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Walter from New York, New York asks:

I have been pursuing my career for the past ten years with many highs and lows, as well as tremendous obstacles that I seemingly have overcome. My area is community development, and I have a passion, vision and an expertise that literally makes things happen which, quite frankly, intimidates many. However, after all these years of pursuing what I believed to be my destiny, I still face what seems like insurmountable odds and hurt (friends have abandoned me, lover deceived me and colleagues avoid me and rivals plot against me) all because I am working hard toward realizing my vision. Can I expect an eventual successful outcome for my career goals and aspirations?

Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

Wow. Within the next seven years you’re very likely to accomplish almost all you wish in your present career, which you accurately described as your destiny. This is not lightly said, for I know you will methodically commit yourself to doing what is necessary to bring about the outcome which is already etched in your subconscious.

The highs and lows you mentioned are precursors to even greater variability which you will choose to manage with a minimum of emotion. You won’t even think about slowing down your momentum. You recognize upward movement occurs when an issue is not seen as serious.

You desire to give people new ways to live their lives; giving them procedures to have relief from themselves. Because you understand the need to remove people from their imagined day-to-day encumbrances, you uplift others so they may envision new ways to enjoy.

Rivals, friends and colleagues respond to you in the only way they know how–disbelief! If you aren’t fully grasping how you’ve gotten through the aforementioned “tremendous obstacles,” then how can others adjust to observing your accomplishments? Your colleagues and friends vanish because they no longer feel a shared experience. Rivals often find you noteworthy, because you’re on the forefront of where they want to be.

However, this soon will not be an issue. The next few years will necessitate managing everything even more efficiently to maintain the standards you have set for yourself. If you want to accomplish an amazing amount in this life, you can’t slow down to blend into the surroundings.

Extremely few people choose to do what you do… looking to fit into the mainstream, you don’t view your inner self as an individual. At the same time, you’re not afraid to be alone in thought or speech. This is truly the answer to the riddle of how to “make things happen.” You pass through the eye of the needle, because you allowed yourself to get past yourself.

Your will enter the next tier in your career after completely making the commitment to exist in the state of being. By deciding to give up most all outward constraints of others’ problems, activities and surroundings, the “eventual successful outcome” of your career materializes. At that time, you will concentrate on doing it for everyone as much as doing it for yourself.

In that transformational state, you will attract relationships, romantic and otherwise, that feed the connection to your purpose at hand. This is because you will only allow yourself to attract that same state from other people, and, thus, relationships are more satisfactory and whole.

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  1. misskrystal

    I enjoyed your response, Anya. Being proactive with finances is a great way to achieve more security for the future. Thanks, Miss Krystal


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