The Law of Attraction and Your Sun Sign

The Law of Attraction and Your Sun Sign

Venus and the Law of Attraction

Venus is the embodiment of the Law of Attraction. These sensual, life-giving, creative energies make you feel alive and motivated. She blesses and offers gifts with her presence in your chart. While Jupiter is great for expanding anything, Venus offers the gifts of beauty, lovely things, and enrichment through love and finance.

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Venus has been worshipped as a beautiful goddess (and occasionally a god) by a number of cultures. Every planet (even the Moon) was male, aside from Venus (Ishtar, Inanna, etc.) and she was the deciding figure in the dramas of the skies. Being in her “beams” brought tremendous enrichment, joy, and love too. Venus was the Greek Aphrodite. We use the Roman Venus in the West, with her many facets.

Wondering how you can maximize the powers of Venus and the Law of Attraction this year? Look to your Sun sign for the answer.


Venus travels in your sign with Mercury from March 6 to March 23, when she separates from Mercury but remains in Aries through March 30. With both Venus and Mercury together, your words will be magical and sexy if you take care of them. Therefore, if you tell someone how valuable and beautiful they are, the late part of the month could be exciting.


Venus enters her home, Taurus, on March 30. This is when you are at your sexiest and most comfortable. An older man might seem attractive or may want to mentor you. Either way, it’s good news for you during the first half of the month. Later in the month, turn what might have been a power struggle into something passionate or powerful through April 24.


April 24 begins Venus’s trip through Gemini where she may have a date with destiny. Maybe your destiny doesn’t look like you expected. Your personal words of healing and wisdom should open your eyes to a treasure in front of you. The first week in May brings dreamy feelings too. Your words can electrify others, particularly between May 17 and 19.


Venus is in Cancer from May 19 to June 14. Look for a nice surprise on May 20 followed by some new responsibilities and support. You’re charismatic and feeling romantic during the week of May 27. You’ll really enjoy May 31 and the following week, but let others drive if your partying gets too hard.


You are at your sexiest and most passionate with Venus in Leo from June 14 to July 9. You have a sense of fate that you feel deeply, particularly between June 16 and June 19 when you’ll have a “verbal dance” with a lover. You’ll enjoy generosity through early July.


An exciting and surprising mutual attraction with someone, or a surprise financial gain, is available when Venus blesses Virgo between July 9 and August 6. You can certainly build a more solid commitment during this time. Deep, rich passion or found wealth will be available later in July.


Venus is happy in her other home, Libra, from August 6 through September 9. The energy of desire is again flirting with you and making you feel like the attractive person you are. Your words are golden during mid-August. At the end of August, your grace and charm reach others.


This is an extremely important period of Venus in your sign. Venus enters Scorpio on September 9 and doesn’t move into Sagittarius until January 7, 2019. It will carry a Scorpio undercurrent for almost one year. Venus in Scorpio is opposite her home in Taurus, and this is where she investigates her deepest powers of attraction and her own personal desires. You’ll expand your view and attitude toward your sexuality.


Venus finally reaches Sagittarius on January 7 and she’s ready for some freedom and fun. You’re feeling sexy and looking to spend some time being adventurous. On January 21 through January 24 it would be easy to go on a real quest. Just be certain to take appropriate precautions. Venus leaves Sagittarius on February 3.


Venus is in Capricorn from February 3 through March 1. Mid-February will be the most intense and active time for Venus and you. There is intensity in your sex appeal and a powerful desire for commitment. This force may also move you to a new level in relationships.


March 1 brings Venus into Aquarius with sexual tension and high excitement through March 26. You may come together, doubt each other, and then come together again. At the same time, investments can do well if you’re proactive.


Venus in Pisces begins with some brilliant, creative ideas beginning on March 26. You also develop a dreamy, magical attractiveness during this period of time that lasts beyond Venus entering Aries on April 20.

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