The Meaning of a Gorilla Sighting

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A Gorilla Sighting

Encounters with gorillas are, for most people, rare and powerful. If you have the opportunity to encounter a gorilla, pay close attention to the experience. It may well be that Spirit is using this meeting to teach you about who you are or changes that you have been empowered to make.

What Are Gorillas?

Gorillas are great apes that live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently endangered, they are herbivores and are closely related to humans. Unlike some apes, gorillas are ground-dwellers that construct nests on land for sleeping and resting. They forage for food each day, traveling several miles to find sustenance. 

Gorillas are not solitary, but instead live in “troops,” which usually consist of one older male gorilla and several females with their young. There are, however, some troops that include multiple male gorillas. Troops provide protection for the gorillas who are often faced with many dangers while living in the wild.

The Messages and Symbolism of Gorillas

If you’re looking for the meaning of a gorilla sighting, just think back to when you may have seen a gorilla in person (in the rainforest or at the zoo) or when you’ve watched a documentary on the lives of gorillas. You can almost feel yourself imbued with their confidence and regal aura, as well as their compassionate natures. With their almost human-like eyes, expressions, and mannerisms, you can’t help but recognize a lot about the human experience within these majestic creatures. Perhaps that’s why, out of all the animal spirits, the gorilla may be the one with which most of us can identify.

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At first glance, you may feel intimidated by a gorilla’s size and strength; however, at their best, they’re gentle giants who are full of wisdom and patience. They have a deep love for family and nature’s wonders. They can use their powers in an aggressive way, but usually only as a last resort and only to protect their family and home.

The gorilla is clever and in many ways ingenious, but their basic needs are simple; they’re not hard to please. They are noble and proud and they hold their heads high. The male gorilla is in charge—he protects the troop, but he never boasts about his position. That’s one of the main messages of a gorilla sighting: “Learn from me and my mannerisms and you can experience a relatively peaceful, happy life as well. Of course, not every day is perfect, but most can be.”

Messages From the World of Spirit

While meeting an animal in person enables you to feel the most profound connection, any visual or auditory experience can be enough to bond with that spirit too. Such as when we listen to whale sounds, for instance. So, what other treasures of wisdom can we learn from the gorilla’s spiritual message?

The messages we receive from the spirit world are clear, and all we really have to do is pay attention. No matter how you experience your gorilla sighting, even if you just happen to have a gorilla come to mind, there’s a reason. Honestly, how often does that happen? Not often, which is all the more reason to pay attention to a gorilla sighting!

You can call upon gorilla energy, and Spirit reminds you of the gorilla’s traits when you need them at a particular moment in time. They include:

  • Standing tall and proud.
  • Being firm in their stance/well-grounded.
  • Remaining a stoic leader, mediator, and problem solver.
  • Being thoughtful, clever, and intelligent.
  • Exuding strength and power, only showing aggression as a last resort.
  • Being a protector and nurturer.
  • Commanding respect without demanding it.

If you need more courage and confidence, you can summon the spirit of the gorilla to give you their confidence, strength, and fearlessness.

The Gorilla of Your Dreams

One of the meanings of a gorilla in your dreams is that you need to get in better touch with your personal, primal, sexual needs. If life is too busy, it’s time to put your own wants at the top of that long to-do list; however, if the gorilla is lounging around in your dreams, it could also be a little poke from Spirit that it’s time for you to poke your inner gorilla and get him moving, motivated, and back on track. If you’ve been putting off an important life decision, procrastinating about getting a job done, or even avoiding social situations, then it’s time to start making changes if you dream about gorillas. Remember, gorillas are not only leadership symbols, they’re social creatures as well.

The Need for Community

Gorillas, like other apes, including humans, are social beings that live in families and extended communities. A gorilla sighting or encounter may be Spirit’s way of telling you that you are in need of a loving, supportive community. It may also be a way of telling you that you should be more intentional about reaching out to family members, friends, and neighbors.

Other Symbols of Gorilla Nature

Family: Gorillas show love, respect, and responsibility for every member of their troop, young and old.

Balance: Though they’re busy leading their troop and taking on responsibility, they also know when to kick back and enjoy themselves; they always live in the moment.

Patience: Gorillas lead with patience and compassion rather than being dictators to their troops. That is why the leader gets so much respect.

On the surface, we have a lot in common with the gorilla; however, we can still look beyond the immediate signs they bring us to find a deeper connection between us. Maybe we can even learn a few more things about ourselves.

Now that you know more about the gorilla, are you looking forward to your next gorilla sighting?

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