Virgo Monthly Money Horoscope

January 2018

If you’re serious about changing a few money habits and investing in your future, then there’s no better day in January than the 15th. Perhaps this is Martin Luther King’s way of sharing good sense with his fellow Earth signs, but Virgo seems to benefit from a Jupiter-Pluto sextile the most. This is an auspicious day not to be overlooked since it combines a bit of strategic planning with super good luck. If you’ve seriously thought about investing in your future, the 15th is your best day to do it. Open a retirement account, increase the amount you already contribute to savings or start an investment in real estate—renting, flipping or whatever speaks to your vision of the future. However, there is one caveat to this new beginning—because there’s always some sort of catch. Whatever you invest in has to be for the long term. When Jupiter and Pluto join forces, it always signals a long-term endeavor and/or investment.

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