Back to School Astrology

What’s Ahead for You This Year?

“It’s back to school time!”

Few sentences in the English language have the power to stir so many emotions in so many. Feelings ranging from excitement and anticipation, to fear and dread, and love and loyalty to school all can flit across the brain within a single heartbeat.

To help you get a handle on what should be your focus in the coming academic year ahead, let’s take a look at what the future has in store from an astrological perspective. For one and all it has the potential to be a very significant year!

Aries: Change is the keyword for you Rams this year. You’re in the mood to shake things up with a new look, new friends, and perhaps even a new direction in life. There can be a fine line between rebellion and giving yourself breathing room, just be sure you play safely whichever side of the line you choose to dance.

Taurus: Taureans may find it difficult to buckle down this year, but those who do will find that they are able to make excellent progress in their chosen field of study. Look for an expansion of opportunities and a network of social support to help you through. You will end the year much more well-rounded than you began it.

Gemini: The Twins are always bedeviled with opportunity knocking on the front and back door at the same time. Answering the door that echoes your heart will ne’er steer you wrong. There are some important new friendships on your horizon.

Cancer: Don’t let the soap opera of your love life interfere with your studies. For many of you, the Liberal Arts or softer side of your major beckon and are where you will find the most academic fulfillment – and maybe even someone to make Valentine’s Day special.

Leo: Cupid has you Lions in his sights, and few of you will be immune from his arrows. Like Cancer, don’t let that turn your head from the books. This is a good year for your sign to find your professional niche in life if you are willing to be open-minded about new opportunities that come your way.

Virgo: Virgos may find resources a bit challenging this year, but using your creativity to overcome them will help cement your future prosperity. Relationships may feel like a magic carpet carrying you into dreamland, just be sure you take enough money with you for a bus ticket back to school.

Libra: This is likely to be another year for you to hit the books and take your studies seriously. There’s a lot going on in your life now, and focusing on schoolwork can help you put everything in perspective and keep you moving toward a successful future.

Scorpio: You have everything going for you this year. Everything is lined up just as you would like it, and for that you deserve considerable props. Keeping up the good work, keeping distractions at a minimum, will help you earn the keys to your future kingdom.

Sagittarius: Some of you may find your friends have become a burden. Keep the good ones and find some good new ones at the gym or other social club. You have a good opportunities with internships and work-study that could turn into a major career. Study hard and hit the track if you need to let off some steam!

Capricorn: Your dorm life is likely to resemble a zoological safari. Don’t be shy, set boundaries! You’ll need them to keep the critters out from where they don’t belong. You also have a real good opportunity to connect with an important teacher/professor this year, make the most of it.

Aquarius: You know the routine – go with the flow as there are bound to be lots of changes this year. It’s possible your electives could become more important than your major subjects as you find something that really sparks your creative juices and lays a path to a potential lucrative career.

Pisces: The most important thing for you Fishes is to set up a schedule you can live with, and stick to it. Late night forays and early morning crawls can be your undoing. A good night’s rest and good nutrition will help you immensely. Yeah, boring; but you’ll be stepping over the dead cats in class.

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One thought on “Back to School Astrology

  1. Samantha Harper

    The soap opra of my love life unfortunately did interfere with my studies, it is official I cant date and go to college, or atleast get emotionally involved with someone while I am in college, because I let a little thing called love get in the way of my studying plus, I have become absent minded because all I do is think about him! lol 😉


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