5 Friends Every Woman Should Have

Know Your Posse!

Every woman should have an array of friends to match their personal friendship needs. Some women might need one friend that keeps a positive healthy outlook, another that is a travel buddy and possibly one that is good for those deep heart-to-heart conversations. It might be silly to fool yourself into thinking your sole gal pal can provide you with everything you need within a friendship. This is because, just like any relationship we have in life, a perfect package isn’t truly realistic and may add too much strain or pressure within the relationship.

Start by looking at your own personality and choose female friends that have those qualities. Here are 5 friends that every woman should have throughout her life to truly have satisfying positive relationships and the chance to keep reliable friends throughout life.

The Uplifter

This woman is your go-to-gal when you are having the blues. She shines positivity and always has a motivated approach and happy outlook on the world. The world truly is her oyster and life is a bowl of cherries. She can turn any frown upside down because she believes life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. She doesn’t allow life’s stresses to bring her down and she is there for you when times get truly rough and tough. Her life glass is full to the brim and overflowing.

The Travel Buddy

This is the female friend you turn to when you have the travel bug. You know she’ll be up for it and ready to go as soon as you mention a trip to Thailand or a backpacking excursion through Europe. She loves travel just as much as you do and adventure is her game. She is the one to call on for spontaneous cross country road trips with and explorations of ancient ruins in Mexico.

Gossip Gal

This woman is your girls-night-out friend. You can gossip with her about the celebs, talk ‘make up’ shop or just babble on about any girly topic possible. She is the friend you can truly let go with and have fun.

Old Wiser

This woman may be a little older than you, have more experience than you or may have a higher education. She is the intellect of your duo and you trust in what advice she offers. She can be your guide on matters of the heart or tell you what the healthiest way to lose weight is. She is a guru and a sponge of information.

Truth Teller

This is the woman who doesn’t hold back. She values honesty and can see both sides of a dilemma. She is the justice of the peace, your “Judge Judy” of friends, and you turn to her for the truth on matters at hand. She will also tell you when you have broccoli in your teeth or when you are wearing too much make up for that VIP cocktail party.

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10 thoughts on “5 Friends Every Woman Should Have

  1. Marta

    So true! I could match up my friends with this list. I am grateful for all my friends and the support they give me. I hope I’m helpful to them too.

  2. Seemagandhi

    Nice one,the very thought of friend creates ripples of joy in my mind and i believe these vibrations do the same in their mind also.love to read more.

  3. Frances Faye Adams

    You are right, if there is a friend who is an abuser, it certainly does not help anyone’s self esteem.
    I am glad that Quinn has developed the courage to end that unneeded, so called friendship.

  4. Elizabeth LaDouceur

    I need to add to this in that some women, like myself, have pretty much only guy friends like the above mentioned. I have a women friend `right now`but they usually go sour on me. I am there for her as an understanding person and with advise-someone she can talk to about her life and she brings me presents in return which uplift my spirit. So ya, sometimes women have men buddies but not other women.

  5. Billy-Jo

    Loved the article reflecting on the different qualities in individuals.
    I am still looking for the travel buddy.
    Someone who likes to get up and go at the drop of a hat.

  6. Ms A

    I was just recognizing which of my friends fit some of these profiles in my life lately. Great article & very true. I justt hope I am to my friends what they are to me. Keep it coming.

  7. -quinn ext. 5484

    what a fun article. over the years many of us have moved about the country and world – finding it had to stay connected. i must admit i miss the days when my door was open and my friends came to visit. it was always my house for some reason that we gathered to hang out. maybe it was the good vibes all the pets and my husbands handsome hunky friends but my house was the place.
    even in my youth i was the wise one the truth teller. caught a lot of slack for that but no one could ever say i didn’t speak my mind.
    at least with the internet i can visit with them via email or sometimes the phone. working the line has limited my phone use gotta save my rap for the callers 🙂
    speaking of judge judy i started to watch her again after many years since cameron said he found value in her decision making process. thanks cameron LOL another show to add to my list.
    this article is very timely for me as i just ended a 20 year friendship – one friend we don’t need is the abuser…
    -quinn ext. 5484


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