12/21/2012: The Day Before the World Ends

What Will Really Happen?

As we approach 12/21/2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar, this question often comes up in conversation, “What will really happen?” It’s true, in a way, that 12/21/2012 signifies the end, but it is the end of what is called a baktun (the 13th baktun to be exact) in the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The 14th baktun begins on 12/22/2012. So should you still go Christmas shopping? That would be a definite yes.

Incidentally, 12/21/2012, works out to following the GMT timetables, and some numerologist find special meaning and significance in that. And as the famous astrologer/journalist, Eric Francis noted in his audio report, the “Top Five Events of 2012,” the Mayans had a fascination with the number 13 and also with Venus transits. Have a chat with astrologer Summer ext. 9898 to know what the end of the year means for you.

It’s also true that the year 2012 was quite an astrologically eventful year and it has been host to many events both important and rare. One of those rare events was Venus transiting the Sun. This event only happens every 108 – 120 years and when it does, it happens in pairs, eight years apart. Venus transited the Sun in 2004 and then again in June of 2012. The next time it will occur is in 2117 so it’s not likely that any of us that experienced it in 2012 will be around for the next event.

A Cardinal Era

There have been many recent astrological events in cardinal signs this year, and as cardinal signs signal the beginning of a new season, it would seem that our astrology is thrusting us into a new way of being with the Earth, with each other and with the universe.

Has 2012 been a changing time in your life? It’s certainly been a time of change in our collective lives. As a lover of astrology and the many secrets it can reveal in our lives, I would definitely suggest that anyone wanting to know how astrology impacts them personally should consult an astrologer. See what meaning the events of 2012 have had in your life. Recognize the opportunities and navigate the obstacles ahead.

From the Venus transit of the Sun in Gemini, to the first two in a series of seven Uranus-Pluto squares,  to the family of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius we’re definitely at the beginning of a change in times and 2012 was one of the most significant turning points. What will be the significant turning points in 2013 and how will they affect you? Only astrologer Julia ext. 9131 knows!

Three Points of Certainty About 12/21/2012

As for 12/21/2012 and what will really happen, there are three things that are based on absolute fact— it’s the beginning of the Winter Solstice, the end of the 13th baktun of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and it’s certainly not the end of the world.

39 thoughts on “12/21/2012: The Day Before the World Ends

  1. Jona D

    GINA ROSE: Compared to this December 21, 2012 scare, Y2K was an impending disaster for real. Many hours were spent by people like my IBM-er husband, struggling to get computer systems to keep from getting really fouled up.

  2. adrianna

    i have know the world will end eventually but i DID know it would end on the 21st beacuse logically it was already december22ed in australlia….and that it would have started a few days before the end anyway…they say only a prehistoric person could know that..well guess what im pretty prehistoric knowing the world would NOT end in 2012

  3. Mandi

    I knew the world wasn’t going to end! It is amazing how just like a rumor, astrological events can be taken & distorted by the masses & it is quite funny to see how people get themselves worked up & panicky over nothing!

  4. harley goff


  5. Keshia

    @Tammy, preach it honey. I have been stating those exact words all day. No man knows the day nor the hour (not even the angels in heaven) of HIS returns.

  6. Ivana

    well…just saw on the news..nothing really happened on New Zealand…here is 23:28…so 30 mins left..or something happens tmrw..but lets hope something positive in ppls minds…that would be big step…hope not nature disasters..we had enough of those through the world lately…regards from Croatia..and let the world live long!!!

  7. Arthur

    I believe that the cosmic of man’s quest outward is coming to a close, and the focus of our journey inward toward our source is now begining…The expression of the heart will now supercede the desire to manipulate and subjugate…Remember to have dominion you must be able to build it, fly it, understand it, improve and maintain it…Shooting something down has only created a pile of junk…, and I believe we don’t need more of that…

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well LJ, if you INSIST….

    I will force myself to have an extra Godiva chocolate for 12/21, and one for you……and another one for Mark in UK….and another one for……

    LOL….Have a Happy Holiday and Great New Year LJ !

  9. Rick Camp

    12/21/2012 is also when our Solar System lines up with the center of the MILKY WAY GALAZY: THIS HAPPENS ABOUT EVERY 6000 YEARS! The question is how did the mayans know this? In fact the Mayan calendar is as accurate as our Atomic Clock! Ancient Alien Theory Maybe? The mayans history states that 13 Star Gods Descended and engaged the mayan culture with knowledge and teachings; then they ascended and would return in the Future. The configuration of the Mayan Temples aligns with the configuration of the Orion Star System same as the Egyptian Pyramids:suggesting that the Alien Contact came from the Orion Star System! Our Ancient History will be changed when the truth about Alien Contact is Proven: many facts and accounts in Ancient Cultures Samaritan, Hindu, Hopi Indians , Mayans, Pre Inca cultures and on and on have been taken as stories with spiritual Implications rather than facts to be Analyzed! Open your Eyes and see the Truth! By the Way My Birthday is on a 13

  10. Richard

    It is my sincere hope that this new era will be one of greater personal responsibility. First, for there to be personal responsibility, there needs to be a reasonably complete person. That would be someone who has spent enough time honestly looking at their own motivations to understand their source. How much of what we do is actually a carefully thought out choice? How much is a knee jerk reaction to things that we were taught as children–what some have called the tyranny of the dead–because so much of it began with ancestors whose names no one even remembers anymore. Not that there isn’t a lot of wisdom in these traditions, but we each have some personal responsibility to individually, & CONSCIOUSLY evaluate that wisdom. Knowing our own motivations also means consciously recognizing our own “dark side” & learning to accept it as part of our human nature. That doesn’t mean allowing it to dictate our actions, nor does it mean struggling to reject this fundamental part of ourselves. It means consciously recognizing what portion of any decision making process is being influenced by it. That influence is not even necessarily all bad. “Even a blind pig will turn up an acorn now & then.” But here is the big irony–the most important of life’s lessons–personal responsibility means being responsible for each other. We are a social species. None of us could survive in this world on our own. Whatever we do unto any of the “least” of our brethren, we really do do also unto ourselves, & unto our species as a whole. Human beings do two things better than any other animal in the world. We build culture, & we glue it together with compassion for one another. What I sincerely hope that we can all come to learn, at the core of our beings, is that the more fully we live as human beings, the more joy we will find in our existence. That would truly be the end of the world as we have known it, & the beginning of the one that great spiritual teachers have been trying to help us imagine for thousands of years.

  11. Roxz

    Thank you Crystal from Philadelphia, I appreciate the way you view the world, your touching words & blessed to say, good still exists! We need to have Faith, Hope, and entrust our livelihood to our creator. Learning, growing, and appreciating every moment!

  12. Crystal from Philadelphia

    You are not crazy but you need to write down your visions if you can so that if one continues on you may be able to understand what has been given to you and what you need to do with that vision. Visions come just like looking at TV or out the window yet what your seeing is NOT outside or on TV.

    God uses all of His creation to help people, even people who dont believe in Him so if you have these visions, write them down, pray and ask for clarification and share them with someone who truly believes in God and His Ways you can email me if you want. Be Blessed.

  13. blanca flores

    Only Jeovah and Jesus kristo now everything that’s why we should study and be good people he brought us here he wants us to stay here but only the good people.Because the world we live in now is beyond evil example the massacre in Connecticut.god bless

  14. Sue Innes

    Thank you Laurie for all your
    words of wisdom this year.
    Hoping it is not the end and we can enjoy
    them next year as well!! Hi Keith and
    Happy Birthday!! We sure do miss you.

  15. LJ Innes

    Sorry about the bills Mark – and Gina Rose … have an extra Godiva on 12/21 just for the heck of it … glad to see most people are choosing a positive outlook – and to my nephew Keith, whose birthday was 12/21 – Happy Birthday kiddo, we miss you – I’m quite sure Keith is getting a chuckle out of all the hub-ub, wish he could tell me what everyone above is thinking about al this. Thanks everyone for your comments and shares. Peace!
    xo LJ

  16. Theresa

    Lol @gina rose and Marc… oh you guys. 🙂

    For me, I will try to make it into the meditation class I want to attend and hope for insight into how this effects me personally and globally. With a bday 2.1.84 :: there is a reason my saturn return is well underway during this time!! As confused as it makes me!

    I believe in the universal God; my prayer is God comforts all of those affected by the fear-mongering. Definitely not how we should enter this time… Change is scary, but in my experience productive!

    Blessings to all

  17. elayne

    Well, since it is a Friday I plan on following George Lopez’s mantra. I plan on not getting drunk but F…k up. If it ends on Friday I’m leaving with a smile!

  18. Crystal from Philadelphia

    God’s Creation:

    Do not allow man or anyone else put fear and doubt in your hearts and mind. Doubt and fear is your part of your ego (fear of losing your home, fear of people noticing your bills are late or due) It doesnt matter what man says because as we all know Man and Woman for that matter is flawed. Ask the creator, the author and finisher of our life, HE will answer you I guarantee it you just have to be mindful when HE does because HE WILL, HE IS NOT SHY.

    We have lived through so much (if you are over 25 yrs) and have experienced so many obstacles in our lives. Believe it or not all obstacles have meaning it depends whether or not you learned from it if not, you may experience it once again (i hate when that happens) but again you are God’s creation.

    Everyone is God’s creation but not all of us are God’s children in this day and age. We have seen unimaginable things happen (sandy hook, hurricane sandy, 9/11, jerry springer, basketball wives, housewives of atlanta, need I say more) but somehow we’ve managed. If you want to email me be my guess but I have to warn you I dont sugarcoat anything and I dont give myself any title or credit, and please dont insult me with gifts or donations, viruses, etc. I am ME and I belong to HIM thats all.

    Listen, forget the past you cant go back and fix what you did 10 minutes ago let alone 10 years ago. Look forward your blessings is in front of you. Forgive yourself and people if you hold on to it, you will be old looking and sick and the person doesnt even know what they did or even admit it so forgive and forget I know its hard but act like it never happened… you will start your growth process when you do.

    Enjoy today because you never lived it before and you will never live 12/20/21 in your life again!!!

  19. Tammy

    Only God knows not even his son. When the trumpets sound and the dead rise then you will know its the end of the world as we know it

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well said David !!!!

    On another note…..if I thought the world was ending today….this box of Godiva chocolates I would devour in record breaking time….the entire box….LOL LOL LOL LOL
    But alas, it’s just one piece a day for me…..YUM!

  21. Summer

    I know the is not ending! But I do know something is going on for sure people are changing and some not for the good! It’s crazy for sure!

  22. Kelli Fischer

    Please believe this. We have to come together as people, totally. I believe thats where we are headed. As long as we are divided we’ll just keep heading down the same road. United we stand divided we fall.

  23. David

    What’s really going to happen is that it will be a day pretty much like any other. If you believe it to be important, like a New Years Day event, you might make a resolution to change. And that will last briefly because very few of us can change. Not to say it is not possible, but we all know how it goes.
    The hard work is always the same-you must find a way to receive love freely, serve it, and allow it to pass through yourself-let go of fears in all forms, and release love. Send lots of money to my address for this universal message-lol

    That’s it in a nutshell folks-nothing ever ends, it simply transforms in a sea of infinite love.

  24. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The 21st will come & go….just like any other day.

    It does usher in a new era….an era of awareness…..an era of accountability….an era of adaptibility….an era of change ( hopefully ).

    Mankind can either make changes now to better the planet and for all of humanity….or it can just keep plodding along on it’s destructive course.

    the 64,000.oo question is : Can mankind, as a whole, change before it’s too late ?

  25. Doug

    I died 5 times in 3 hours. They kept sending me back . I can’t see this being the end , they gave me allot of work to do . Time is on my side !

  26. Dinicqua

    Well I’m 19 years old mother of a 2 year old and pregnant with another one, and my due date is 12/21/12 smh, but reading this really help me gasp my fear of actually believing the world will end on that day (tomorrow). I try to take my mind off of it so I wouldn’t be in so much fear, but it tends to keep bugging me, I feel being worried about that day is the reason my unborn isn’t trying to make her grand enterance, because I’m stressing too much. I just hope tommorrow come and goes, with out any problems like any other regular day.

  27. Rhonda

    I also wanted to say this don,t happen all the time .It could happen once a week.Once a month it just whenever im suppoe to see or fel something I guess.Al I know that Its real.

  28. Rhonda

    To whm that beleive me I have a spiritul insight of things.It is such a overwheming experience at tmes.I can not control it.I can e watching tv ,working thns will flash in my head.At times I wondr if im crazy so I do not say anything to no one.I found this out when Iturned 18 yrs old or 16.I feel things at ties I can,t explainbutno one believes me.So keep i to myself.I am telling you becuase mayb you can relate?Am I crazy?

  29. quinn ext. 5484

    thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    many blessing for a happy holiday season and a wondeful new year.
    buddha bless,

  30. Amy

    i was hoping that we wouldnt die yet….i was very concerned. My two children were asking about this and i really didnt kow what to say to them.

  31. Marcella

    What a crap article! I was hoping for some enlightenment on what is really going to happen!! And this really sheds no light on the subject! pfft

  32. Paul Joelle Ingrid Voltaire

    Want to know what the next year will bring me in love, carreer and what should I expect from life, will I be happy. Will my life change for the best.

  33. Marc from the UK

    Pheeeeeew !! Oh heck best get paying those bills I held back til the 22 12 2012 ‘!!! Happy holidays all readers and authors of C F x


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