Your Sex Partner in Dreams

If you’re dreaming about sex with an ex — or with a stranger, or a celeb, or anyone else for that matter — don’t feel guilty or go rushing to relinquish your current relationship. Sexual dreams aren’t meant to be translated directly, rather they offer a chance to help you recognize and eliminate blocks to intimacy. And just as important as who you’re doing it with while you sleep, pay attention to the feelings you have during the dream and upon waking. Therein, you’ll find further insights about the dream’s message.

Here’s what it means when you dream about…

Sexual encounters
Dreams of getting down and dirty reveal your conscious or unconscious desires and attitudes about sex. These dreams can also indicate a merging of opposite parts of yourself, like the union between your feminine and masculine sides. Pay special attention to how you feel about the sexual encounter in the dream. Are you excited, disgusted, dissatisfied or hungry for more? How does that translate in your waking life?

Sex with an old flame
You may still have strong feelings about your ex, sure, but it doesn’t neccesarily mean you two are meant to be. Rather, sex with an ex indicates simply that something about this relationship is unresolved. It may be a sexual or emotional issue that was present in the relationship that you’re dealing with in your current relationship. Again, how did you feel in the dream. Is there something you got from your old flame that you’re currently missing — or something you hated that’s rearing its head?

Sex with your current partner
If the dream was a positive experience that left you feeling good, then the intimacy in your relationship is probably healthy. If the dream was negative and left you feeling sad, angry or depleted, however, you may have some sexual and/or emotional issues to work out with your mate. Dreaming about sex with your partner may also represent the merging or balancing of the masculine and feminine sides of your psyche.

A celebrity
Once again, it all comes down to feelings and associations. How do you feel about the celebrity in your dream? Is there a quality this person has that you’d like for yourself or is there something about their persona that rubs you the wrong way? The celebrity in your dream may represent your desire for success, wealth and recognition, some other gift you admire about him or or her or your fears about how you’re being perceived sexually speaking.

A stranger
Dreaming about sex with someone you don’t know indicates you’re merging with a previously unknown ability, attitude or some other new element in your life. If the sex was enjoyable, then this new element will have a positive affect on your life. If the sex was unpleasant, then you need to be careful about taking on this new attitude, endeavor, ability or person!

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  1. Tammy

    My man sometimes has dreams and talks out loud and moans like someone is giving him oral sex or a hand massage … could he be messing around on me and telling the truth through him dreaming?


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