Proof True Love Exists

The Signs of True Love

Do you dream of finding your true love? Have you fantasized about them for years and truly believe they are out there, waiting for you? If you have a spiritual feeling within yourself that love truly does exist, then you are one of the luckier ones.

Some people need proof that there is such a thing a true love. They need to see obvious examples and witness shocking signs of undying love. But these are not things that can always be easily observed. Believe it or not, it does exist in many forms—it’s not one specific act or portrayal. Here are some excellent ways for you to witness examples of true love on a daily basis.

Talk to People in Long, Long-Term Relationships

Talk to your grandparents. Perhaps they have been married to the loves of their lives for decades or they may have had multiple true loves. They know what real love is all about and they’ve lived long enough to have someone touch their lives on a grand scale. True love requires commitment and long-term dedication. When true love is present, commitment doesn’t require giving up anything and this kind of love should come easy, without any real effort.

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True Love Doesn’t Look Like One Thing or Another

People in love show their love for each other in many different ways. Look around and listen to what others have to say and you will recognize true love in its many forms. For most people, it’s the feeling of being the luckiest person alive and the fear of suddenly not having  their significant other in their life. It’s the feeling of missing them just a few minutes after they leave. They are usually the best of friends and the usually do everything together unless important things like work commitments keep them apart. They show each other love through selfless actions, sweet expressions, loving touches and on-going support.

True Love Means Undying Support

True loves offer each other endless support. Being there for your partner, no matter how bad things get, proves that you are in it for  the long haul. It could be days, months or years before things get better, and true loves are willing to “walk through fire” for each other. Leaving is never an option. People don’t waste time supporting people they don’t love.

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Unconditional Love is True Love

When someone feels deep love for someone, regardless of the situation or condition, this is a higher level of love. If one partner does not require that the other partner change (physically, mentally or spiritually) and loves them for who they are, this is a sure sign of unconditional true love and should be treasured.

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So if you still want lightning bolts, solid proof or intense signs to show you true love exists, all you have to do is look around. True love doesn’t only exist between couples. You can witness it through a variety of relationships whether they be between lovers, friends or family. Love truly is all around us. We just need to be open to seeing it more.

6 thoughts on “Proof True Love Exists

  1. marios

    We are married for over 45 hrs .It makes an achiver yet i always room for more caring and love! please everyone try and keep trying ,ie not anything its a good “tradition” i rather say life……love to all readers mario

  2. Starr

    I don’t care that it’s happening to other people…I’m ready for it to happen to me. I’m tired of hearing about other people’s “happily ever after.” When will true find me or I find it?

  3. Tina

    Who is the best true love…..

    7-4-47 or 7-16-48 or 11-10-48….Can you tell me? I am 4/28/45.
    Michigan Washington Michigan Michigan


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