Clear Your Soulmate Karma

Sincerely Deal With Bad Karma

Have you ever met that one person—the one who makes you feel like you’ve come home? You both have so much in common, and you look at the world in the same way. Sparks fly, and you know you’ve met “the one.” But…

The other person doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Oh, they feel that special connection alright, but it scares the holy frijoles out of them! They pretend not to be aware of the pull of that cosmic string that binds you together through past life associations. Or there is passion and connection between you, but there might also be fighting and misunderstanding. You find yourself wondering, how can we be so close and yet have all these problems?

Well, these complications don’t just appear out of nowhere—they come from the past lives you’ve spent together. Back then, you established a relationship that bore the test of time. To make that progress, you had to weave together your relationship with the threads of many experiences and actions over the course of many lives. And some of those threads may be more than a bit weak. When we made poor choices or acted out of fear or resentment, we created those weak threads which in turn weaken the fabric of the relationship. Each thread is a story of karma, and in order for the relationship to be strong, we must reinforce the strands with healing and balance.

Clear that Karma!

How do we do that, especially when we don’t even remember what started all the past life drama? The key to overcoming bad karma is to sincerely deal with it. This means approaching the problems with forgiveness and a sense of responsibility toward our own contributions to the karma. This may be a tall order if your partner isn’t open to these concepts. But with this meditation, you don’t need him or her present to make good progress on mending the relationship.

To start this process, you must first allow yourself some quiet time and space. Begin with breathing exercises, or even just listening to a centering piece of music. Then visualize the person you have karma with. See them as clearly as possible in front of you, and be sure you see them in a relaxed state, open and receptive. Then follow these three steps:

1. Forgive him or her. Out loud or in your mind, tell them “I forgive you for all harm you have done to me and our relationship, leaving peace and love in its place.”

2. Apologize. Take ownership of your part in the complicated dance that is karma. No one is perfect, and usually no one is completely innocent in these situations. Say “I apologize and take responsibility for any and all harm I have done in this relationship, leaving peace and love in its place.”

3. Forgive yourself. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot with our actions, and by forgiving yourself you are allowing yourself to be receptive to the relationship, and not punishing yourself by subconsciously undermining it. Say, “I forgive myself for any and all harm I have done in this relationship, leaving peace and love in its place.”

Perform these steps once a day for two to four weeks. As you are going through this process, be mindful of the relationship and the things that need work. Do what you can to resolve issues with clear communication and understanding, but avoid negative confrontations that involve accusations or name calling. Over time, you should see some significant changes in the way you both interact. Highly charged emotional issues will calm down, and you will see healthier communication between you. You should also notice more willingness to compromise, from yourself as well as your partner.

The thing to remember is that this will help clear up past karma, but it doesn’t necessarily transform your relationship into candy and roses. Opportunities to make more bad karma crop up all the time, so make a commitment to handling conflicts with wisdom and patience. It may even be possible that the two of you aren’t meant to travel through this life together, but by clearing karma you can both walk away with a sense of peace, understanding that you have healed your connection, and that this sacred bond will continue to exist throughout this life and beyond. And the next time you meet, you will not be hindered by past karmic issues that have interfered with your love in the past, leaving you free to rewrite your relationship with the love and joy of positive karma.

7 thoughts on “Clear Your Soulmate Karma

  1. Terry Watkins

    I was watching a show on TV today, and I was reminded that I love “her” in so many ways. She does make me feel like I’ve come home. However, I have hurt her in the past (40+ years) and she will not forgive me. She speaks continually about getting another man in her life. She loves me, but she never shows it. If you were to ask her, she would hesitate, and she might very well say no. I have been gently working on this problem for years. I’ve apologized for my behavior and my apology was trashed. It is a long process, and, indeed, sometimes it doesn’t work. Help!

  2. Michelle

    What do you do when your boyfriends brothers sisters dislike you because his daughter and her uncles foster daughter hates you because you wouldnt allow them to cut school and drink alcohol and do drugs at the home Of my boyfriend when they were teenagers and in high school. Brock us up back then and we got back together only for the same two girls whom are now adults and 24 years old caused more problems with his brothers and sisters. We both love each other how ever they have cause alot of problems in our relationship including stelling from me and destroying both son and my property including a cruse my boyfriend hisy son and I were going take this summer. I want my vacation back and our belongings returned. They have even moved thier girlfriend in the room my son was to move into. They dont even live here. I am so hurt bu there actions and by his to actually allow them to create problems in our relationship and make son feel unwanted this cruel emotionally abusive to a minor. I dont know what to say about any of this. I am speachless.

  3. Shannon

    That Just blew me away reading this it makes perfect sence that when I meet my one he did the same thing at 1st he felt it but then was drove away by my current Ex that wont step aside and allow me to be happy with my true love.

  4. Chrissi

    Krista he did hewanted to be with me-to the day he died, his friend told me, he still loved me, but, in this life it wasn’t to be- I hoped to find happiness with the guy I am with now, he was fun to be with and like the man I lost so I hoped love would grow in me for him I’ve grown to care for him, and we’ve been together 23 years now and have a son

  5. Marghi

    This sounds so simple, and yet, even after the very first time I did your suggested visualization, I woke up the next morning and received a phone call that made me feel so much better! What felt so highly charged and impossible for me to handle~ just settled. I know there is a lot more work to do in regard to this relationship, but for now, just that calm, harmonious peace of mind has given me a second-wind. I have a new sense of hope that we can at least communicate again, and who knows perhaps, even be together without all this pain. I adore these psychics!! Thanks Hassiba, you’re wonderful.

  6. Krista

    What are you supposed to do when the one you feel this way about is taken away from you by his parents, and he still really really wants to be with you?

  7. Chrissi

    I wish I’d seen this article many years ago sadly we separated he married someone else his family wanted him to and now he’s passed on- hopefully doing this will clear our path in our next lives however- and improve things for my present hubby who is a good man who deserves good things too


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