6 Awesome Galentine’s Day Ideas

6 Awesome Galentine's Day Ideas

It’s Ladies’ Night

In recent years, a new spin on the Valentine’s Day holiday—cleverly called “Galentine’s Day”—encourages single women to get together to celebrate themselves. They can celebrate the day before Valentine’s Day (Galentine’s Day) or on Valentine’s Day.

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If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year because you’re single, celebrate Galentine’s Day! For a lot of singles, Valentine’s Day can be a total buzz kill. Whether you’re happily single or longing to meet “The One,” the holiday of love is hard to escape! You can’t even walk into a grocery store without being bombarded by heart-shaped balloons and stuffed bears. But you don’t need to opt out of the festivities entirely. Here are six fun ideas to consider with your gal group.

1. Head Out on a Hike
You’ll be together, you’ll take in some incredible views and you’ll get your sweat on. What better way to honor yourselves? Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, time in nature will renew your spirits and allow you to make fun memories too. Pack a picnic (including some canned chardonnay, if you so desire) and make a day of it.

2. Take a Cooking Class
Instead of going out for an overpriced prix fixe dinner, sign up for a nighttime cooking class. This way, you can learn some new culinary skills with your pals and partake in a delicious meal—without having to sit with all the couples.

3. Make Yourselves Something
There are a number of artsy places where you can get creative and take home a keepsake that you’ve made yourself. Look for pottery shops that invite you to shape and fire your own bowl or a painting studio that teaches amateur classes where you can all brush the same scene onto a canvas. You’ll have a blast tapping into your artistic sides and comparing your compositions. Plus, you’ll have a physical token of your Galentine’s Day to look back on fondly for years to come.

4. Go Dance the Night Away
While the romantic bistros are full of couples on Valentine’s Day, the bars and clubs are full of singles ready to party. And if you’re open to a little romance, you’ll have your pick of unattached suitors to choose from for a spin on the dance floor. Moving your body to the beat and being surrounded by people who just want to have fun is always good for your mood, and your soul too.

5. Just Netflix and Chill Together
If your crew is full of homebodies, get together at someone’s house, cook dinner (or order in!) and binge-watch movies or a fun series together for Galentine’s Day. Have ample snacks and magazines on-hand to make the evening more like an adult sleepover. You’ll feel like a teenager again in no time.

6. Host a Virtual Cocktail Party
If your closest pals live out of town, you can still toast them on Galentine’s Day. Set a time where you can all log in to Skype or Google Hangout, then toast one another with your beverage of choice. You’re likely due for a good catch-up sesh anyway, so use this holiday as the perfect excuse to “see” each other and get some quality time in.

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