The Astrology of Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

The Astrology of Jupiter Conjunct Pluto | California Psychics

The Enthusiast Meets the Enforcer

This meeting of enthusiast Jupiter and enforcer Pluto, in old guard Capricorn in November, is the last of three times this will happen in 2020, a rather spectacular occurrence for a conjunction that was last seen in the 18th century. This energy represents the expansion and consolidation of resources, particularly by the powers that be. ‘The haves’ will go to extreme measures to acquire even more while ‘the have nots’ fight to defend the interests of their families and communities. You’ve seen the impact of these energies, both globally and personally already, and will continue to for a while longer. This dramatic play will influence the pursuit of emotional and material security throughout the rest of 2020. Your sign will reveal where you’ll go to extremes to consolidate power and resources in your world.

The Astrology of the Conjunction


There’s no mountain you can’t climb as Jupiter and Pluto merge in your house of career and reputation. You’ll work hard to attain a title that confers status and the respect of your peers. You can be ruthless in your pursuit. It won’t be easy to see whose toes you’re stepping on when your eyes are on the prize.


With this earthy vibe bolstering your confidence, you’ll want to be as learned as you can be. Attaining advanced degrees, certifications, and other achievements that showcase your expertise will feature in your plans. Spirituality will be a vehicle for expanding your horizons. When you share your wisdom, you can impact a broad audience.


Your ambition will be most evident in the boardroom and the bedroom, as you leverage your influence with the people closest to you to attain what you desire. Having a sense of your worth empowers you to make outrageous demands. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Always consider the consequences of your actions.


A powerful partner, in love or business, could wield tremendous influence over your life. When you work together to achieve a common goal, you’ll be practically unstoppable; however, if you work against each other, the results can be mutually detrimental. Hence, it’s vital that you enter into commitments with extreme care.


Leveling up your skills to the point of mastery will be high up on your to-do list. Your goal is to dominate in the workplace and command the respect of your peers. You’ll put in as many hours as necessary to achieve your aims. More work can mean more stress. Make self-care a priority.


What’s your idea of a good time? Whatever it is will be pursued with gusto. You’ll be equally determined to win over the object of your affection, so you’ll bring your A-game to romantic pursuits. With hobbies, creativity, and sports, having fun isn’t enough. You won’t rest until you become a master at your recreational activity of choice.


Your home is your castle. You’ll rule it with an iron fist in a velvet glove. You’ll be relentless in securing your space and providing stability for loved ones. A move, an extensive renovation, or redecoration could feature in your plans. When united, your family will wield considerable influence, while divisiveness and infighting can destroy relationships.


Your masterful command of words can make you a first-rate writer, authoritative speaker, and, in some cases, a captivating singer. Because your mental powers are fully online, you’ll be an excellent researcher and strategist. You’ll exert considerable influence over siblings and neighbors because you speak directly to the heart of matters and keep it real.


You can’t stop and won’t stop until you acquire the possessions and bank balance that provide the security and status you desire. A significant raise or a prosperous new job could be on the horizon. Because you have expensive taste, you could rack up big bills. Be careful not to squander what you’ve worked so hard to earn.


With this historic merger occurring in your sign, you may feel more empowered than you’ve ever felt in your life. When you’re this confident and in command of your talents, you think that there’s nothing you can’t do. Forget about playing it small. Pursue a lofty goal that will establish you as a force to be reckoned with.


There’s a rumble in the jungle of your psyche. As the unconscious becomes conscious, it transforms your inner landscape, and you begin to view your life in a new way. It could prompt a breakdown or a breakthrough. Why not face up to your fears and reclaim your power from past hurts and disappointments?


You want to be counted amongst the affluential and high achievers. Hence, when you make friends and get involved with groups and organizations, only the most powerful people will do. You’ll benefit tremendously from these relationships, although your allegiance could cost you. It’s a matter of whether it’s a price you’re willing to pay.

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