Astrology and Parenting: How Your Zodiac Sign Can Influence Your Parenting Style

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The Zodiac as Parents

Many often look to their zodiac signs to determine what their core personalities are. One popular use is to determine compatibility with business partners, friends, and lovers. Some people even trust their zodiac sign to lead them toward their best career paths. But the stars can also tell what kind of parenting style they might have.

Typically, I recommend looking at both your sun sign and then, if you are a female, what is in your fourth house. If you are male, what planets are in your tenth house will give you a fuller picture of what kind of parent you will be. Today though, we will be focusing on what your zodiac sun sign has to share about your parenting style.

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You are a Fire sign, so all that fiery passion will help drive your children’s success. Just remember to schedule in some fun downtime too! You are the type of parent who will help your children to be both humble and ambitious.


You couldn’t find a more patient and affectionate parent! The Taurus likes to create a home environment that exudes security and contentment. Yours will probably be the house that friends enjoy gathering at. Being an Earth sign, you will instill in your children the importance of hard work and strong ethics.


Gemini parents truly enjoy getting down and dirty and engaging in playtime sessions with their children. You are impulsive, inspiring, and fun, and your kids will use this time to really connect with you in many different ways. You will be able to answer even the most difficult questions with the logical approach that Geminis are known for.


This parent has a deep respect and need for family traditions. Being together as a family is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being a parent. You look forward to game night on Saturdays and making cookies together on the holidays. Being close is something that you cherish.


The pride that you take in even the smallest of achievements is sure to boost the self confidence and esteem of the most uncertain of children! You love to share the news when one of your children has earned the Student of the Week Award and you have a dedicated space for trophies in a highly visual location in your home.


Virgos respect their children’s opinions and enjoy engaging in open communication with them. You are also the type of parent that enjoys a clean and uncluttered environment, and you instill a sense of responsibility in your children at a young age.


Your devotion to your children, knows no bounds! Some might say that you are too lenient, but you do know how to balance all of the “Yeses” with the right amount of “Noes”. After all, Libras are all about finding the right balance in life and this carries over into your parenting style. You usually enjoy an easy relationship with your children, and they know that they can talk to you about anything.


Scorpio parents know that they have an advantage over other parents and that advantage is their keen sense of intuition! This will help you to stave off any errant behavior, but it also allows you to know when your kids need to be stimulated and when they need some downtime from all the activities that you have them signed up for. Listen to your instincts and you won’t go wrong.


You love life and this trait is one that your children will share with you. Whether it is a family trip to a far-off place or finding special places close to home, you instill your children with a sense of spontaneity and fun. Thanks to this gung-ho approach to living, your family will create many amazing memories of the places that you have seen and the experiences that you have.


If there was a way to add more hours to a day, the Capricorn parent would be the one to figure it out. You love to learn and set quite an example for your little ones about the importance of an education and a job well done. You understand how serious a job it is to be a parent and you take it seriously.


Whereas Capricorns are serious, the Aquarius parent is about living in the moment. They are prone to eccentricities and can be almost hippy-like in the way they delve into life and parenting. You encourage your children to reach for the stars and to be true to themselves like no other sign does. Through all this though, you instill a strong sense of humanitarianism in your children through your big heart.


You are one of the most protective parents of the zodiac! There are many kinds of fish in the sea and not all of them are helpless. You also appreciate creativity and self-expression, and as such support your children whether that creativity is demonstrated through physical art, music, theatre, or sports. You know how to let your children find themselves on their own terms.

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