Meaning of a Wasp Sighting

Meaning of a Wasp Sighting | California Psychics

Things with Wings        

Spirit often enlists the aid of birds and bugs, otherwise known as things with wings, to act as messengers. As they easily fly between Earth and the sky, they are able to bring us messages from the other side and heighten our awareness of our own current surroundings. The task of that winged creature is to get noticed. If you’ve ever had a wasp occupy your immediate area, you know it’s not something you can ignore. Luckily, seeing them is enough, you don’t have to wait around for an announcement. And that point leads us to the very symbolism of the wasp.

Wasp Symbolism

Part of the symbolism surrounding the wasp is to take action. Merely having an idea is not enough to see your way to success. Always have a plan, and keep working towards that goal; don’t just sit and ponder. It’s not enough to merely dream of being a famous singer or a serious playwriter. Whatever your goal or idea, it will require that you mindfully decide on the desired outcome and then map your way to its manifestation. The other piece of the wasp symbolism puzzle is to feel within that all things are possible, and that you deserve to have your dreams become reality. When you set a goal, plan it through step-by-step and bring that goal to fruition, all the while whole-heartedly feeling that you are on the right path. You can then affirm that you truly understand wasp symbolism.

Wasp Sightings in Shamanism

In the shamanic realm, the wasp is known as not only a healer but also as a powerful female warrior, not unlike an Amazon. However, she also comes with the gifts of compassion and humility. She is resourceful, energetic, and, at times, playful as well.

If you think of it in everyday terms, the wasp itself is purposeful and powerful. The mere sighting of a wasp can cause a whole crowd of people to run in fear of being stung. However, wasps themselves are more inquisitive than aggressive. In fact, they prefer a mainly plant-based menu, aside from a few small bugs. It’s our reaction to them – waving and swatting at them, that heightens their senses. Generally, they don’t look to sting anyone, until we react in this way and bother these otherwise curious creatures. And that is the shamanic spirit of the wasp.

The wasp seeks balance, and it asks if you are engaged in conflict or causes that are right and just or merely manmade. Act and react to situations as if you are the one in control because you are. There’s no need to wave and swat what isn’t really after you. However, if a wasp does sting you, it’s her way of suggesting that you need to be mindful of your own power, your own reactions and respond accordingly.

Wasp Sighting in Your Dreams

If a wasp is building a nest in your dreams, it is speaking of your ability to be productive – to set goals and accomplish them with the help of a plan. Using resourcefulness, the wasp (or you) is creating a safe and comfortable environment in which to grow.

As in the waking hours, if you dream of a wasp stinging you, it means you should pay attention to your surroundings. What is going on, who is involved, and what is your involvement? Perhaps there’s a notion that your past actions have come back to bite you.   

If you kill a wasp in a dream, this is representative of the warrior inside of you. It means that you see yourself as having the ability to fearlessly face adversity. You stand against anyone or anything you see who would take your rights or the rights of those close to you away.  

Scarier on the Outside

There’s no denying that an encounter with a wasp is startling and can even be a bit painful if you’re not careful. Perhaps now though, when you encounter or dream of one, rather than react with fear, you can pay attention to the message it is trying to convey to you. Yes, wasps are fierce and feisty, but sometimes, they just have something to say. 

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8 thoughts on “Meaning of a Wasp Sighting

  1. Mathilda

    They wasp has build a nest at my father’s house specifically in his bedroom. And broke and removed the nest and the next few hours the nest was starting to be built again and when I woke up in the morning I saw that it was big and it looked scary.

  2. Vivalla Diing

    A wasp attacked me recently but I resisted it and it went but the weirdest thing is that the way it appeared was strange cause I in the bathroom showering then something black like wind appeared behind me when I turned to get a clear look I saw a wasp.

  3. Claudia Burnett

    This is interesting, thank you so much for sharing.

    When my Papa passed away last year a wasps appeared in my bedroom the next night, it was flying around like it was lost, I felt it was my Papa getting used to his wings, as he always said he was ready to fly.

    Since then wasps have found their way into my home and continually show up in the most unexpected place, one was in my bed this morning. They seem to pass away if I just leave them alone, like they have come here to die

  4. Churchlady

    I was in a historic cemetery cleaning the gravestones. Many of the stones date back to 1790 when the Churchyard was new on what was then the frontier. While cleaning them wasps were always around me. Only when I was cleaning the stones even with water. Was this the folks in the cemetery?

  5. Lisa Adams

    I’ve seen a lot of wasps recently, I work in a hairdressers and there was a wasp in someone’s gown. We were at the beach last night and we were getting ice cream and a wasp was following us about there, while we were walking back to the car and while we were at the car… I’m not sure if this means something or if maybe it’s just that time of year

  6. Noyah

    At times wasps enter inside my home, play around and live. What happened today was so scaring.
    Today was sweeping outside and I felt like there is something moving on my back, I up my top and saw something flying and it entered in between my boobs I could see it a big wasp. Was panicking then, I prayed of my heart and it moved to the left arm and it flew down to my morning shoe on the left side. I gradually move my foot trying to remove it and succeeded and I quickly ran inside shaking and pray again and again. After sometimes I went outside it was dead besides my morning shoe..
    Spiritual what does this mean.
    As there a meaning of this..

    1. Vivalla Diing

      A wasp attacked me recently but I resisted it and it went but the weirdest thing is that the way it appeared was strange cause I in the bathroom showering then something black like wind appeared behind me when I turned to get a clear look I saw a wasp.

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