Your Soulmate Forecast for 2014

Your Soulmate Forecast: Getting Serious

With Venus in Capricorn, love is all about analysis, according to your Soulmate Forecast. Here’s what the new year has in store for you:


Lately you’re been having an easy time communicating and relating to others. It’s been smoother than usual. You should take advantage of this and further explore any existing relationships or consider exploring the idea of a new one, if you’ve been thinking about it.


New environments prove to be fruitful when it comes to meeting potential paramours or deepening bonds if you’re already involved. You’re drawn to the exotic—not just people and places, but experiences!


Nothing lasts forever, Twins. That’s not to say you shouldn’t invest in a long-term relationship (Those can last!), but you should recognize that change is the only constant in life. Your Soulmate Forecast encourages you to enjoy every moment of what you’ve got going!

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You reap the rewards of your closest relationships in material ways. Let this serve as external motivation to clean your proverbial closet. Surround yourself with those who feed your soul and let go of those who don’t!


You’re feeling more supportive than usual. You enjoy lending a helping hand to those who are close to you. It’s through these kinds of interactions that you’ll find a deep connection which may be new or may mean revisiting an old one.


Creativity fosters connection. Your Soulmate Forecast encourages you to look for interesting ways to bond with your partner. Not only will you learn more about each other, you’ll also find a new meaning of flowing together.


The month starts off smooth for relationships but late January may be trying. You’re asked to get in touch with your innermost feelings and really question what it is you want. It may be a struggle but it won’t last forever.

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January is a beautiful month for you in terms of relationships, Scorpio. You’re comfortable in your skin and it is reflected in your interpersonal dynamics. This applies not just to love, but to family, friends and colleagues. Enjoy!


Don’t be tempted by beauty without first discovering its depth. You have a way (like most) of being drawn to the external, but you need to be sure a connection has legs before diving in headfirst.


Venus in your sign makes you uber-attractive to potential paramours and long-term partners alike. It also helps you settle any disputes with ease as your communicative prowess is at an annual high. Make the most of it!


You’re not being honest with yourself, Water Bearer. After all, you have the ability to intellectualize your feelings. This won’t do you any favors at the moment. Work on integrating your heart with your head.

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Common interests foster deeper connections. Whether you’re out in a group socializing or having some one-on-one time with a certain someone, if it’s an activity enjoyed by all, you’ll bond.

25 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for 2014

  1. Cameil

    God bless you all. I have read each comment and tried my best to make sense of each person situation.. It sounds like to me the problem is not with finding a soul mate or just being in a relationship;it’s finding peace with in self… I am a Capricorn and a very emotional, ambitious and sometimes controlling… I just turned 42 this year and for the 1st time and my life I can honestly confess to myself that is my true personality and I can except that about me! I have run some good men away and I have had some men that love me for being such a strong willed person… At this point in my life I truly don’t give a damn who like me or not because I’m not changing who I’m to satisfy others and make myself miserable! There is someone out there for everyone; you just have to be patient and find that special someone who’s willing to love you for who you are….. At the end of the day you came in this world by yourself and you will leave it by yourself!!! You could be with a person of your dreams 1 minute and wake up 15 years later and realize you don’t love that person anymore….& then beat yourself up side the head trying to figure out how & the hell did you end up with this person.. So my advice to those people that are looking for love…. Love yourself first and God will take care of the rest….. I forgot to mention I’ve been married to a Virgo for 15 years and believe me I have rollover many of days sick to my stomach looking at this man! Lmao

  2. Bella

    4 Roz it’s my iPhone what I meant 2 say is “” BO not all folks do – does think like we do BCZ some of them NO they don’t have our resources available 2 them like we do “” !!!

  3. Bella

    4 Roz 2 chay FYI I still do all if UR wonderful suggestions , however big all do – does think like WE do if 4 sone reason they can’t don’t have those options like WE do so they may turn 2 sone1 else 4 help ful advice maybe it’s out if desperation FYI cancer can make any1 feel like that N total desperation or it could be a # of other – many other things that’s had them not feeling alright – not hopeful so what are you gonna say – do , well I do try 2 help any 1 OUT IF I CAN , even on my own bad medical days I always remember some1 else always HAS it a lit more worse off , DO you know what I mean “” = YES it is what it is “” so therefor I’m sorry however were gonna need 2 agree 2 disagree about that 1 lol why BCZ even though NATA N this world WORK wise is usually FREE lol unless UR a saint – or DO pro bono work 4 FREE , like I do , 2 the contrary lol 😉 however yes sometimes YES CP yes they do … 4 example just the other day I was feeling jolly as much as I can – could & just out of the blue ms Gina Rose hit me back only 2 be kind – & sweet … FYI you don’t know me lol however I swear I was just telling discussing with my BFF friends about her “” if UR a believer or not YES she did respond back 2 me as if she knew I was thinking about her – thinking about giving her a call 2 talk with about my own fatalism , guess what yes she was being kind with her wonderful thoughtful words , guess what so she gave me a shout out – out yeah it was just out of the blue 2 FYI … #2 I adore ms Quinn – FYI we talk on here a lot a lot sometimes I just do a quick shout out – no she don’t hurt my feeling IF she don’t respond back 2 me every single time either !!! FYI yes it’s past time 4 my bday reading with her but you see I’ve recently had a lot if throat surgery & I literally bleed N my mouth if I over talk – do it … plz read below I want a reading with the both if them FYI .. # 3 LJ is a sweet REAL caring sweet heart – very kind 2 on this site FYI !!! Truth be told Yes you would be correct NATA is 4 FREE how ever how do you honestly know 4 sure that CP folks who DO work on this site that yes sometimes yes they do – or they DO 2 give out short FREE advice @ sometimes or another !!!! IF truth be told FYI When they don’t even really have 2 N the 1st place !!! Riddle me that ??? & uh HUH !!!! == Your N the wrong 4 saying that , plz have a little but more faith plz Have a wonderful day – be blessed BE safe – & have a very 🙂 🙂 happy new year 😉

    4 all everybody else on this web OMG sure my heart is breaking , BCZ it seems on here’s it seems like a lot of heart break is going on .. FYI if your not being treated right then you need 2 exit out of the current relationship ASAP !!! Im not sorry 2 sound so harsh but who’s 2 blame IF you choose 2 stay N UR current situation that’s BAS 4 you wake up plz !!!! IF I might add it is of UR on FREE will 2 why choose 2 stay with them but why IF 1s IS being miss treated by some 1 else !!! I’ve never understood that – or this !!!! Maybe it’s just my legal Capricorn mind working over time …. NO I don’t judge however if your not being treated right or how you truly do DO deserve 2 be treated right or even if your not really happy N your current relationships WHO is really @ fault OR who’s 2 blame 4 each persons own un happy ness ??? Plz dig N deep & “” make the MUST changes by looking N the mirror 1st “” then make your MUST changes accordingly “” … Life’s 2 short 2 let any other person knock you down – OR mis treat you or with any one else N – abusive kind of any kind of way IS NOT ever ok = of NO – N any kind of way !!!! Plz if your not being treated wonderful BY your mates leave them where they are @ & ASAP 2 … plz tell them 2 stick it where the sun don’t shine BCZ you only do deserve the very best you see = IF you know what I do mean !!! Man life’s way 2 short 4 all this heart break going on with every 1 BCZ yes every1 does deserve 2 BE treated right , no I’m not judging but who would want 2 settle 4 anything else less that 1000000000 % love – 4 a 1000000099 % commitment folks anything less than that IS NATA but a bunch of crock of —- = sorry it’s all BS !!!! Plz don’t fall 4 it if UR a female – males it’s still a bunch of mess … I wish all a lot of 🙂 ness – lots if love N 2014 … 😉

  4. tabitha

    Life sometimes isn’t fair !! You think you have found the one and find out things that hurt you deeply !! I thought my life would be so wonderful but when your mate is looking at others and on sites that is so hurtful !!! I have come to the point in my life where its hard to trust a mate !!! I wish every one a good year !!

  5. Bella

    Whassup NYC , lol lol yea I’m N trouble again with dr S FYI I seen 2 stay N trouble this is old news 2 .. He’s good , she feels better I can’t stand 2 see NO sick child suffer N pain no I am not able 2 handle that !!!! Yea I of think some of them are from him lol CP good about protecting —– yeah I know some of them are coming from —- yes lol yea probably right about now yes he’s probably not liking my answers lol !!! I hate IT lol lol 😉

    No what I was say is this I’m gonna ask ms Quinn if she minds IF I do 2 for 1 deal – get ms Quinn 2 do my regular bday reading when I can finally talk good without bleeding out lol .. Why BCZ B4 I make a big mistake N my own love life I need an N depth love relationship chart done ms Quinn said IT would take her about 30 FYI I so believe this will help – or that BCZ I’m not really sure if I should UR not but she needs 2 point – AKA beat me over my hard Capricorn head until I get it lol , just might be what needs 2 happen = she need 2 to get me 2 go N the right direction however I need 2 not only hear what she saying but I must listen 2 what she saying 2 me lol lol !!!!

    I need a reading from ms Gina Rose 2 why BCZ she seems 2 have a hand – grasp on – – walking hand & N hand with 1s on destiny by navigating through the concept about – of understanding 1s on fatalism !!!! She’s got it ages done it from B4 this proves age good BCZ – FYI what did I just say the nite B4 she wished me well “” I think I’m gonna ask ms Quinn IF she minded if I got a reading from ms Gina Rose 2 BCZ I think she could help me figure out – GET = accept my own fatalism “” BCZ I know what path she gonna say take the 1 , & yes 4 the 1st time I don’t want 2 take the correct righteous 1 – road BCZ it’s gonna put me out there N the spot lite 4 doing the right thing but due 2 my history it’s gonna put me out there 4 the wackados BCZ of my job “” I can go right or I can go keft @ the fork N my road FYI the right road well I don’t scare but the righteous road does make he very un easy with my nerves lol , yes i need Gina Rose strong intuitive clear though process “” so yes I need a 2 for 1 deal with ms Quinn – Gina Rose ASAP I will when I = feel better – when I can talk without bleeding – due 2 stressing out over anything lol “” yes NYC this is what we were just talking about the nite B4 “” uh Hummm 2 FYI you can’t fake that BS ever about out if the blue Gina rise said hey FYI she must if heard my thought processes lol I was sending her ET meta waves ~~~~~~~~~ thoughts processes 4 her 2 contact me lol yea that’s how good ms Gina Rose really is lol “” !tou saw just out if the blue 2 lol !!! Bottom line us this I need ms Quinn 4 my love relationships & ms Gina Rose 4 helping me decided which fork N the road that I need 2 take bc either way it == accepting my own fatalism 4 what it is lol lol BCZ I don’t want 2 take the road I know she’s gonna say I need 2 take however I will BCZ I always do what’s 4 righteous sake – go the other way every single time lol , the difference is bc of my past it’s gonna make a lot if the men N by life flip their stuff over worry BCZ of my past experiences with CAB – CAF CAP !!!! BCZ I know it is not gonna BE kool with then N no way !!!! I’m gonna ask ms Quinn on Friday if she minds I know she’s gonna say it’s ok 🙂 .. Bottom line I need both of their helps bc I don’t want 2 mess up N either 1 of them !!!! Yes I dk believe all FYI things do happen 4 all reasons !!!!

    Love ya NYC I’m fine so so … Lol what & about my drs appt. tomorrow seriously how could you not think that my BUTTS not gonna BE N trouble with my drs , who be ?? who are you talking about ?? lol DO y’all not know me FYI I stay N trouble why BCZ I just DO !!!!! Lol FYI y’all all everybody don’t call me trouble 4 NATA lol now do – did ya lol lol love ya a lot lol lol xoxo 😉

  6. Bella

    4 Judy sorry it’s my I phone “” I meant 2 type – say “” NATA but love 4 ya & “” & what I meant 2 type is – was FYI most Taurus men already do rarely DO get married & if they DO get divorced they usually want – or don’t want even consider never – 2 ever
    Consider about it N a re getting – re marry scenario – == they don’t want 2 get re married “” look @ the gorgeous “” George Clooney “” lol lol “” 🙂

  7. Bella

    4 Judy he’s a Taurus !!!! Ok since you’ve asked NATA but live 4 ya … FYI Taurus men very tar key do fry married if they do they what do ugcecer again lol I love Taurus folks were cut if the sage cloth lol lol 🙂 , however Taurus men are really really REALLY picky about the people they date it with their females = why BCZ my sons 1 … Lo lol I ask him All the of the time who does he think he is George Clooney or something like him lol lol … Here’s a question jc realize you have agreed 2 his terms but Why be with sone1 who is reality NOT available 2 you but I get what your saying … A heart does wants what a heart does want OR lust after – 4 -== you need 2 so what you want to 2 do “” It IS what it IS “” !!!! Yeah usually after several months lust does turn N2 love lol lol … FYI no there is NATA wrong with being with some1 10 years 2 the JR of ya lol = NATA wrong with lust @ all or IF real lust turns out 2 be true love no it don’t matter if love comes 1st , or not I hear ya … My only concerns is how long was he married 4 bc a lot of men & especially with all Taurus men no they don’t want 2 jump straight back N2 another long term serious relationship … I know I wouldn’t want 2 after just got – getting a divorced , just being honest with you , however he could be so love struck with you yes this does happen lol – that he just they yes just might want a normal AKA a normal relationship with you I hope son , no I don’t know no i can’t say 4 sure == no I don’t know , however am just asking you 2 be careful of this == plz be aware of that – this … What might help is maybe by placing – putting your self N his shoes maybe ??? Would you want 2 of – think about jumping right back N2 another serious relationship just , plz don’t get it twisted … FYI plz remember he’s still married 4 now = sorry 2 say but you really don’t have a NO say so N the matter right now !!!! & are you willing 2 give them that much power – or control over your heart with that VIP – pertinent 411 == it could lead 2 some serious inward issues 4 UR own self BCZ it == power 4 control issues … FYI plz remember if things DO go bad & no I am not saying IT will however plz try 2 remember that YOU have already agreed 2 the – his terms AS IT is now & FYI sometimes Its very hard 2 take IT – them being UR actions back OR re tracked IT – them back , == sometimes they might tend 2 hold you 2 y’all’s previous agreement is all I’m saying , be well be blessed I wish you all the best of luck N the love dept. & I hope you have a very 🙂 – safe very 🙂 happy New year !!!! 😉

  8. Bella

    4 Terri I hear ya no it’s not so bad lol except 4 maybe the regular sex thing but that’s what FWB are 4 lol lol 🙂 lol … FYI I just turned 47 oh I know I could can pass 4 at least 10 years younger or more & I do lol lol …. I 2 have been single 4 a while lol but & by my own choice 2 I am a very successful Capricorn female maybe that’s why FYI lol .. “” I ISA what I is “” lol …. What I did was ivwent N really deep – dug deep & inward ended up doing – I did what made me 🙂 1st , however once I got 2 that point of deciding I didn’t want 2 be alone no more lol I never looked back lol … FYI when you least expect love “” yes love – it does seems 2 walk on N “” FYI a Scorpio male 10 + years 2 my JR … I’m just chilling out now due 2 me – I’m still dealing with very serious medical issues = this 1 he’s kool with me being really sick as I am he don’t care FYI lol he ask me 4 NATA much lol but he’s a Scorpio male lol lol == which makes me very nervous lol lol == I’m still thinking about this gorgeous man lol I’m just trying to think logical about it 4 right now but he’s – it’s hard 2 not think about him nite – day if you know what I mean lol !!!! My point is lol lol no we’re not never ever 2 old 4 – nor is it never ever 2 Late 2 find TRUE love not ever lol .. happy soulmate hunting – findings 4 you N 2014 plz don’t give up yet lol FYI you sound like the old me 2 lol … 😉 … FYI I have a feeling this year will be lucky N love 4 a lot of folks , plz have a safe – prosperous 🙂 New Year N 2014 !!!! Keep your the faith lol lol … 🙂

  9. Bella

    4 alley , no there is NATA wrong with loving some1 so much AS long AS you don’t lose your own identity N the process … However Im not sure what you meant by saying about “” them by following you 4 a different reasons & are they over me – it now “” … as 4 some1 who works N the legal profession dept. that makes me very nervous I see a RED flags right there ??? To me it seems 2 me you have let this certain person consume – take over your own life !!! & why is it bc you know – you say – you DO love them – ok I get that , then – but it seems 2 me your giving this person way 2 much power – 4 their OWN control ISSUES !!!! My question 2 you IS where do you fit N @ BCZ it seems 2 me no offense but it seems your neither here or there – so what about you being 🙂 1st = IS my question 2 you – & what about your own happy ness being PUT 1st instead of their’s being put 1st … I can read a lot if sadness just N those few shirt words == no I don’t think that you Are truly happy right now or NOT as it is now – or not as the WAY things are as OF right now , between the 2 of y’all … like I said what about your happy ness being put 1st , maybe you need 2 dig deep find out – find help 4 you & maybe figure out about what you want & think about it – 1st – or what you will need 2 do what you – MUST do 2 make your own self be able 2 be truly happy B4 you can be happy with some1 else 1st !!!! Plz don’t allow this person 2 consume you FYI BCZ yes you are worth a lot more – & FYI I heck if a lot more 2 if you do know what I do mean IF I might add FYI !!! 😉 … I hope you have a wonderful – safe happy new year , I wish you well N finding your 1 true love … 🙂

  10. Marisa

    I’m i think in a relationship with a Pisces man I’m a cancer woman – he keeps leaving coming back won’t admit why – will it work? I feel connected believe it or not & I know he does too!! I’ve been widowed for 17 years this is the first person that ignites some passion – help

  11. Roz

    Guys, they are not going to give you a free reading in the comments. Buy a reading or just pray and meditate. Do things to make you happy, volunteer, take activity classes, nights out with friends, travel, etc. When you are happy you attract happiness and this includes love.

    If you are waiting for the next financial breakthrough. Think about how you are investing your money. The best advice would be to make a list of realist financial goal. Do not revisit this list daily, just keep it in mind. Exercise everyday! A good way to gain energy is to give energy. Mediate on the positive goals. Learn to save as well. Door will open.

    Looking for a job. It’s frustrating, yes, but be patient. Getting the perfect job can take up to six months, but this is not a discouragement. I promise you that it will be well worth it. You must tell the universe to send you to the job that is divinely created for you. Yes, there is a job only you can do. Meditate, eat healthy, and go walking in nature frequently. Don’t lingers in feelings of hopelessness or defeat. Have a support group that will continue to lift your spirit during this time. When that job arrives it will be at the right time.

  12. Judy

    I found my soulmate but he is not really available, separated so still married on paper AND he is much younger than I am. He is a Taurus and I am an Aquarius. I spent a lot of time over the past year with him, and I know that it is more than lust!! Much more!

  13. Teri

    I have been single for over 10 years. I am a Virgo. I am wanting to say this will be the year but I don’t know. I say it every year. Lol. So will it be my year? I am 42 and would like it to happen soon before I don’t care to want it any more. Lol.

  14. Bella

    4 Catherine last thing lol sorry FYI were not known 4 being very emotional folks often but when we do it’s only N the love dept which can REAK total havoc on us BCZ were none emotional folks 4 the most parts lol BCZ N most times cases most folks consider this 2 be a negative about us however & no it’s not it just appears that way sometimes way 2 many & sometimes or another lol BCZ we are who we are – FYI I think it’s BCZ if or we tend 2 stay so guarded – or 2 grounded & yes sometimes this does effect US our live life’s – or it can carry over n2 our love life’s , however that’s what keeps most folks constantly gravitating back 2 us though BCZ we are – stay so grounded !!!! Just wondering If this fits n2 – with UR Capricorn makes characteristics , good luck – be blessed plz don’t let this Capricorn male get the best of you – or sweat you out either lol lol why bc honestly I doubt very seriously it’s UR fault no it’s BCZ it’s lies all with him & not with you !!!! So theirs is UR silver lining lol if you catch my drift lol lol … 😉

  15. Bella

    4 Catherine I’m not sure what sign you are … But Capricorn men are very tricky men – my EX was 1, yes I loved him very much however he was a lot if work so I finally left his ass where IT – he was at !!!! He needed me 4 his legal woes I honestly do feel this way , Did he love me yes I do believe so , + ms Quinn says truly does it was like she said I spent all my time screaming “” stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ” like marlin Brando did lol lol … It wasn’t working 4 me you see & – = but you see I had 2 do what was best 4 me … IS it possible 2 find love once again YES IT IS !!! Yeah it hurt 4 a lot @ 1st – but N time I’m so glad now I did what I did BCZ I’m so much more happy now than what I’ve ever been N my own life why BCZ I made the must changes N my own personal life that I HAD 2 make 1st .. Like I said it hurt really bad with him & yes IT did take -TOOK A long while 4 me 2 get over his ass but once I did I never really have looked back … FYI – it’s now ok I’m ok now 2 lol – it took only now B4 I saw all my hard inner work starting 2 pay off 4 me lol lol , but yes now I’m a so much more happier now N my own life I’m finding love again BCZ I finally found peace – happy ness + I have accepted my own purpose N life = my own fatalism !!!! FYI none of this would of ever even possible if I 1st didn’t start with my own self 1st by finding out what made me truly happy with N my own self 1st B4 I could even try 2 think I could even TRY 2 make sone1 else’s life happy 1st IF this makes any sense 2 you !!! Yeah Capricorn men all good looking – dependable smart men – & yes most are very caring men but it’s really hard 2 get 2 or @ their hearts BCZ it’s N our DNA BS !!! Sorry it’s just who we are we’re business mind like 24/7 times 365 days XS infinity & yes we are very reserved folks but founded – calm folks which can get on a lot if folks last nerves 2 … I do wish you the very best BCZ unless UR really secure N UR own self 1st , other wise YES they can BE a lot of hard work HARS ON UR mind – body – & yes UR spirit 2 !!! I know it’s they are very exhausting that’s why I left mine … Lol lol , I hope this helps many blessings 2 you – yours , 🙂

  16. Bella

    Oh my & OMG y’all sound so sad Catherine , Lori & Mary Jane & bless UR hearts !!! I hope y’all all do find true love & a lasting loving partnership – N the love dept. – find UR BFF 4 life tv been all looking 4 !!! I’ve Been there done that N recent times plz have went thru it A , B & with C then back again 2 lol FYI I survived his ass 2 & so will y’all 2 lol … + I was able 2 survive my throat cancer that just want go away , I’m here 2 tell y’all now yes – yes – yes it is possible 2 find true love – BFF & a partner again who will treat you like the person U truly deserve – are -U do deserve the very best !!! Trust me yes it I can , yes it will happen 4 you I know I’ve spent the past 18 months Digging really deep with N my own self with all the retros goings on lol yeah it sucked FYI honestly I’m just now seeing the progress moving forward that I’ve made BCZ I HAD 2 make all the correct positive – changes 1st lol FYI on only it’s all now coming 2 lite 4 the better – 2 a good place = 100% 2 fruition now !!!! Plz have the faith be blessed & have a safe happy 2014 new year !!!! Yes love is N the air !!! This is my way of thinking lol lol 4 what it’s worth I live by this “” when N doubt YOU must 1st stop doing IT or what your doing wrong until YOU can figure IT out “” !!!! Yes love is out there 4 all I’m a typical Capricorn FYI yes I do believe N love once again !!!! 😉 I’m so sorry 4 what it’s worth girls coming from 1 woman 2 another woman 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. alley

    i love him so much I cant think of anything esle will he ever come back to me after all these years or or Ijust fooling myself and was he following me for a diffeent reason and is he over it now.

  18. maryjane

    Sounds very good~~ we have been together since April2013~~~ not smooth~~but hopfully this shows thing will get much better~~I love him dearly~~and he does love me!!!!!

  19. Lori

    My birthday is 3/12/65. I am so hoping to find true love this year. Do you see anyone in my future. I have been tring to get over Mark 12/3/64 for the last year. I don’t want to cry anymore I just want true love that lasts forever with a best friend.
    Thank you and many blessings?

  20. catherine

    is there any chance for me this man i love so much his sign is capricorn does he love me for who i am or should i look somewhere else he is the one that healed my heart cause my husband cut my heart in half saying he dont love me any more


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