The Astrology of Valentine’s Day Gifting

A Trusty Gift Guide

The year’s most romantic holiday is on the horizon—Valentine’s Day. That means it’s time to get cracking on figuring out the perfect present for your beloved. However, if you’re stumped on what your significant other may desire for Valentine’s Day, you can use their Sun sign as a trusty guide. Here are some ideas to start you off.

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Jewelry is a solid bet, since Aries men and women alike tend to be attracted to metallic and shiny objects. Therefore, a new watch or a delicate bracelet would be a refined, yet striking, choice.


Tasteful Taurus would love a five-course meal at a charming restaurant that’s just the right balance of cozy and decadent. Therefore, take them to their favorite place or try something new and romantic.


The Twins never shy away from conversation—they love to talk. So, your gift or Valentine’s Day locale of choice doesn’t matter as much as being somewhere where you and your main squeeze can engage in a meaningful talk about everything under the sun.


Cancers can be homebodies and love comfort. Therefore, you should create an at-home spa night for your Crab, complete with a bubble bath and massage. Also, get him or her a cozy new robe to complete the gesture.


Showy Lions like being the center of attention, so if you’re thinking about proposing marriage, Valentine’s Day is the best time to do it—in public and for all to see, of course.


As an Earth sign, Virgo enjoys being out in nature. So, take a romantic hike and pack a picnic for the summit where you can enjoy the sunset surrounded by grass, plants and trees.


The Scales is one of the zodiac’s most romantic signs and Valentine’s Day is likely one of your partner’s favorite days of the year. Go for the classics like red roses, chocolates, and a whole lot of affection to make him or her feel special.


This passionate, seductive sign is going to want you to bring the sexy. New lingerie—and an accompanying viewing party—are the way to go. You’ll love their private fashion show!


Sags are always on the go and won’t be impressed with a long (boring) dinner. Instead, sign up for a cooking or dance class for two that will feed your partner’s need for action while still giving you a chance to bond.


This athletic sign would rather get in the boxing ring than sit at the opera, and they tend to be the type to appreciate hard work. Pull out all the stops with a grand, romantic gesture. Plan a surprise weekend trip complete with a fun, packed itinerary.


Funky Aquarius is anything but ordinary. So, you have to think outside the box for this sign. A visit to a quirky museum or avant garde theater will surely impress your love, as would a cool gift like a unique piece of art.


An ethereal, romantic water sign, Fish love being in their favorite element. An escape to the ocean, a day lounging at a hotel pool, a river cruise for dinner or a lunch spent in a rowboat would also do the trick.

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