What Is the Significance of the Buck Moon?

An image of the Full Buck Moon, tinted a light green.

What Is the Buck Moon?

Full Moons occur roughly every 29 days, when the moon and the sun are directly opposite each other. This positioning allows the moon to fully reflect the sun’s light, illuminating it more clearly for those down on earth.

Spiritually speaking, Full Moons are times of release and new possibility — but each Full Moon has its own specific meaning and purpose. These meanings are derived from the experiences of different cultures and peoples in various regions across the world, based on the changes they’re experiencing at a given time.

The month of July, in the middle of summer, is home to the Full Buck Moon.

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The Meaning of the Buck Moon

What associations does July possess? For some, it may be the heat of the sun and the wild energy of thunderstorms. For others, it may be about marshmallows and fireworks or long afternoons by a riverbank.

All these meanings and events make up the month of the Buck Moon, whose influence goes beyond its associated Full Moon and covers the rest of the month’s lunar phases as well.

The Buck Moon, being the July Full Moon, highlights the growth stages of recently born deer, celebrating their energy. The name is Native American in origin, derived from the fact that this is the time when most young male deer begin sprouting their antlers.

Antlers quickly shed their velvety coverings as they develop in the warmth of summer, allowing most of these bucks to display a large rack of antlers by about September. The name “Buck Moon” suggests that, just as a buck’s antlers grow quickly in the summer, the energy of nature becomes vigorous and strong during the month of July.

While it is most commonly known as the Full Buck Moon, July’s Full Moon has also been called by other names. Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest have called it the “Midsummer Moon,” for instance, while the Celts called it the Herb Moon for the abundance of herbs available during the month of July.

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The Effects and Spiritual Meaning of the Buck Moon

Because the Buck Moon is associated with growth, it is evocative of spiritual, mental, and creative force. Its effects may include increased assertiveness and initiative, which result in the soul reaching toward change. Spiritually speaking, this is a time of constant and rapid evolution. This energy is helpful for altering the status quo (often for the better) and exploring new ideas.

How To Use the Buck Moon

Like all Full Moons, the Buck Moon is a powerful opportunity to release past issues and ideas that no longer serve you. Once you’ve cleared the slate, new cycles of growth can begin — and the Full Buck Moon is the perfect time to start.

Find a natural space where you can ground your energy. Once you’ve steadied yourself, replenish the positivity in your life by reflecting, visualizing, and planning for the future.

Strength, honesty, courage, leadership, and manifestation will be supported by the Full Buck Moon. When taking advantage of its influence, focus on your unique strengths and talents. How can you harness them? Meditate, discuss with others, and take notes on what you want to do, as well as how you want to do it. Ideas that have been committed to paper often manifest more powerfully. Visualize the outcomes that you would like to see.

Also take the opportunity to contemplate whether your environment is helping you become the best version of yourself. Just like the buck’s antlers, your strength and effectiveness will grow better in a nourishing environment. Practice spiritual self-care, and don’t be afraid to make changes if that’s what’s necessary to create the support system you need.

Finally, find some way to embark on a new adventure during July. Pull out a wild idea you’ve been considering for a while, and put it in your plans. Remember that the energy of the Full Buck Moon extends for the full lunar cycle. Though, in this case, acting while the moon is gaining brightness or in the time shortly after it is full will be particularly effective.

Make sure to choose an adventure that is new, exciting, and that takes a little courage! It could be anything from an ambitious hike to a home renovation to an interesting class. The Full Buck Moon encourages all forms of growth.

The Buck Moon in 2024

In 2024, the July Full Moon takes place on July 21 at 29 degrees of Capricorn, directly opposite the sun in its final degree of Cancer.

Shortly after, the moon will move into the sign of Aquarius to merge with powerful and deep Pluto, where it will also trine energetic, aggressive Mars. These transits will support and strengthen the themes and energies of the powerful Buck Moon.

Learning How the Buck Moon Affects Your Chart

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