Capricorn Profile

The Sun entered Capricorn on December 21, 2008 the great Winter Solstice, which marks the longest night of the year – so now is a good time to set your goals and think about your resolutions. Make the most of the darker hours and embrace the sea goat flow, because a whole new year is coming our way. On January 19, 2009 the Sun will leave this practical sign, but energy well-spent will manifest in time.

The head and upper body of Capricorn depicts the strength and tenacity of a great horned goat, able to climb the highest mountain. The lower half of Capricorn is shown as a tail of a dolphin, fish, or whale – representing this sign has no fear of diving deeply into spiritual or creative oceans. Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Jeane Dixon and Nostradamus are but a few who know what Capricorn energy means.

Capricorn energy pushes us to push ourselves, to strive and achieve. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, Capricorn teaches us that with planning and effort, any obstacle can be overcome.

Capricorn psyche
Capricorns are seriously strategic, always planning and thinking ahead. Steadfast and independent, Capricorn strives to create an image for themselves that others can look up to. Who they are is sometimes challenging to fully understand, because Capricorns put a lot of energy into building how they want to appear. Underneath a serious exterior, Capricorns tend to have a wickedly wry sense of humor, provided that the joke isn’t at their own expense. A Capricorn in a bad mood can scent a room with doom and gloom, but a little positive energy is all it takes to pick their spirits back up. They know how to forgive, but seldom forget. Since seeing is believing, it may take some time to earn their trust.

Always great achievers, Capricorns sometimes need to be reminded to appreciate what they have. Because they can be so consumed with what they are working toward, they tend to forget to take time out to play. Capricorns live with caution, and rarely give in to impulse. They understand the meaning of consequence, and do their best to think things through. On the surface, they may seem aloof, but beneath the shell lies a warm heart and an interesting mind. Many Capricorns will run from an argument, but can spend many pleasurable hours in the midst of debate. Be forewarned, when a Capricorn plants their feet into the ground, it is certainly because they have (or believe) that their facts are straight!

Capricorn in love
For Capricorn, love is the source of all inspiration. It is also pretty scary territory, because many enchanted Capricorns become nervous and shy. They fear giving their heart away, because they fear losing themselves. “I love you” is not a phrase that flows easily from their lips, but once it is spoken, you can rest assured that it is true. Cherish the sound of this phrase, because you may not hear it every day.

These loyal and devoted creatures loathe being dependent, but do expect to be nurtured. Behind closed doors all illusions are stripped, and caution is thrown to the wind, because Capricorns immerse themselves in their lovers complete satisfaction. Unless you’ve had the experience, it is hard to envision that proper and respectful Capricorn really knows how to get their freak on!

The one thing that holds more importance than work to the goat, is family. They believe in commitment, sticking it out for the long haul, and family and home is a sanctuary not to be disrupted. Don’t mess with a Capricorn’s loves or home, because sweet revenge will eventually find you.

Capricorn at work
The goat is attracted by authority and power. For them, money is a carefully calculated by-product. Their desire for organization and order in all things often places them in high-level positions dealing with math and money. Whether an accountant or corporate head, they are on top of the game. Because they are good with their hands, many Capricorns find professional homes as engineers, builders or surgeons. Those who love planning make excellent politicians and lawyers, and the more creative Capricorn can easily make their way into the realm of entertainment. The bottom line is, whatever a Capricorn sets out to do, they are likely to start out at the bottom and steadily climb their way to the top. To them, it just makes sense.

Take a lesson from this time of Saturn influenced Capricorn energy. You may just find that the obstacles you are experiencing in this life are the limitations you have created for yourself.

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