Virgo Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2017

Virgo, you have an interesting month filled with lots of planetary-first-house action, so this month is about you and your well-being. Financially speaking, your September Money Horoscope could take two roads. Whichever is right for you personally, jump on it! Circle the 15th and the three days before and after. It’s either your time to shine in the employment arena by looking for your next destination whether it be new employment or something entrepreneurial or spending a little money on a getaway vacation. All Virgos would choose the vacation, but those who are feeling uber-responsible right now will opt for the next greatest step forward. Either way, you’re renewing your energy around money—how it’s made and spent—which is perfect timing since next month all of these planets will be in your second house of cash. You’ll be prepared.

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