Astrology: Simple Keys to Successful Relationships

Show me or tell me. Why can’t I have both? Is there no grey line where the balance of expression and demonstration mergers so that within a relationship there can be some place to stand where everyone concerned is happy?

Women are the talkers and the showers; they can express themselves with ease be it in a touch or a kind word to let the male know that he is loved. The male aspect within a love relationship is sometimes quiet and reserved as if words cost money. “How long before he tells me he loves me” – “why doesn’t he talk to me” – “will he ever open up” – these are questions that many of my female callers ask.

Is it necessary for a relationship to have two chatterboxes in order for it to be a strong union? Yes, many marriage/relationship counselors feel that communication is a key to a healthy relationship. I must say I feel that is a ‘big picture’ truth. Yet each person has their own way of expression, some like to show and tell some like to just show and then there are the tellers.

If you’re with an Aries, you will find they are very much in their head and forget about anything below the neck. Only when they have everything in place will they allow themselves to play “show me” – most of the time the Aries is not a “tell me” kind of guy, except for when he is telling you what to do.

The Taurus is a lover, not balanced in the “show me, tell me” realm, yet very appreciative and will say kind words from time to time to let you know he is in love with you.

Take the Gemini, if you dare; this is the whole ball of wax. The Gemini male will “tell you and tell you and tell you” and then “show you.” Need I say more?

Like romance? Cancer men are yummy romantic “showers” yet after the steam clears and you are dressed you can pretty much count on a good conversation mostly about how good he was.

The Lion sleeps tonight – roars, works and plays. His roar is worth a thousand words and his ability to be tender is his “show me” way. Just remember not to poke the Leo when he is sleeping, as his roar can be hurtful.

Gotta love the Virgo, as they “show and tell,” although the emotional part of this male is deep and although they do love to talk it might not be about the relationship.

Balanced and charming, romantic and willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work, the Libra even with the emotional highs and lows, can be that man who does and says it all.

Stillness, deepness, sexiness… need I say more? Oh yeah, there’s no noise or words here, only “show me.” It’s the way of the Scorpio.

Without a filter, the Sagittarius “tells all,” and with a real sense of direction “shows all” as well.

Climbing to the top of a relationship and making it work is not easy for the Capricorn who does not wear his heart on his sleeve. He can tell great stories and talk his way out of any situation, yet has a hard time when it comes to sharing his feelings. Behind closed doors, however, there’s a “show me” kind of guy.

Oh the drama, the words, the actions… it’s all there. Get yourself an Aquarius male. He will “show you,” he will “tell you.” Romance and conversation are no problem for this man.

Do you like it mushy? Do you like sweet? The “show me,” “tell me” is there in the Pisces with a lot of love.

In response to the questions asked about communication, I think it’s great if balance can be achieved yet if the man is a “show me” kind of guy it will make for a much better relationship in the end than a man who is more talk and no action.

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