Your Weekend Horoscope for January 10 – 12, 2014

weekend horoscope january 10

Your Weekend Horoscope: Clear the Body and the Mind

Our emotions emerge from the inside with duality, forcing our hand to make a decision. The Gemini Moon sparks reverting energy, allowing us to see many facets of life. Closing our eyes in meditation opens our third eye to the mystical and unknown realm in which we can find answers and resolve misunderstandings. A mini fast or total fast over the weekend clears out not only the body but the mind as well.


Feeling as if your brain is playing Ping-Pong is not even close to the activity your mind is working with. Center, focus and put your thoughts and visions into writing. Doing so will give you instant recall to your past, knowledge in the present and ideas for the future.


Trying to organize your life right now seems to be out of reach. There are important things for you to do, and giving of yourself will leave you tired, but happy. Those who need you love you. Rewards come in the week ahead.


Working overtime and giving it all you’ve got is how you roll. This weekend you feel the power of the moon being in your Sun Sign, which opens up avenues of success that are new and exciting.


Emotionally, you are on fire. You feel, you see and you hear all you need to move forward with a relationship that has been on the back burner for a very long time. This is the right time to enjoy romance.


“Order” is the word of the weekend. Putting your house and your vehicle in pristine shape gives you an accomplished feeling. Moving from one task to another with ease leaves you plenty of energy to finish off the weekend by doing something that you love.


The events of last week have left you feeling confused. From this confusion comes light and clarity. Allow the process to work for you by not putting up a fight. Being overly opinionated will get you in trouble.


Serving up some righteous entertainment for your family makes you the family member of the year. Your organizational skills are at their best and you put together a weekend that will be talked about for years to come.


Quiet time will serve you well right about now. Too much activity puts you on edge and you feel nervous, in light of this vibration. Meditation will help to keep you in a peaceful mode. If you must have motion, do something that will center and ground you.


Your personal commitment to protect and guard those you love gets a boost, putting you on top of your game. Be the one who drives your friends and family safely from one location to another. You really find joy in this.


Collect you energy. It will be wise to focus on the most important aspects of business. There are so many changes in your life—all for the better, even if it is hard to see that right now. You will realize the blessings in the weeks to come.


More than ever you are able to touch the hearts and minds of others with your enlightened nature. Illuminating the path to happiness for those in your realm keeps you busy for the next few days.


Even if you had on blinders, earplugs and bubble wrap, you would see, hear, and feel the deepest of love energy. You are at a strong point in your life and moving forward with plans to marry or move in together is a positive action.

15 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for January 10 – 12, 2014

  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    the Buddha said “if you truly loved yourself, you would never hurt anyone”.

    being I write the weekend forecasts I would love to answer questions about the weekend, the energy and vibrations, spiritual events, planetary events, or anything that has to do with the articles.

    maybe we could have an open forum where discussions can be held by the blog readers that do not infringe on the articles that the authors write.

    I love hearing from every one of you. your thoughts, ideas, wisdom on topics relevant to the articles would be an insightful inspiring productive change.
    Buddha bless,

  2. Bella

    4 “””” C.right.thru.U “””” … I can’t tell if UR ever being really sincere OR not … Sometimes I feel as N UR a psychic 2 , my moms friends says you are , no I don’t know how she knows that – I was just wondering BCZ you seem 2 think you do know it all – maybe it’s N UR under lying words – UR un said thought process maybe – however it’s always the same response 2 AS N forever 2 & NATA but <3 lol I DO feel a touch if sarcasm 2 lol 😉 NATA wrong with that , == no I don't judge NO 1 😉 !!!!! (((Divine spiritual blessing 2 you 2))) !!!! 🙂

  3. Bella

    Lol lol lol 4 Angela I must of hit a nerve I hate it !!!! I’m not sure who UR talking about lol 😉 IF it’s me lol it don’t matter BCZ I’ll match witts with anyone – anywhere @ any times FYI I do it anyway being yes I speak my mind clearly N & out of the courtrooms , state capital places , HOSPITALS , juveniles forums ECT R you getting the picture if UR talking about me lol FYI it’s hard 4 me 2 talk due a lot 2 multiple throat surgeries recently … FYI yes I do post things on here 4 MY friends lol … If UR talking about me sorry “” it is what it is “” FYI – however I must not be all of that crazssssssss BCZ yes AS N yes I do post a lot of other very helpful comments on this web sites YES I do sincerely DO mean them all 2 been there done that lol just like with a lot of other folks yes 2013 really sucked 2 lol , however we will DO , being NO it’s not being taking under advisement IF UR comment if it’s being directed @ me , lol as N I think not lol , thank you any way though …. Thank “” GOD “” 4 thick skin folks lol I’m not sorry BCZ you see NO crazssssssssssss HERE, IF UR talking about my ass no I dont think so ………………….. PEACE OUT !!!!!!! 😉 lol lol you see NO I don’t do crazsssssssssss @ all 4 me personally no I don’t deal with no crazsssssss ” all & if I choose 2 do them N court rooms setting only IF they do Insist on being crazssssss with me sorry no I don’t do NO CAP = yes they usually DO go 2 jail FYI !!!!!! BCZ homey don’t play that !!! Lol lol Have a nice day !!! 😉

  4. Angela

    May GOD protect us from the crazeessssssssssss of the world. Sometimes we should keep our comments to ourselves………………..PEACE

  5. Bella

    Sorry I meant I had “” crab Rangoon soup “” lol what’s that ??? lol well it’s == it’s just the middle part of all mushed up soft part 4 all intending yea it’s meant 4 me 2 enjoy easier eating purposes lol !!! 😉

  6. Bella

    Yes I am I had a very bad day N court yesterday BCZ I had 2 watch a child who YES & very deservingly got 30 years N jail so yes I’m energize BCZ how 2 even try 2 grasp UR head around that 2 TRY 2 bounce back from something like that yes it’s very sad !!! Yes it’s jc bday 2 day, lol yes he HAS 2 deal with his own legal woes 4 once 2 lol lol !!!! 😉 … Hey & how come being ON a lighter note lol How is it us CaPRICORNS does usually = DO end up celebrating our bday all JANUARY – lol OF all month long … Happy bday ms Quinn , 🙂 Lol lol 2 funny BCZ I had crab Rangoon & rice with crab meat N it 4 lunch 2 day lol lol it must be a seafood kind of day lol lol … Ok thank you I seriously will BE taking 2 you N a live person VOICE ASAP !!! Love ya have a good 1 good day !!!! xoxoxo <3

  7. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi Joanne Theriault –
    you are so right, not all the time do the stars line up with what is going on in our life.
    sometimes we rise above the influence of the stars, planets and the whole universe to do as we please and sometimes as we must.
    have a great weekend, be it in the stars or not.

  8. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hello bella,
    you are so energized today… girlfriend. you can you read with anyone you like, all our readers are great.
    have a lovely weekend.
    I just got back from my sushi sashimi lunch which was divine.
    celebrating my bday all month.
    love ya – happy weekend.

  9. Bella

    Happy Birthday jc, no my ass IS not gonna text – OR call UR a$$ !!!!! DO -did you my ass moving N to fix this BS lol lol oh hell no , & NO I think not my boo, Why BCZ UR a$$ made my a$$ SO furious @ UR a$$ 2 the point – hey U did you see my a$$ put out UR latest fire NO you – I did not lol lol 😉 !!! YEAH that would BE why I am 🙁 @ you see & OMG jc what’s wrong with you !!!!! I hope you DO have a very Happy Birthday am I being a smarty pants YEAH you betcha I am !!!!! 😉 = UR being a a$$ 🙁 !!!! So you see NO I am not sorry you see YEAH UR BS is a skippy doo DAAAAA a$$ IS a past memory lol lol yes IT is as you can see 🙂 … YES I sure have checked out of this BS 4 this’s gosh damn scenario BS mess 2 – AND I’m being a 1000000f000 %% for real 2 !!!! NATA but 4 <3 AS N always 4 you 2 , you DAAAAA jackass YOU !!!! 🙁 have a nice day !!! YES you did this & yes YOU need 2 fix IT 1st you see !!!! 🙁 <3

  10. Joanne Theriault

    I am a Aquarius ,reading my horoscope at times doesn’t seem to fit my personality or what is taking place at the time of reading .

  11. Bella

    Hey NYC lol all is well here did I get N2 trouble AH & who are y’all talking 2 or about lol lol of course I did get N2 trouble yes I took it like a grown ass woman 2 lol lol .. 😉

    Court went ok I guess google it or log on 2 any of the major social – local media web sites 2 get the 411 scoop !!! Main thing it’s very SAD but very SAD but very TRUE = it’s SAD but there IS always 2 sides 2 every story FYI that’s all I won’t 2 say on the subject matter it’s very SAD 🙁 !!!! What ax waste of a lives 2 🙁

    Who “” on MOB WIVES “” lol lol hell NO that BS is not done on purpose by NO means that BS is 4 real 2 “” what’s IS the title “” BLOOD wives “” lol lol 🙂 !!! Shi!!!!! Lol lol NO “” homey don’t play “” that lol lol 😉

    FYI JT is lying AND it’s a damnable lie 2 lol lol BCZ #1 I got my education degrees BY going 2 school getting good grades #2 working @ 1616 street NY NYC gave US – me our – my financial security 4 life = OUR my stability 4 life … FYI I – WE all earned every single $$$ red cent 2 = FYI yes it was born – built out OF a lot OF blood sweat & full a lot OF tears … Why BCZ while we were building a – OUR finical futures some other folks insisted ON messing up BY not being financially responsible ever while they were living N la la world full of drugs rock – roll & SEX 2 = by being – doing a “” vodka scotch beer canibus purple haze 365 days 4 over 14 years !!!! = JT is wrong I got my education from going 2 school & BY being a good girl FYI this is why we let JT has hung N with us 4 over 30 + years of BS lol lol & yes JT does mess up & yes on a continuous bases 2 – he’s a “” LEO “” and he needs 2 BE FREE or married 2 his own damn self 1ST lol lol “” it is what it IS “”” = while WE – excuse us OUR finances responsibilities from 1616 street NY NYC provided us a lot but we had 2 put up with a lot if BS 2 … & no silly gooses you hell OMG – yea i sure did = yes I got my street smarts from hanging out spending a lot of my time ON Staten Island NYC where you either survived or you died trying 2 lol lol 🙂 … No I have no regrets where what I have – I learned I know this much 2 lol FYI IF some1 tells you they are crazy – tell you they will jack you up lol no offense yes – FYI – usually they damn well DO mean IT lol “” what do I preach “” IF you have 2 results 2 violence you’ve already loss – LOST control of the situation “” hell no my ass is gone way give 2 lol – …. Hey bit true FYI – yes y’all DO 2 lol y’all hang tight with me bc I’m so – stayed grounded & I’m legal mind headed is going 24/7XS 365 days XS infinity none stop lol “” it stays sharp 2 lol lol !!!!! FYI with them yea they are crazy FYI like I said I know IF some1 told – tells me they are crazy FYI I’m gonna believe them – = take them @ their own words 2 & ummm Hummm 2 lol lol , however yes WE – I still have NATA but love 4 them !!!! Lol lol I made a funny 😉 !!!! Gotta go 4 now yes Kiki & I’ll ring ya – call y’all on sat nite ok xoxoxo love ya miss ya 🙂 🙂 <3

  12. Bella

    Happy weekend ms Quinn I hope u had a great week & bday … U deserve the best & N all … Thank u 4 UR support as always .. I’ve being meaning 2 ask u ASAP when j can talk without me bleeding – hurting I’m gonna do big annual bday reading with u Bc i still need the N depth relationship reading I need 4 you 2 be really honest with me about which direction – person I NEED 2 be with OR who’s the right person 4 me even if it’s not what my hearts really wanted however – trust me I am over IT = yes I can get over that ASAP if you say i really NEED 2 get over IT = yes I can IF you say – u tell me 2 go N that direction lol lol … 😉

    My question 2 u is would u mind if I get a pretty quick reading from Gina Rose 2 lol . I’ve done some research on her 2 me IT seems 2 has a great under standing – CONCEPT OF grasping on fatalism – I’ve always known I walked hand N hand with my destiny – maybe even B4 my birth -B4 by adoption , since I’ve was always 1st a pawn – bargaining chip 4 sone1 – & especially 4 the a-an agencies after I grew up well I felt like a poster child 4 a certain agency that I truly DO despise right about now , bc OF the facts than landed me N that agency still HAS the same BS mess going onS FYI it’s been 47 years OF excuses after excuses 2 !!!! FYI I turned on the – this certain agency FYI told them 2 kiss my A$$ 2 , bc NATA has never really ever changed as every1 does well know this = it’s 411 known 2 all !!!! The bottom line is this WE all know my butts not suppose 2 be here !!! Sone of my lived 1s has dues but bin still here !!! Oh I know my reason 4 being here every since I can remember when I was 2-4 telling my adoption judge this makes no sense & this is crazy , so that’s why that – this man still watches over me BCZ he always said 2 me until his death & now N my dreams he says ALL I’ve ever wanted 2 do is 2 do what I always said I wanted 2 which was 2 fix a certain agencies that is irretrievably broken – &?broken down 4 EVER !!! My dilemma is this I’ve always stated – stood out of the spot lite = I hide behind the scenes BCZ all I wanted 2 do is – was 2 DO ONLY good things – & not be seen but be hear – let my actions speak loud & clear 4 them selves N COURT !!! However 2 do what is 4 truly 4 righteous sake – do the right thing = my folks are asking me 2 do is 2 take basically center stage another political level WHICH is not me !!! FYI I don’t like the spot kite … So I can either go left = staying N the back ground , OR I can GO RIGHT 4 what IS 4 righteous sake = DO the right way – thing !!! FYI I know what Gina Rose is gonna say I need 2 take the “” right “” = the RIGHT path BCZ I know it is my own fatalism … however I just need 2 hear her say this !!! FYI what’s stopping me IS crazy folks BCZ every1 knows I do speak my mind + I’m protective from BS N juvenile court 4 my self – 4 my loved 1s yes they R protective 2 a certain degree there , unless it gets transferred 2 a HIGHER COURT & or IF it’s high profile media worthy coverage 2 .. Then the shi!!!!!! It’s the fan , however if I GO 411 world wide that puts them out their – makes them fair game 2 you see !!!

    Anyway all I need a 2 for 1 deal of sone kind lol lol .. Bc I need u 4 my love life bc I’m 2 old 2 mess up any more lol but u do love who u DO love .. U always have said he does love me but I’m tired if screaming “”” stellaaaaaaaaaaaa “” u see lol lol .. I have a younger man 2 OMG he’s HOTT -smart 2 , but I’m not gonna presume NATA until I get better health wise BCZ like with jc . I won’t – bc I don’t think it’s being fair 2 him .. FYI my health stuff FYI it won’t go away ms Quinn & it’s pissing MY ass off 2, I’ve been pretty good (((except 4 my drs stuff lol 🙂 ((( = I do try 2 BE good beside – & FYI if I’m a bad girl ok I always DO the right thing AS N always 2 which makes up 4 IT whenever i am a bad girl N court 🙂 trust it’s always a justified reasons FYI !!! All I want 2 hear is 4 Gina Rose needs 2 say is GO left OR GO right ??! lol lol I’ll talk 2 you soon … Yes I’m dead serious about both readings I must GET both OF this right !!! Plz check 2 see if I can do a reading with the both of y’all please ASAP !!!!! I’m not doing NO more repeats of = FROM my past lol … FYI I didn’t spend all of this time digging deep N retro mode 4 NATA lol lol .. 🙂 hey like with you I 2 think lol I have a lot of retros N my bday chart 2 hell it would explain a lot about my deep humanitarian caring issues – ways – & yes it would explain my very BRUTAL forceful mind ways NO vara attitudes 2 lol – legal process thinking ways though lol yea that makes a lot of sense Sorry so long ok Have a good 1 – day – good weekend you weekend warrior you, love ya 2 , xoxoxo (((ms Quinn))) 🙂 Bella


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