Are You Receiving a Message from the Universe?

Are You Receiving a Message from the Universe? | California Psychics

Signs from the Universe

The Universe is always sending messages and signs to let us know if we are on the right track or if we should be doing something different with our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes those messages are very subtle, and can therefore be easy to miss. It would be wonderful if the Universe could take out a billboard to get messages to us but instead, it relies on little things and our awareness of these small signs.

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How to Become Better at Sensing Messages

We can all learn to become better at recognizing the subtle signs the Universe is sending us. In gaining this skill, we can not only navigate the messages better, but we can also learn to navigate life more easily.

  1. Be Open and Receptive. If you tend to overthink or overanalyze things, you might be missing a sign because you are trying to be too discerning. Discernment is important but don’t let it build a wall around you, as it will be impossible for the Universe to get through to you without taking some extreme measures. Cultivate a true desire to hear from the Universe and always be willing to accept the answers, no matter the outcome.
  • Pay Attention. Many of us, myself included tending to race through our days with a very focused view. We are intent on getting things accomplished, which is a good thing; but it can also cause us to be completely oblivious to the messages that are right in front of us. Take some time to breathe and pause throughout the day, to touch base with the Universe and its messages for you.
  • Work on Your Own Sensitivity. As we get older, many of us lose the openness that we had as children that allowed us to have a close relationship with the Divine and pick up on the signs it sends to us. To help get that receptivity back, start adding some meditation to your day. Start with five minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes a day. Not only will this help you to become more sensitive, but it is a great way to begin and end your day.
  • Be Aware of Repeats. As you start to pay more attention to what is occurring in your life you might notice repetitive symbols popping up around you. Whether it’s a song, a number sequence, or an animal appearance, it’s best to take note of it. When something is especially important the Universe will keep sending the signal through until we finally realize the importance of it. Never discredit these experiences.

That Universal Connection

The power and intelligence of the Universe are truly boundless. Whether we realize it or not, it is always connected to us, and it wants to strengthen that bond. It can be easy to forget this, especially when you are going through a difficult time. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open and the messages will come through.

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