When a Message Doesn’t Make Sense

Many times when giving a reading, odd information, signs, symbols, names etc. may “pop” into a psychic’s realm, and they will just release that information as it is received without much explanation. At first it may not make sense to the client, but before there is a dismissal placed as far as accuracy or even the possibility of such a thing happening, I would love to share one of my own personal stories that may shed some light on these kinds of messages.

Over twenty years ago, I was diving more and more into my passion of doing readings and was slowly becoming a “spiritual paramedic” to many. At a time when I was trying to decide if I should do this professionally, I decided to go and get a reading from a favorite local psychic. Well, the reading became quite odd, even though I read with this woman many times, but this time, it just really felt different. So, as I just went with the flow, the energy then shifted, and all of a sudden she started to write down names.

She told me I was going in the right direction and there were three names that were very important to me. When I came in contact with these three, I would definitely know it was time to do this professionally. The three names were Rose, Sharon and Carol, and then she asked if I knew any of them. I told her that I did not know anyone personally by the name of Rose or Sharon, but that I had a best friend Carol, who had died several years before. She kept circling those three names and said this is the answer you are looking for. End of reading.

I then picked up my paper with the circled names and left her office somewhat in a state of confusion, for this was just not making any sense. I went home, called some friends, and of course we could not figure out who these three names could possibly refer to, and we thought of other local readers and services who were none of the names. After a few days, I just let it go.

A few months later, I was practicing with my cards, and I get a phone call out of the blue from a woman named Pat. She had heard I did readings, and she was running a Spirit Fair and needed more readers, and asked if I would like to participate. I told her I usually did readings for friends, family and a few parties, and had not entered the public eye with this skill just yet. She pleaded with me to give it a shot. I told her I would have to think about it and would call her back.

I went into a quiet space and asked my guides to give me a sign. What happened next just blew my mind! It dawned on me that every year my deceased best friend Carol sends me a message, and it is usually always on the day of her birthday, July 12. Then it hit me, today was July 12! One of the names… Carol! I knew in that moment I was to say “yes” to doing this spirit fair. I called Pat back and told her I would do it and then asked where the location was. She said it was being held in a town called Sharon! “No way!” I was thinking, but was getting goosebumps from head to toe.

The next few days I gathered all my cards and props, and that weekend headed for Sharon to do my first public appearance as a professional reader. I thought “That is now two of the names I was told, but one was a message from a deceased person, the other was the name of a town. Well, what gave me my definite answer as I was advised a few months before, was when I got to the hotel that was hosting the spirit fair in Sharon, I needed to know which banquet room it was being in held in. I was instructed to go down a hallway, to the last big ballroom, which would be located on the left. It was called the Rose Room! There it all was, all three names, with the third being the name of a room. Yes, I got my answer from a message that initially made no sense. I stayed open to the possibilities, and in divine timing, all was revealed with a certainty, that truly became a defining moment in my life.

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One thought on “When a Message Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. kmlemak

    This is in regards to being open to interpretation.

    Around the holidays, I was very frustrated about my ex-, so I went to the local Astrology Store to get a reading. Well, really, I wanted to ask how to “get over” him. He moved out over a year ago, even at that time, and the divorce was just about over. I was so sick of crying! Like, come on, already.

    The man told me, among other things, to get rid of everything that had ANYTHING to do with him. Purge. Funny how you have to hear that from someone besides friends and family before you hear and/or understand it. Later as we were wrapping things up, and still talking about purging, I gave him my ring as a tip. “Are you leaving this with me?” he asked after awhile. “Yes, go ahead.” I said. “It’s just a $20 ring from Wal-Mart.” (MY choice of ring. I don’t mind working with a budget if the love is real.)

    I was about ready to go and he tilted his head. “You’re going to meet someone,” he said, and then “I don’t know why I said that.” “Maybe because it’s true,” I said. I could tell he was listening to the other side, so I kept my mouth shut despite my wanting to burst with questions, and sat very still. I waited so he could “tune in.” He told me I would meet someone before the New Year. He would be tall and muscular, dark hair and blue eyes….. and ride a motorcycle.

    Well, long story short, I didn’t. Not in the way expected. But last month I met a tall, well built man who has blue eyes and blond hair, though it’s turning a dark grey, (not silver), and he used to ride motorcycles. But that was February. On the other hand, the Baha’i New Year is in March: I’m a Baha’i.


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