Virgo Monthly Horoscope

November 2019

Begin November with special loving celebrations that honor beloved ancestors. Virgo’s can arrange for an event at home, with Venus and Jupiter in your fourth house of home and family. The month begins with the coinciding events of the Day of the Dead or Samhain where ancestors are celebrated. Gifts return to you.

This might not sound like romance but being in touch with powerful roots of life makes people real, and sexuality is part of that, along with ancient celebrations. There’s nothing wrong with finding love that ties you to your connections, and nearly everyone responds to the love of family.

Mercury is retrograde in your second house of personal finance and values. While you double-check financial documents, broaden your view to those you value. Lovingly clarify how you treasure them and where your relationship is most effective and flourishes. Your fifth house of romance and children demands transformation. The outcome is a new, more satisfying love life.

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