Your Career Horoscope for January 9 – February 9, 2014

Career Horoscope
Career Horoscope

Go With Your Gut

January 9 through February 9 is a high-energy time for you to reinvent your image and to develop new business relationships that will unfold over 2014. Go with your gut about your career efforts and pursue what inspires you. With a little patience and perseverance, you’ll look back on this period as the time that you established your path for future success.

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January 14 and 15 will have you working overtime, but you’ll see that you’ve been making progress by week’s end as others begin to find your projects sexy and fun. Carry this work to the next level on January 26 and 27. Take those brilliant ideas you have on February 3 and put them in writing. You may need to tweak them for several months, but big benefits can come in the future.


Education during this period helps you build a solid future. Take advantage of the spotlight on January 9 and 10 as you’ll have a plan by January 19 – 20. Travel or studies on the 28th and 29th open new strategies for your creative and career desires. Your Sun Sign ruler, Venus, goes into direct motion on February 2, just in time for you to show everyone how smart you are on February 5 and 6.


A visit from your muse on January 11 allows you to put beautiful ideas into form. The chaos around you on January 21 and 22 is fertile ground for you to cut through the nonsense and guide others. The New and Crescent Moons on January 30 and 31 brings more inspiration. Your Sun Sign ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde on February 8—the perfect opportunity to revisit old dreams that can become reality.


You’re energized and emotional from January 13 to the 15th. There are a number of challenges right now where you can arise as the champion. Your enthusiasm over your ideas on January 24 and 25 is infectious. Take care to really make them work for personal success. The weekend of February 1 and 2 is perfect for a romantic getaway that will inspire next week’s work.

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Communications and work have your attention during January and February, and you’ll be a powerhouse at work. You command everyone’s attention with your passionate presence on January 16 through 18. This is great because you are really inspired. January 26 is a great day to bring your ideas and dreams into form. You also experience pure inspiration on February 3 and 4.


Your planning and career strategies are outstanding during January and February. Use your high energy, reason and empathy to persuade other to support you on January 9 and 10. You’re intense and clever on January 19 and 20 and can help others with health issues. Passionate, creative efforts bring excellent results on January 28 and February 5 and 6.


Your Sun Sign ruler, Venus, finally begins her march forward on February 2! You’re full of energy and ready to go. The weekend of January 11 and 12 is perfect for an inspiring getaway or career workshop. Any frustration on January 14 and 15 can motivate you to really effective self-expression on January 22 and 23. The New and Crescent Moons on January 30 and 31 offer creative projects that can take form by the weekend of February 8 and 9.


You have been digging deep into your psyche to find creative stimulation and the spiritual heart of your career. Use January 13 through 15 to put something inspired and inspiring into solid form as you act as a messenger for something powerful. January 23 through 25 is a time to be an advocate for planet earth and fairness to women for career benefit. January 3 through February 2 is a highly creative time when your efforts teach others.


Navigate the politics at work carefully during January and February through compassionate, shrewd communications. Friends will be in your corner. Travel and education bring great ideas on January 16 and 17 as social networking helps you sell your brainchild. January 26 and 27 brings an even more innovative approach to your career. Travel or an online class can help complete this new project on February 3.

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The Sun is in your sign with Venus through January 19 bringing you positive, exciting attention. You are an amazing communicator on January 9 and 10, and if you’re focused on studies or spiritual pursuits you’ll have breakthroughs. Use your deep insights to reach others on January 19 and 28. Romantic ideals bring success on February 5 and 6.


January 11 and 12 are exciting days when your creative efforts will flourish. Then, you’ll love exploring new ideas and places when the Sun enters your sign on January 19. Innovative energies really flow on the 21st and 22nd. The New Moon on January 30 in your sign brings openings for you to take action on new projects. Follow up on February 8 and 9 for success.


Friends and social networking bring real advantages to your career during January/February. You’re the creator of some really beautiful, beneficial ideas on January 14 and 15. You also find joy in putting your thoughts into form on the 23rd through the 25th. February 1 and 2 are passionate, idealistic days to pursue a future that you know can be made real.

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