Angel Numbers: How Angels Communicate With You

Angel Numbers: How Angels Communicate With You

The Powerful Tools That Guide You

You live in a world where you constantly deal with numbers. There are cell phone numbers, numbers on your driver’s license and bank accounts, and numbers on the street where you live. These numbers are important parts of your everyday life. Similarly, angel numbers are also important—but in a different way! Angel numbers are powerful tools to guide you on our spiritual path, help you achieve your spiritual goals, and help you create the life you want to live.

Wondering what the recurring numbers in your life mean? Read with a numerology psychic and find out!

Your Angels Love to Help You

To truly appreciate angel numbers, the first thing you need to know is that your angels love to communicate with you in many different ways. In fact, they encourage you more than you realize, and they love when you act on their wisdom! Your angels are always on board and ready to help with anything you want to do in the world that is positive, loving or kind, or any vision you have that will be an inspiration to yourself or others.

Your Angels are Trying to Get Your Attention  

In order to provide that help, your angels need to find a way to get your attention. This can happen through dreams, visions, a chance conversation, meeting with a friend, an inspirational video online or even a song on the radio. Angel numbers are just one of the ways your angels communicate!

Recurring Numbers

Angel numbers are numbers that reoccur in your life and they represent the aforementioned angelic presence that’s trying to get your attention. The reason your angels may choose numbers over other forms of communication, like during a dream, is because while you may not always remember your dreams, you deal with numbers every day.

Sometimes the numbers are personally significant to you. For example, your birthday or the birthday of someone you love, or a special anniversary. Or, they may be numbers with a powerful numerological meaning of their own. Angel numbers are not complicated! The idea is not to confuse you, like advanced calculus, but instead, to make you aware that you are moving in the right direction and that you have angelic support.

Angel Numbers and a Dream Job

A client of mine recently had to make a decision about an important move in her life. She got a dream job offer. While she felt the excitement, she was hesitant to relocate to a new city far away from family and friends. She asked her angels whether she was making the right decision to move, and noticed all that week she kept seeing the numbers of her birthday 812—August 12. They were on a receipt when she left a convenience store, they were the last digits of the number of a new friend, and later that week she also saw them on a license plate in front of her in traffic. She took this to mean that her angels were supporting her move, communicating with her that she was on the right track.

Angel Numbers and a New Business

Another client would get up in the middle of the night, almost always around 1:01 in the morning. She would lie awake for about 10 minutes and then go back to sleep. This occurred almost every night off and on for months. Finally, a friend told her that one was a number for beginnings, for independence or for starting anew. She had been debating whether or not to apply for a business loan. The numbers gave her the confirmation she needed. She went to the bank the following week to start the loan process. After that, she slept through the night peacefully for the first time in months.

Angel Numbers and Romantic Relationships

It is important to remember that angel numbers are always encouraging—they shouldn’t make you feel anxious. Usually, the message is clear. We shouldn’t have to try too hard to search for them or force a meaning.

I had a friend who felt he was receiving a communication every time he saw the number six. Let me tell you, he saw sixes everywhere! He believed it was a message to call his ex-girlfriend because her phone number had a six in it! I finally said to him, gently, that while I did believe his angels would communicate with him when the time was right, every single six he saw in the world didn’t necessarily have a message behind it.

Later that year, however, he began to date someone else who was very kind to him—a very loving woman. He felt instantly they were perfect for each other, but he still had some trust issues left over from his ex, and he was unsure about their future. While they were dating, he noticed that several times while he was out with her he would get a “random” feeling to look at his watch, and it was always a repeated number: 2:22, 3:33 or 4:44. We both agreed that his angels were encouraging him to go forward, and I’m happy to report he’s been having the time of his life.

Ask Your Angels for Messages

Your angels are always here to help you. Because the energy of the angelic realm is so powerful, angels often use ways to communicate that are familiar to you, so that you will be open, without fear, to their suggestions and ideas. When a client of mine thinks they have received a communication but aren’t sure, I always suggest asking their angels, “What would you like me to know?” and then meditating or simply going to sleep.

Once your angels have your attention, the conversation can intensify and the guidance you receive will deepen. The way you can be sure the message is from your angels is that you will always feel supported, inspired, and deeply loved. Remember: when it comes to your angels and providing guidance, you are always number one.

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13 thoughts on “Angel Numbers: How Angels Communicate With You

  1. S Wilson

    Keep seeing my birthdate 212 everywhere and for a couple of years not sure what the spirits are trying to communicate to me or how to communicate to them as I would really appreciate their positive guidance.

    Also what does it mean to constantly repeat someone’s name in my head or speak that persons name for no apparent reason. This person is someone I once cared for and it seems usually when things are not going well for me his name just slips off my tongue. I still care for him very much. I know this must sound weird but I would appreciate any advice, thank you.

  2. Angelique Williams

    My recurring number is 13.
    Of course I get scared and turn my head unti the time changes.
    My mother was born on the the 13th.
    She has since left this world. She now is a Angel.
    After reading this article I will ask my Angel Guide for the meaning.
    Thank you!

  3. sammie joe

    Hi Their: Hmm this message is for Peggy—How dare you involve yourself with another man when you are still married—–watch out Peggy cause Lady Karma will come back and give you a good kick in the butt—-I have no problem when someone leaves their relationship–but to do this to a guy when you are still married—-shame on you—-like I said watch out for Lady Karma——TeHe TeHe====

  4. Ntombs

    I see these repeated numbers all the time – at first i used to be scared of them but got used to them because they appear EVERY DAY. at least four times every day. The popular ones are 14:44, 12:22, 13:33 and 11:11. I always take a screen shot whenever i see them. I wish i can get more information about this.. I am from South Africa – do you have Psychics this side that you recommend?

  5. Peggy Mcclenan

    I’m suck between to men one I’m married to the other I can’t go a day without seeing….. I’m not happy with my marriage but we have been together for lil over 23 yrs. The other man gives me butterflies.

    1. Tris Hart

      First, I am sorry you have been harshly judged by another’s subjective personal values, lack of empathy, when you were asking for help and being vulnerable. None of us are better/worse than another and Pain is subjective.
      The grass is greener epidemic, especially with social media, plus the addition of brain chemicals like dopamine can really trick you & are very convincing that you’ve found, “the one,” missing from your life. If you’re unhappy in your marriage, and truly feel its unsalvagable with counseling etc, & felt this way BEFORE Mr Butterflies came into picture, perhaps ask yourself what is keeping you in the marriage? Is there any real love left, passion, intimacy, trust, friendship, common goals/interests or is there only anger, resentment, indifference, contempt, hostility, & a roommate type of arrangement remaining? Do you have children together, asking simply because the urban legend argument, “staying together for the kids,” has been disproven decades ago & counselors/family therapists can tell you children are resilient, even if there’s not open conflict in household, kids also pick up tension, lack of affection between parents, avoidance or silent treatment of each other, which can be equally damaging as overt conflicts. All research at this time for kids, points to 2 parents happy apart is more healthy that 2 parents unhappy together.

      Change is difficult, however can be positively transformative. I would encourage you also to
      closely examine the circumstances related to how long you’ve been seeing Mr B, how you met, what do you have in common, does he have a spouse/children? Is he seeing anyone else that you know of, or on other dating sites? Is there trust, emotional/spiritual intimacy as well? Do you engage in additional activities outside sexual intimacies, which can be heightened due to dopamine of newness & excitement related to,”forbidden fruit,” engaging in secret affair during marriage & all the energy that goes into maintaining the ruse can be exhilarating & contribute to excitement & butterflies. It’s when all that energy going toward hiding an affair & maintaining secrecy is freed up, all is out in open & you can be a legitimate couple that the true test of your connection is revealed
      Living day to day life together, sharing space, dealing with triggers, family of origin issues that come up, any addiction, mental health or trauma history, budgeting, blending families, “real life,” vs the fantasy & escape an affair offers …that the truth reveals itself. Please take care of yourself, be honest with yourself & indicidual counseling, coaching or even a personal psychic, which I feel is worth mentioning due to this site, can be very beneficial & assist with decision making, personal accountability & support.

    2. Kay

      Hey, try this put your heart & mind on the same path and leave your hormones out of it. Sounds weird but try it and see where your true feelings lead you. That should be the man you end up with!!! #bestwishes

  6. Rebecca

    Here in the last two months I keep receiving from people I barely know or don’t even know calling me… An Angel. They will say… Your An Angel! Or Tell someone… She’s an Angel! I have also had dreams that I have a spine that has wing bones attached to it and I have these beautiful feathery angel wings that come out of my skin and unfold, but one of my wings is broken and I need a doctor to fix it and thats why I’m stuck on Earth in this human form, but I haven’t found the doctor yet that I can trust that will not exspose me as an angel, or will not die of a heart attack when he sees my wings, and then I don’t know if he will be able to even fix my small things wing bones, my feathers are ok. Now on the real side… I have been working in an hospital for the last two months, since Feb 21, 2018!!!

  7. James Whittler

    I have played my local lotteries and sweepstakes contests forever. I am in a place in my life where I am ready to handle and take on the winner of a HUGE lottery and or sweepstakes contests . I’m curious as to whether or not my opportunity is going to happen in this lifetime.
    Please help me wirh this matter. Thank you!


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