Your Weekend Forecast for December 21 – 23, 2012

What’s New This Weekend?

The hustle and bustle of the season has arrived. How brilliant the universe is to give the Sun sign to Capricorn, the sign of organization and motivation to start us off with everything in order. Even better to help us stay grounded is the Moon in Taurus for the whole weekend, adding stability and appreciation to the other positive vibrations. Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Holidays to all.


Having high energy throughout the weekend makes you the ringleader, the top dog, the one in control. Taking this energy and running with it gives you the ability to do things the way you want, and how much happier can an Aries be than when in charge.


Feeling emotionally grounded and full of love you spend this weekend spreading joy among the ones closest to you. Baking takes center stage, and you feel happy using all the new cookie cutters and baking pans you bought throughout the year.


The home fires are burning brightly, bringing many visitors. The weekend holds magic for you. Seeing people you have not seen in a long time makes this a weekend to remember. Keep the camera handy, there will be moments you will not want to forget.


You are packed and ready to go. The trip you planned is going to be fabulous. A warm welcome awaits you. This holiday vacation you will make new friends and rekindle old relationships. The trip will be safe in both directions.


With all the preparation under your belt you can now sit back, relax and enjoy the bounty of the season. Taking the family to the movies, ice skating and a fun dinner bring great pleasure to you and yours.


The DVD series “True Blood” arrives at your door on Friday. With some hot chocolate, homemade cookies and a warm blanket, your weekend is ready to go. The coming week will be busy so take this time to enjoy the restful space you deserve.


All through the year you have been giving with both hands. This weekend you will find that the tide has turned and you become the recipient of a reward. Your connections are strong, giving you the opportunity to share your good fortune.


Right about now you are wishing your mind had an off switch. The emotional energy is very intense, the depth of your soul is hurting and you cannot stop thinking about a lost love. Do not worry. The winter will put a freeze on old thoughts and before the holidays and the new year enter, there will be a renewed clarity of thinking. This weekend is the time to get it all out be it with writing or just talking it through.


This is a very enthusiastic time in your life, not only because of the holiday season but because it is also your birthday month. Getting older for you means getting wiser, yet you have such a joyful attitude. The weekend will be an extension of your good vibrations.


Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Let’s get the party going. How blessed you are to have so many people that love you. Gifts start to arrive with holiday wishes attached as well as birthday wishes too. Getting dressed up and going out this weekend has been the plan for a while now. Your reservations at your favorite restaurant are waiting for you with open arms.


Romance is in the air and the love of your life is on their way over to get you for a weekend outing. There will be a surprise or two (a big box, a little box, a new car…). A week off the grid closes out the year on a very happy note.


Spiritually, you are in it 100%. Loving the songs of the season puts you in the mood to go out with friends to do some caroling in the neighborhood. Your philanthropic nature is contagious, making more than enough joy to spread around.

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  1. P.Alden Mount

    I listen to video library cause I can’t call Fiona about driver’s license lost 12 years ago.
    Especially appreciate Psychic Fiona #5178 video and Pilar and Vega (“authenticity” and “connect”)…great words to hear in the morning.
    I made an appointment and called, but the phone was intercepted and used up 7 minutes of talk time; that was all the talk time available on topup card
    thank you for putting them on video.


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