Virgo Monthly Horoscope

March 2018

If you’re single, March is a month that will require you to step out of your usual retirement mode and put yourself out there if you’re going to make any headway in the love department. In fact, you may have no choice but to change your ways as Venus glides through Aries and your eighth house, so don’t fight it. Sure you can still send flirtatious looks across the room, but you’re also going to have to get off your seat and move in the direction of your attraction if you’re going to get it started. If attached, there’s no harm in being the one who suggests a romantic night out or a quick weekend getaway. You may wind up rekindling that initial spark that first got you together. If you’re among the few Virgos experiencing a stalemate situation in love, use the powers of Mercury square karmic Saturn currently in your fifth house. This is the perfect alignment to clear the air, extend and receive apologies, and give your love life a spring cleaning.

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