I’ve dated, he was the one who didn’t play games in calling and was willing to talk, was charming and just a pleasure to be around.

    I knew we weren’t going to last forever we could have fun and just remain friends after.
    But the second time he decided to cut ties because and his reasons this time, was that he aware of how I had much more feelings for him and it was making him feel uncomfortable. Oh and how I was a nice girl but not the right package for him!

    This coming from a guy who thought he was a coward and a p***k for ending us.
    He had told me that he was sorry and didn’t know what he was doing or thinking when he dumped me. He said he still missed me and just wanted to kiss me, hold me, sleep with me and cared .

    So when I then tried to talk about it and work out where we go from what he’s just admitted to me, he disappeared and then decided to call it a day-AGAIN!!

    But what I don’t understand is why is he was twisting things and shifting responsibility on to me making me out to be some crazy, stalking girlfriend; when we weren’t in a committed or exclusive relationship . In my mind we were still unclear and all I wanted was some clarity.

    In hindsight, I believe I’ve had a lucky escape…He’s the sort of bloke that could jack my head up.

  6. Rilwan

    Dating a gemini is great. But, one must be honest and committed to the relationship. I once dated a gemini of which she knows how committed i’m to the relationship. but, faith have it we lost communication for over three yrs. She was about getting married in two months time when we meet again miraculously. She got married to a gemini and i as a libra i got married to an aquarius. Nevertheless, i never enjoy my marriage neither does she enjoyed hers. After so many consultation she was told to returned to me of which i turn her down. Two yrs after i went for consultation and i was told to go and find her and do what she wants because that is where my happiness is. As i am writing this my heart is in confusion. my question is this related to your publication, is it possible for the faith of one man tied to another woman for happiness to rain in their heart? For over three years i am a regular reader of your publication of which i so much believe in it. Sincerely speaking it is proven beyond my imagination for the past and present.

  7. josie

    my birthday is april 21 have been with a gemini off and on for 7 years .and has put me threw hell . always other woman.always want,s you to pay.and he just moved in with one. sil dosen,t leave me a lone

  8. juanita otero

    i have a best friend who is a gemini and he is the best i tease him out of his dark moods and he lestens to me whine about my love life or lack their of he always supports me and gives me intelegent opinions to help my life

  9. Randy

    People I am sorry for my bad typing just alittle emotional about this but she never made it to her house on the Harley.

  10. Randy

    Hey trisha you probably read my notes down at the bottom of this page I am sorry what happened in your rekationship. I don’t know you are where you live but if you are like me you will comeback hoping someone has an answer. I was having alittle fun with my imput at the bottom. I know exactly how you feel. The only true love I ever had was a pieces and we were like really so close I could feel her underneith my skin. But we broke and I tried dating other people and I had someone who might have got there but I told her we would just have go very slow. Wouldn’t you know it she took off like rocket I don’t blame her. My pieces love bought a new Harly after 30years had gone by but if she’d been alive today I really just see how there could have been closure to it. I’ve been married twice the first one I had a little Girl best thing that this old boy had since but isaw this Pieces on and off all through the yrs but I deep down inside the way it hurt me I will never be O.K. about this shes been gone now four yrs I sometimes still catch myself looking at glemps of her but I will never see her in this life again.

  11. shayne

    ive dated alot of geminis ,and i have been married to one for going on 16 yrs ,, yes they r different , but my man is a good guy he works his butt off pays all the bills ,takes care of his family , he is a moody lil shit ,and sometimes selfish ,but iam spoiled ,and do get my way most of the time , as for a romeo in the bedroom ,notttttt, and he does like his space ,but its ok , i like mine to , yr right , there is 2 of them , the evil twin , one day hes a sweetie and 20 min later , hes a jerk , to the point i wanta smash his face in ,ive learned to either threathen him with a slow firey death ,, or just ignore him , yes iam a aries and i dont put up with his crap ,

  12. randy

    im gemini and im just sick and tired of my dark side leaving me in regrets. when i get happy its like i am a prefessional comedian. i luv my girl friend so much that when she upset me alil my bad part pressure me to take off on her and within me i dont wanna ever leave her and she is a virgo.

  13. Rosalind D

    First of all I’m a Gemini and some of the comments I don’t agree with. Now it’s true we tend to be flirts it’s one of the things that made you notice us in a crowd. If you bore me yes I will look around for the next interesting person. I am a loyal friend and will always have your back. I am open and accepting of anybody that is as long as it doesn’t interfer with my life. Look just take us as we are and I can promist you a interesting ride.

  14. Carol

    I to have been married to Gemini’s, 3 to be exact, 2 of them were womenizers, one was mean! Needless to say,the mean one left me for another woman, the other left me several times for another woman, but kept coming back, after 8 years we devorced!! I married another Gemini, and he was wonderful, but not knowing he had a brain tumor, his personality changed towards me and I left..
    To this day I regret ever leaving him, he died in 2002, so I can’t even go back & try again!!! In the mean time I married a Scorpio, he has so many mood swings, he could be a swinging door. He screams at me for every little thing, if I’m not fast enough, or I’m not doing things his way, or I spill something Etc:Etc: I forgot to mention, I am a Virgo and have been miserable for years with this man, it’s like walking on egg shells all the time, not ever knowing when he will go off again for some small thing!

  15. Rita

    I have 3 geminis two boys and one girl and I agree with u on there ways. My daughter is way worst then my boys my sons are faithful loyal they also have a dark side. I Was dating one for a year and he was indecisive but loyal and trustworthy I loved him but i guess he didn’t feel the same cuz he just up and moved to texas. I’m a Capricorn.

  16. Marie

    I have been with a Gemini for 4 years and he is the man that I will be with forever. I completely agree with the occasional dark side, giving him his space for thought, loving deeply, and there never being a dull moment. I, being a Leo, am not like that. However, it has taken me a while to acknowledge and respect that that is how he functions. I know if I just give him some space to think, he tells me everything and we end up having great conversations. He loves and adores me, which Leos love having that attention. Also, I have a very busy life aside from him. He always tells me that one of the biggest thing that he was/is attracted to is that I am so independent. When his occasional dark side comes out, I have to let him know that that is not ok and he comes back down to earth. There is definitely not a boring moment! We have had our up and downs and are always working on our relationship as all relationships do. I have a feeling that Fire and Air signs will work out just fine. 😉

  17. Enddy

    Am a gemini married to a virgo. I agree to the gemini prediction and its not been easy being married to this virgo but am determined to make it work knowing my weakness, do you think its worth it? What other sign is best?

  18. Rachelle

    I have a mother who is a Gemini and she is like some of you have described: two-faced, phony nice, charming and a bitch all at once. Negative, judgmental, and unable to communicate in an effective way. However, I also have a 17 yr old son who is a Gemini and we get along fabulously. He is nothing like my mother. I have come to the conclusion that the other components to your astro chart make a huge difference. For example, his moon is in Cancer, and I am Scorpio; my moon is is Gemini. Don’t count those Gemini’s out until you know what else is in their houses!

  19. Heather

    I’m a Gemini/Cancer (born June 20th) and if you know anything about these two signs you know they are COMPLETE opposites. I always say that my “Gemini side tells on my Cancer side.” I have the Gemini side where I always need something to do or I get bored. Then I have the sensitive Cancer side where when I get hurt I “go into my shell” and hide. I HATE it because Gemini’s are ALREADY up and down with their emotions and you throw Cancer in there?! YIKES!!

    I seriously feel sorry for the guy I end up with (if that ever happens.) He is going to have ALOT on his hands dealing with me. I guess he will NEVER be bored though. =)

  20. paula

    Geminis are fun people but they are fickle, flaky, shallow screwballs. They seem to draw to me like moths to a flame! I’ve been with two of them and we just don’t get along in that respect they are not very emotionally deep people. They can be very impulsive. They can’t see past their noses.. But they are fun people if they can hold on to their sarcasm.

  21. marie

    I’m a Capricorn he’s Gemini Over changeable Gemini that never forgets past trouble…i already forget he always repeats ever selfish and changeable over in pride …now we are in the period of separation but we love each other Still…and sometimes i feel i will really miss him because he so tender when in the mood to do so.. but its right he really says hes plan of leaving u even very vocal in saying that you are not for each other……so that’s it! SO BE IT! I am ready now…thier team song should be.. HERE TODAY AND GONE TOMORROW! and QUE SERA SERA!

  22. Marcela

    If i could i would let born all people on Gemini and World would be one big Heaven!
    We are the best 🙂

  23. Loraine

    I was with a Gemini for 17 years- the lies, the deceit and the foolishness that ended the relationship was for the best. I’ve always knew the 2 sides he had- one minute nice and consideration if anytime would allow for it- the other side mean, nasty, jealous, two-faced, back-stabbing and accusatory to the max. What us LEO’S don’t need is someone who is trying to control us and mold us for we RULE the ground that we walk on. Rumor has it. He also thought that he could challenge me and ended up with a bunch of mental problems that we couldn’t fix and never grew up. I HATE WHEN A GROWN MAN ACTS LIKE A CHILD. Makes you wonder why you were wth the 2 faces in the first place.

  24. Ingrid Bonning

    Thank ‘ You ‘ very well written … I’m a Gemini with Leo ascendant .. today 23. is my ‘ Birthday ‘ … it is correct to say that I’m multifaceted ‘ with many interests … and from me you will get what you see …

    Greetings from me to you LJ Innes

  25. Trisha

    Hi I was in love with a Piscs and I or should I say he ended it. It was weird but when I was first going with him I couldn’t be any happier. He was everthing I wanted in A man, but I felt like someone or something was telling me to end the relasonship even though I was so in love with him I said to him on my way home from a camping trip with him and my friend and her boyfriend. I told him that I knew someday he would break my heart. Then he was very upset and started balling his eyes out(those unbeliveable sky blue eyes withlong thick black lashes and curly on the top of his head jet black) I kept saying this is forthe best, but he was so upset I said to myself O.K. I won’t end what we have together. Well 6 months down the road he ended it. I was deverstated. I couldn’t understand why. But know I am married to a guy that I can not stand. I am trying to get out of this farsce of a marriage. He gets drunk and screams at me for nothing(he is a Taurus by the way). I know they say Taurus get along great with Virgo’s wich isn’t the case with me and my love of a life is a pcics and they are not sopposed to get along with
    Virgo’s,wish I had know that then. Anyway I think about him night and day, he lives in another state and he is married.
    What can I do. I tried so hard to get over him. It’s been something like 20 years and I didn’t know then but I know now is was a mamas boy could that have been why he left?
    I will never know. I just wish I could see him one more time to have closure.

  26. Andrice

    I completly agree with barn I’ve dated mostly geminis in my life time im a cancer are relationships usually last for a long time but in the end we Just don’t agree upon the same things, best I can say about dating them is after we brake up they end up being my best friend witch works for me I can say I love geminis but I can’t date them

  27. Universal Constance

    I am an Aries who has been married to a Gemini for 35 years and it has not been easy and more often than not, it’s been awful. They do have two sides and one is very dark and mean, while the other seems to be more phony nice than really nice. I haven’t loved him for years for he hasn’t shown me love for years. We are still together because I finally just created another life for myself and that is my safety net. He has has hardly noticed he is so into himself. If I had it to do over again, I would never, ever get involved with, or marry a Gemini!

  28. Erica

    Barb is exactly correct.Water signs and Geminis do NOT do well together.A Gemini will only hurt and harden a water sign…any of the water signs.

  29. Konchan

    I’m a Aries and had many Aries relationship, it ended badly, it sounded like I need to stay away from Gemini relationship as well. What is your thought on that???

  30. Violet

    Geminis are great if you can live with someone who needs to be busy and on the move constantly — which is fine if you’re like me (quintuple Libra) and can’t stand a bore or a couch potato. However, they’re not the guys to be on call for you all the time, and it’s important for you to have lots of interests of your own so that your life isn’t all about The Relationship, which will drive them insane.

  31. D

    You are going to the wrong psychics. I have several friends and relatives that are psychic and Very Much So…..believe in God…..Where do you think they get the information from? They are just relaying the information that is given to them…Just ask if they believe in God Majority of them do If not -go to the next one until you find one that does. Just like Some Doctor’s or Minister’s are not a Good Fit most are Wonderful! Bless you!

  32. elian

    Years ago, a gemini and I fell deeply in love. I fell out of love; he continued to be in love. I did not marry; he did. He was faithful to his wife, but his marriage did nor work out and he got divored, He claimed that he never stopped loving me, even throughout his marriage to another woman. He died eight years ago leaving me a little inheritance. From this, I say, a gemini’s love can run deep. I am a leo.

  33. Omayra

    I am a libra in love with a geminis. “Believe me is hard work they do change fast and it is them or nobody. He is a woman’s candy unfortunately too many friends oh well i guess is my dilemma I am the same too. Fun to play, a heartbreaker not too seriously/

  34. Patricia Harbour

    I fell in love with a Gemini 60 years ago. We were sweethearts through high school and
    college… He had issues… We parted as he felt I needed children, as he could not give them.
    Still in love… he went his way… I, mine.
    I married, had two children… The marriage was not honest.. was not good.
    Through tepathy… and meditation… We got together again after 14 years and my divorce.
    Living at oposite ends of the states… we got together and felt the same… We married and
    he raised my 2 children as if they were his for 35 yesrs.
    He passed 5 years ago…. but we are still in love, still in touch.. and we will be together again in the
    next life.
    I am a Saggitarus..

  35. Latrice

    I stop believing in psychics because i was told you guys dont worship God. This forecast is amazing because Im married to a Gemini and he is wonderful an amazing! I never had understood man until he came in my life. I hope im not going to hell for replying to this message! You guys where exact about our relationship..P.S> Dark side,deep in communication, and allowing him to be himself! Just amazing 😉 Have a bless day if you dont believe in God he is real and he have risen!!!!

  36. Codie

    As a Gemini, I find this completely accurate. Particularly the part about the darker side. I need space to sort through my brain sometimes, and it’s incredibly frustrating when a partner doesn’t understand that.

  37. peg

    I have dated Gemini’s my entire life! I love them! Out relationships tend to be long lasting, however I have to say that it never works out! And why I continue to end up with them I suppose will always be a mystery. I’ve had the closest of relationships with them and yet in the end, every one of them has left without much explanation. How can they be your best friend and lovers and yet run off (often with someone else) in the end. Everytime it has been a painful experience. So you say “Love a Gemini”…I have and been there, done that!! Scorpio with a Gemini? I don’t think so.

  38. barb

    Gemini is different alright. Married to on 13 years. They flirt all the time and are prone to being unfaithful. They are very hard to please selfish moody unreliable and very immature. As a Scorpio, I conduct myself in a more refined manner, I’m faithful honest empathetic and helpful. My Gemini is none of those things. So if you want to date a Gemini, be prepared to turn the other cheek or have your own support system. Gemini is flighty today they love you tomorrow not so much and they believe this reaction is perfectly fine. They appear intelligent but only glaze over subjects because to have depth is not in them. Narcissistic by nature, don’t look to be nurtured by them, they want you to put out all of your emotional capital while they look for the next conquest. If you are a water sign…stay far far away from Gemini…you won’t end up with much.

  39. Ellen

    Our relationship somewhat ended 10mos ago. I know that the one he’s in now is coming to an end as we speak. Now my question is is he coming back to me? We still love each other & have a 6yr history. I’m TOTALLY oppisite from the other one, although she was born 5/23/65. He’s b-day is Fri. 5/25/56. My birth is 5/15/55. So, waiting has been hard!!!!!! Need ANSWERS NOW!!!!!!!!

  40. Lois Almquist

    I am on the cusp of Virgo and Libra so I am both but more the later. Please send Libra’s prediction instead. Thanks

  41. Peggy Beed

    I know a Cancer man for twenty-seven years. I love him and he tell’s me the same. When we
    Get together the love making is like fireworks and we lived together for ten years. Now that our
    children are grown we can’t get it together. I leave in Ca. and he lives in St.Louis. But I want to
    Be there because I’m not happy here. He waiting and I don’t want to lose him. Thank You.


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