December 21, 2012: The Truth is Exposed

Rebirth, Drastic Change and What it Means for Your Life

Astrologers have been amazed by the unprecedented sky stories (relationships between planets and stars) beginning in 2009. Most, if not all, of us have considered the period between 2009 and 2015 to be a highly critical transition period. Many people know that the Mayan Calendar “End of Time” is on December 21, 2012. Astrologers also see a new cycle taking root in 2012 and remaining challenging through 2023. One might view this time as “childbirth” for humanity—equally uncomfortable and rewarding.

While this is becoming quite evident in the world in general—revolutions in governments, violent weather due to climate change, and reorganization or potential collapse of our financial systems (aka “the fiscal cliff”). While many, if not all of you have been experiencing these upheavals personally, Capricorns, Cancers, Aries and Librans are at the epicenter of these energies. You have had to reassess relationships, your career desires, your living situation and your view of yourself. This has all been profound, abrupt and revealing—and ultimately will free you for an amazing new life.

If you have strong planets at the beginning of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you are just beginning to question old “realities” that you are much less certain about. This can often begin as confusion, even a muddled mind, and it opens you to new spiritual and inspiring experiences. There are challenges and huge rewards all around us, and we will have a real New Age, according to the ancients.

“Regarding 2012, I think that perhaps a portal will open and a new age will begin. For all who are connected to their spiritual side, it will be a wonderful time. For those who are not, nothing will change.” – Blythe ext. 5339

If you look at history, transitional periods are usually a bit “messy” and shocking. Political and financial system upheavals disturb all the things that we consider unchanging and reliable. Change is something that humans usually dread—it makes us uncomfortable and shaky—yet the results bring a wonderful new life.

“I can’t help but feel a sense of joy in the wisdom we are all obtaining during these rough times.” – Lucy ext. 5353

Most likely, you’re feeling these abrupt changes in your experience and in your perception, by the simple fact that you are human, a part of this planet and of this universe. We’re all on board for this and have a wonderful future to create together.

56 thoughts on “December 21, 2012: The Truth is Exposed

  1. Robert Boschketto/Dago

    TO Reply To My Pin Pal!!:-)) #2 “SARAH”. ” GOODMORNING!!.:-) Hey Kiddo, I do have to say First off. That I am very sorry for the bad language that I used in my letter for you to see and read, I noticed that it was removed, but I also was not registered also in the Blogging Dept,. So now; I did sign up, and, I hope you can guied me to the right plases for me to go to so we can blog to eachother, and I promise I will BEEP OUT Those bad bad words. I am going to say this AGAIN TO YOU SARAH.!! (“YOU ARE STILL MY HERO DEEP INSIDE OF MY HEART.) I saw, and red< your reply back to me, and I was so overwhelemed buy you repling back befor they removed the letter. AND I DO APPOLOGIZE TO THE CALIFORNIA Psychics web site also for the rongfull words, and ment no dis respect towards you, your web site, And To my New Hero Sarah, and to any viewer, and reader. I just get carried away alot, plus the words come out very Slangggy, SO SORRY. Now Back to you Sarah,. You have made me fill so GOOD Inside of this scard soul of mine, and I want to say to you, and dont take this wrong, OK, I am Not a religious type of person,." But Sarah;" GOD," If he really is there, which I know He has left, Because He left his mess that he started with his #1 Choice of people to rule his created plant earth behind, and left them to all die, the Young,the middle aged to the elderly who couldn,t really make it threw on there own, well God left them for dead as HE walked away, and left his mess for THE BEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED, and will allways live in my torched heart Is Mr, MOSES. who saved them all, through the worst events ever made possiable to the race that he created, and then destoryed, then there was another great man named Noha, you have heard of these legends and real true Saviors. well Back to what I wanted to Say to you sarah Is that, God or some arch angel had deffinetly blessed you.!! :-)) That Letter that I saw and red, Has put a different look inside of my battered life, and I hope for you as well. How can I get in touch with you. Don,t worry, Honey, i am a safe human, and I am not out to screw any female or man or youngster over or will I ever hurt anybody; I just want to get a email address or a way to stay intouch with you for life, and for the way your letter opened my sorry A** battered soul, and yes; I am smilying rite now as I rite back to you. "OH how soreall that you put in your reply back to me, was your birth Sign; Ther are only a few signs that are compatiable to, and with us stubberen leos, hehehehehe, and that is sagiterious,and aqurians, and I for gott the other ones.Opps. When I saw that you were a Aqurian My Heart Stopped!! for a few seconds, then sputtered than back fierd. and came back to it,s normal beat, I Think;. You Know Sarah; I say to my self alot, well ok, all the dam time; Is why is this! life so morbbidd, and so curel to the Innocent, and to the people who just want a simple happy sweet love life filled with the objects or, and the choices that we all are looking for and want in these relations that we search for, But no all we get is that box full of sour grape nuts and viruses filled with rotted mold from the cracks of that hardened choice that was so incorrectfully made time and time again. And we never frickin seem to learn from our past choices, but we seem to listen and hopefully learn from somebody elses choices, or over viewing the path that they have also fallen victom to. "Sarah" Please reply back ASAP, and state a #3 to yuor reply so I know that it is you, and please direct me to where I can go to on this blog thing or give me any way of letting me know how to get, and to keep intouch with you. " PLEASE". Oh, and I do need to say to you Sarah, I am so sorry for all the miss spelled words in the last letter. I was so excited to send it to you. I forgot to spell check it first.!! hehehehehe. " you were probaly reading my reply that I sent, and was happy with it, as I see in your reply back, But I know for a Fact you were mockking my spelling at the same dang time!!hahahaha, "Am I Rite!!.".??!! Sarah I am ganna send this and I am going to check back in about 20 minutes to find a reply back from you, ok, and can we send our emails over these blogging things or web sites, Is ther a rule against that.??." TO My HERO, And Possiebly My Savior". I am so gladd My instincts told me to open up the upper page and go into it and read what was inside of the rest ofthe colum for all of us to view and read,and see what It was regarding to, Because I would have NOT SEEN YOUR LETTER, That really moved me in all aspects of my emptyness and regretfullness towards knowing if I or you or anybody could be rejuvinated by the Words of somebody elses thoughts and Visions For our quest of; "WHAT IS THE TRUTH". I Robbie, Or User name; which is( Robert Dago3331 ) "SARAH" I Would do anything to just Hold you right. Your pin pal, and to my HERO SARAH.!!)( Robbie, Is the real name I go by.

  2. sudershan

    for Sarah

    I suggest u change ur words and every night before going to sleep give urself an affirmation that I AM LOVED AND RESPECTED BY EVERYONE IN MY LIFE 5 time before sleeping and in the morning say – thank u god for loving me – make this a ritual in ur life and u will meet right people and experience love & respect in ur relationships. I pray for ur happiness.

  3. lance

    Sarah i have emphathy! Hope is all that remains, sometimes our beliefs fail us. Staying alive is all we can do to better ourselves. When life makes us feel small think big, i know its easier than said. We are going to get through this and U are going to help many others. What others say and do is who they are at this time. when hate and fear are both conquered the soul is than free and capable of emense power. Love is’nt something that is no more, Knowing when to apply knowledge is wisdom gained! Use your words unloosely. It is a continual experience, it is not grown.

  4. Dary Lott

    I strongly believe that 12/21/12 is only the end of a cycle. For eons, this entire planet and all living things that exists in the air, the sea and flies in the air above it. has operated in cycles. Are we in for a change? Yes, the earth has been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so for years to come. mankind Must find a way to undo all the damage that progress(?) has done to the earth for the last two hundred years. It is time for all mankind to unite to save what we have to ensure our children and grandchildren have a healthy environment with safe drinking water and enough safe, healthy food to eat.

  5. robert

    Hello, this message is in responce to Sarah” i only pray that you receive my message to you “Sarah”. I must tell you first off one word “BEAUTIFUL” you r completly an amazing and wonderful human being, and all that you said to me , yes i did say me, because you touched my very deepest part of my being!, i read every word and every thought of yours, and i want you to know something, and that is, me in your words! its so unreal , every though , every plight in pain, every bit of agony your soul has gone through and still are going through, i also have been in the same identical avenue of my life. I only can wish for you to acknowledge my reply to you, its simply amazing that i found someone like yourself whom understands! Iam an aquarian , if i do not hear from you Sarah , please do one thing for me and that is SMILE, SMILE, and never give up hope! you can and will succed in this life! i promise you will. You made me smile! take care , i will be here, sincerly Robert…

  6. Lauren

    This has been a very crazy year for me i fell hopelessly in love with someone he was perfect but over the summer i started questioning a whole lot of things and got frustrated and wat happened next is wat took everything away he no longer wants to speak to me or hear from me i dont blame him but hope that in the coming months he forgives me and hopefully gives me a second chance i miss him dearly and he means the world to me u see i have learned from all this how important honesty and trust is and that wen u have great friends inyour life the best thing to do is wen something happens is just be open and straight up with them i learned that it makes a whole lot of difference i have some changes to make in my life and it is not easy i just hope i can it has been hard and getting harder i will try and make things work as best i can but praying really hard and refocusing alot on things that was done in the past and try to make things right

  7. Alexandra

    ONE of the GREATEST TRAGEDIES of present times is the violent death of such
    innocent children at the hands of some mental ill person…HOPEFULLY, this time,
    the Nation leaders will follow through in making changes to the laws that put
    so many weapons in so many hands w/o prior mental condition cks. WE ARE SO FAR
    the ONLY advanced country that people are soooo obsessed with possessing fire arms.
    Having those close by and available makes it easy for some people in a moment of
    anger, frustration or rage, to start shooting at innocent people…THOUGH TOTAL
    TO SMALL WEAPONS AND passing laws for mental health requirements and other
    possible checks (as drivers licences, etc. requirements)…IF THE US CAN PUT

  8. Pearl Zent

    Hello All, There is only one way to know what the end of this world will be.

    Remember who made this world. God made it sinless and it was made sinful by man. now we must
    live in it this way until Jesus comes again and does away with the sin.

    We will again live in a sinless world. Read your Bible and see what Is said about it.

    It is “The Great Hope ” of a sinless world. But the sinful people will need to change to share it.

    We are all sinful beings but through Jesus Christ we can be made whole.

    Study. There is a great reward waiting the ones who Follow Jesus. God Bless us all. Thank you.

  9. linda

    I would like to give blessings to all of you who are in pain due to relationships. Please dont give up to the darkness that seems to suround us in our time of losses. Just remember theire are better people in this world. When the time is right with alot of prayer and faith you will find your mate. Me, i havent yet. At 53 years old and many bad relationships i know i will find my soul mate. Not all has gone bad. So please i incourage you all dont give in to these worthless people who take your heart and rip it up. Theres is hope. My blessings and love go out to you all. Keep that fight up. Lol linda

  10. Charity

    I’m not any anyone that knows if the world is going to end. Nobody does!!! I don’t even think god knows honestly.not that I don’t believe in god cuz I do most definitely!!! But I’m very much a realistic person . If the world. Is going to end there’s got to be some sort of sign like a weather change. An earthquake or something .it’s not just all of sudden going to dust like that come on people seriously !!! Besides the next coming is supposed to be destroye.d I by fire .I don’t knowyou but.where I live is bone cold.I live in Utah. And no I’m not a Mormon.haha no offense to.those who a.t here beliefs are.just a.little. much for me. Can’t do.this can’t do.that. whatever that’s there deal… Iam very spiritual thou I’m Pisces so yes ln a bit intuitive. My self. I do believe in a quote earlier tho the religious will be left behind and thou they should be if ur dumb enough to believe that one religion is right .I think the people that have succumbed to.any certain religion. Really. Forgot. Why there even at churchcuz ther so caught. Up in religion not GOD.AMEN

  11. jay

    to ms. sarah
    long statements, but i believed in your words, the way you expressing your points of view, i am also see my self in you,, but life still go on,, moving on, be more busy , lots activites, be sensitive to other people feelings, … therapy helped me alot to understand my self and lots of PRAYER too…. you can make yourself new with the help of GOD…goodluck don’t lose hope, its not the end of the world.. for us. . . . . .

  12. Rose

    The only thing we can count on in life is change. Stay forever true to your spiritual life because it is the only thing that can get you through hard times. I always remind myself of stronger individuals who stood for something (like Mendela) or others right now as we speak who are dying for our FREEDOM and peace, just for us to be alive during this recession. I have had the most difficult times in the past 4 years. (But I’m not coming back from Iraq with my limbs ripped off, or blind. Through tragic times we find out who we really are as human beings. No one ever said life is easy, and I think we have it a lot easier than people who roamed the earth with Dinasours! Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. I truly believe we can make a hell out of heaven, and a heaven out of hell. I have always said if I had to be in prison, all I would need is a pencil and paper. Draw on your reserves as a human being. Read more books on relationships to heal YOURSELF! No one else can make you happy but YOURSELF. You are the creator of your life. If you chose to be in toxic relationships you can only blame yourself. Sorry if I sound like I’m preaching, but I had to step back and be alone to truly pray for the right people to come into my life. I’m aware that we are going to a huge transition in our world. But, I also know that I can’t control everything. It’s like the song..ha ha ha..bless your soul, if you think you’re in control. Very wise words I think. Lets just appreciate what we do have and try and work through the rest with a smile every day. Every day is a blessing, just to be alive, even though we don’t see it. Happy Trails

  13. Eric s.

    I’m sooooo tierd of all this end of the world mess, the way I see it if something happends we and we all don’t die you just got a sacond chance. Don’t piss it away, be a good person what ever happends. everything happends for a reason

  14. arise

    Rob: you go bro! Chiquita: I like the direction of your thoughts.

    My opinion: have you ever seen the calendar? It’s carved into stone. The guy who carved it had to run out of stone at some point. The end was close at the finish of this particular “long count”; he said my hands are aching and my wife is complaining about the racket, so I’ll just stop here, 2013 is too far away to worry about anyway!

  15. Chrissi

    well I’m an Aquarian with a Scorpio rising and Capricorn moon- and I noticed changes already myself hubby is Libran, and the changes definitely are already happening for him

  16. Sarah

    Well said, Chiquita (and others). Please excuse, in advance, the length of this comment. I considered my words to be essential and I have poured out a lot in this. I am relaying the content in such detail as to gain feedback and hopefully, to help others who have had similiar plights. I know that there are unlimited numbers of people who are or have gone through just as bad, if not, much worse. During the time period being discussed in this forum, my life has been turned upside down and backwards and not in a positive light. I am hoping that as a Virgo, this “New Age” concept turns out to be real and extremely positive. I have lost touch with my very strong spiritual side due to circumstances making me apt to surrender to the evils in the world. NOT that I want to succomb to being evil, revengeful or hardened; I just want all the diabolicle actions of others to stop, already! I don’t want to simply accept that this is “just the way the world is.” (I am so close to doing just that.) If so, and a major change does not happen on the 21st then we are all in big trouble! I spent the last 2.5 yrs attempting to improve myself and life, all around. With the exception of the past 3 mos., I felt like I was finally making it happen. Of course, nothing is ever perfect. How much, though, are we expected to take as human beings when it comes to unmitigated PAIN? I want to be a better person. I wish to have more understanding/wisdom of the world and people in it. I know I speak for more than just me. I am quite certain there are many who feel as I do. Major personal disasters…goals that were worked for assiduously, were ripped away. Heartbreak beyond repair has transpired in a relationship so important to me. The person not only being abusive and sick but sadistic, unfeeling, narcissistic and I belive sociopathic (even though that term isn’t considered current and I do not work in the mental health field). I fully comprehend that relationships are a gamble and sometimes “things just happen, unfortunately”. I also could even understand if this had been the first, second or third time that I have been fooled by love. Nevertheless, it is a pattern in my life and I have tried desperately to change it. I had no way of knowing this person would end up reeling me in, then killing my self-esteem and confidence. He has no conscience. I realize, I have to take responsibility in my partaking of the union. I should have seen signs, etc…I did leave as soon as the truth really hit me. It doesn’t lessen my agony, though. I have engaged in therapy regarding this and it still has not helped. I have prayed, meditated and went to self help groups. I was alone, purposely, the whole 2 years prior, to engaging in a relationship. I wanted to gain some perspective on why all of my past ones were so insidous. Plus, I needed the time alone, for a change. I felt that I was making the right decision when I met him and so did the people who care about me. We had no way of knowing his pathologies. Along with that wreckage, I uprooted my living conditions and whole life, in general. Not to mention,the lack of funds, I am subjected to that most of us carry the burden of. I was well on my way to rectifying that situation, as well. That chance was recently stolen from me due to another problematic individual. I am well aware that I am not a victim. I know when you point finger at someone you are pointing 4 back at yourself. Yes, I had my part in this, too. It just did not merit the results that came about. This is all the truth. I am asking for help. So, there is no reason to not be completely honest. I let the relationship happen to me the way I did out of some need that ultimately sabotages me. In turn the abuse led to self-doubt which led to mistakes made in my program of education that I worked so hard to be accepted in, only to be blindsided and unjustly “failed out of” . I was left vunerable to the vultures that the world is chock full of. I have learned, sadly, over and over again that if you allow someone to see weakness they will fully take advantage. I still want to have faith in people so, once again, was off my guard. So, that is my fault, entirely. Untimely, shocking, sudden deaths of loved ones trumps all, for me. I was even working through the abrupt, horrific death of my sister last year with the aid of the spiritual guidance, I pursued. Now, I feel nothing but anguish and resentment. I know I need to connect with my higher power, again. However, it is so difficult once you get off of that spiritual path. I have been through many, many bad times but this just seems to be the worst. I cannot seem to recover from these hits. Like bombs exploding, they just keep blowing up in my face. I have no control, of course, over the undertakings of others. I only wish that it wasn’t such a selfish, cryogenic world we live in, today. I have to take, again, accountablity for my part in the demise of all of my hopes and dreams. I have to learn to cope with the losses. I need to start focusing on what I have left rather than what has been deemed irrecoverable. Yes, and blah, blah, blah! I have done this more than once, like I wrote earlier. The bottom line is that most individuals in society today HAVE given up on traits like: humanity, empathy, selflesness, respect, honesty, morals, values…need I go on? So, even if have all of these qualities, there is no guarantee that altruism will receive even decent or fair treatment from others (which shouldn’t even be expected, I know). I no longer believe everything happens for a reason. Because of all that has occurred, I have lost many of my fundamental beliefs. Therefore, does it not make sense to retrain my thinking and look out for number one, first? Those who do, seem to be much more at peace and possess contentment that I sorely lack. I am remotely adept at psychological warfare but am contemplating on whether or not to study and use it in relationships to manipulate as I have been manipulated, just for pure survival. What to do? I am torn. I know a big change is about to occur. My intuition screams it at me regarding the respective date we are all discussing. I guess, which way to go that will be the best for me and the rest of the world-is my burning inquiry. If I continue this way, I will just spiral further downward and be of no use to myself or society as a result. I cannot seem to heal. I have been in therapy, or the other issues, as well. Everything seems to backfire and become hopeless. I can’t help but thinking that I have been ‘jinxed’ by the universe in some fashion. I do not want to come across as drowning in self-pity, either. I have searched within and externally and for spiritual guidance for replication to no avail. I am in the need for some excellent advice from someone out there who has been through similiar experiences. Believe me, I never thought I would reach out in this manner on an astrology website. However, this is a great site for articles, insights and such. I suppose, I am just desperate to get feedback from someone who has been there. Thanks for reading…

  17. Kelli 5130

    Every moment of our life we are surrounded by the infinite. Celestial climates are there to show us what we can achieve, not what we can’t have because the time is not “right.” Each moment of our life is a miracle and each moment, a new beginning. We are spiritual beings connected to the divine. Our dreams and wishes come true. It is our desperate plans which fail.

    Spend more time looking at dreams and wishes through the place in our heart which feels joy when good things happen for us. Stay away from the the place of fear in our mind of what may never be.

    This is the season of joy and hope. Celebrate this season each day of your life because joy is what we can generate everyday, not just when we are told we can. Our joy is ours and we can share it always.

    Holiday cheer to all my beloved clients…my friends. You are loved and in my prayers this day and all days.

    From the smiling place in my heart,
    Kelli 5130

  18. Don Fox

    So far I’m loving it. Hope all of you are or will also. May All Be Well and Happy! MABWAH! When all’s done, we’re all one. In other words I’m completely bonkers, and loving it.

  19. Ashok Kumar

    Nothing of such thing is in existences , do not get panic and live life peacefully and lead a happy life simple living and high thinking.

  20. gracemountain

    time to celebrate the coming of a new earth,the light is pouring through the portal look into the sky look around you and see with new eyes, everyone is included there is no one left out be strong……….

  21. Donna

    I am in the worst financial and relationship time in my life. I am a Taurus Gemini cusp. May 20 1959
    I have been feeling this erratic pull lately that makes me shake with a nervous edgy feeling and everyday it gets more intense. I am normally a very tenacious grounded person. I feel very out of sorts..and awkward. I noticed another taurus response..I too am anxious to have that answer. What about Taurus?
    My whole life has been struggles mixed with I have a hard time being joyful..Are the aliens, which I know exist satan’s army? Are they coming through the portal to deceive us? What about the planet called the red dragon spoke of in scripture that is pulling on our magnetic field and pulling the earths crust southward and may cause us to polar flip? I agree..we will not know the day nor the hour in which our Lord will return..Humanity is a mess and I wouldn’t blame him if he left us here to perish. Why would he want to save a cancer on this earth that we have become? I wouldn’t blame God if he left us here to perish.

  22. Randy

    Our constilations is not going to change and our future is influenced by these great and powerful forces god created and our influence can’t be changed without god. After all he created us from the dust of the ground. We are so small in creation yet the bird is even smaller. He knows the no. on the hair of head. He teaches us not to worry about tomorrow . for the tomorow will take care of it’s self. Will we change our on lives? God gives us the decision to either follow him or not. With this said we need to think about this. Its better on the beach on a bad day. Than be on the job on a good day.

  23. LJ Innes

    Awesome article with a lot of good and true information I’m a Cancer with a Capricorn rising and boy has my life changed in the last couple of years – all of it – career – where I live, etc. – and even though there are times it feels uncertain and even scary, it’s also exhilerating, like everything is up in the air and I can change the direction of any part of life. Thanks.

  24. Troy

    It is is meant to be according tot he Mayan calendar than there is really nothing we can do about it now can we.But my sure bet is on God,and that I willwake up to see a beautiful blue sunny sky on Decemver 22,2012.

  25. Tricia

    I have been actively involved with anchoring light on this planet since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and studied the Mayan calendar since then. The great round of the Mayan Calendar demonstrates amazing prophetic abilities on their part when you compare their ‘ages’ to the history of the planet and humanity’s evolution. Just to add to this discussion – the proposed next evolutionary leap is in consciousness, and while people have been hard pressed to see this, acknowledge it, or in many cases embrace it – yet it is happening and really has been for decades. The majority of Darwin’s theory of evolution was actually ignored because he too discussed that as physical biology became set the next evolution would be in consciousness.

    What I would say is that moving from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age has been a process and the upheaval that has been experienced is growing pains. We have been in this process of rebirth for several decades. December 21st – Winter Solstice will be our longest night and we will turn to the Light on December 22nd and welcome the move back toward the sun. The changes on this planet are so needed – embracing our personal power with grace, compassion, and empathy for others – rather than the age old idea of ‘power over’. Realizing that what we put out toward others comes back ten-fold, let’s bring forth this much acclaimed day with Love in our Hearts for ourselves, our family/friends, and all sentient life.


  26. Melissa

    I agree with most of the comments, especially “Chiquita”. As a cancer I believe that I have been going through a bunch of dramatic changes, so much in fact I decided to move to another state in January of 2013 just to find my relief! I hope the Mayan calendar is right (not that the world will come to an end) but that change will come and hopefully it’ll be positive change for all of humanity. Happy Holidays!

  27. Debra Keil-LeavittDebbie Keil-Leavitt

    Glen – Of course Taureans, Scorpios, Aquarians and Leos will have as much to do with the changes going on – sorry about that! Particularly with Saturn now having moved into Scorpio, many inner spirit-directed structures will be built and start taking hold under the Grand trines that are beginning to be formed between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces as other planets reach early Cancer, most notably Jupiter during the last half of 2013. You fixed sign people will be absolutely crucial to this important process! New structures flowing from the compassionate heart of humanity is the best short description I can give of this influence. I’m glad all of you will be contributing!

  28. Sharon

    Yes, I believe changes are coming to our planet. No, I don’t believe it is the end of the world but rather the end of some negativety. We create our own fate, our own heaven, our own hell. You can force fate by strongly believing and enforcing certain pitfalls. My own view is that of a loving God. I believe in the innate goodness within humanity. My world shall be better and more kind.

  29. Lynn Probst

    I am a scorpio, raising star tauras and venus in sagittarius which makes me a basically happy and not at all resentful or vengeful as some scorpios may be. However, my last year as been full of challenges and disappointments. I try to use these iin a positive experience and perhaps for me 12/22 will be more changes but ultimately good for myself and for the world.

  30. Uriah

    Dec,21,2012…… brothers from the stars show up to tell world leaders they have abused their power,and have shown the earth much disrespect……there will be changes…big changes….Utu the one whom is name means revenge will ascend upon our world at the order of the creator.

  31. lorette matodes

    well ,nothing will ever be the same again…one upheaval after another..home,relationship and country!!! this has been my personal experience.Change in all its forms …

  32. sibya ortiz

    We all experience the down fall n the up commings of life. How we react to it is different. We have to find happiness in everything we experience or we will lose our selves.

  33. cella

    Well crisis is getting bad and weather changes but wait and see whats going on have faith to god he is our creature he is the only one knows when is the end of the world…

  34. Rose

    Thank you for your accurately intelligent and profound insights. Curious now. What about Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius & Leo people; and the affects on them?

  35. Nakia

    I look at like a restoration period for myself I am an Aries so I welcome change in my life. Yes, change can be scary and shocking but the results will be worthwhile. Blessings:)

  36. mushtaq

    Aslam,as areal muslim don’t belive on that.what people are thinking world will finish on 21Dec 2012.have faith and be positive on everyside.allah will bless all human kind on this earth.(ameen)

  37. roxanne fagan

    if you are connected to the spiritual side,you will feel the alignment of the planets and sense that change. that is what the rapture is really about- the religious won’t change and thus will be left behind.thank you

  38. chiquita

    I believe the 21st of Dec 2012 is the End of the administration age. It is a date that one culture stopped making the calendar. Perhaps it was the end of that “old world”. I wonder what the date was when they stopped making that calendar. That’s the significant event. perhaps he never got to finish the calendar..did he die..did that civilization end.. God knows. However since everyone is making it a hoopla about the world ending..perhaps that’s what needs to happen. Each individual has a bubble and that bubble is their world. Since 12/21/2012 is undoubtedly being remembered maybe that’s a day that should be memorialized.A day where we all commit to changing our bubble, our world to make it a better place to live. On that day do something good for someone…PAY IT FORWARD. Its a day where we start a new world by acknowledging that to make this a better world change has to come from within.


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