Bounce Back from a Break Up: The Air Signs

Bounce Back With the Help of the Stars!

The relationship is over, and you’re speechless. Thoughts are overpowering everything else, and your motivation to date flew out the window. Here’s your guide to bouncing back by sun sign, starting with the Air signs. If these aren’t your signs, check out the other signs: FireEarth, and Water. If you don’t know which element your sign falls under, check out this article to learn more.


Odds are, your split has you feeling a little Mercurial—all over the place emotionally, vacillating one second to the next. It’s important then, that you seek out calming influences (like yoga) in order to slow your racing mind and help you make peace with the past. You don’t want to give into your dark side, Twins, because however that manifests (in paralyzing depression or taking revenge), it will only prolong the process.


Ah, diplomatic Libra, lover of justice. Unfortunately, break ups rarely seem fair. To restore balance during this tumultuous time, cater to your desire to feel desirable. Take extra special care of yourself. Whether it means a new haircut or just looking your best when you leave the house, going that extra mile on your outside will help boost you inside and speed up your rebounding process!


Water-bearers find it easier to detach than most other signs and right now, that’s not a bad thing. While you don’t want to disconnect altogether, taking some distance is better than over-intellectualizing an emotional situation. However, if you’re hurt, distraught or even relieved, try to give credence to how you’re feeling as opposed to what you’re thinking. Emotions have value, even if it’s just in helping you plot your next move.

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