Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 2019

As quiet and understated as you usually are, Virgo, no one would believe the antics taking place in your twelfth house. If they searched for days, they wouldn’t find you in that remote and secluded spot where the dramatic, passionate, and colorful side of your nature is having free reign this month. I’ll bet you’re on vacation and I’ll bet you told them you were visiting Aunt Mathilda on her farm, helping her with the chores. Ha-ha.

Through all the high energy drama and fun, when the cat’s out of the bag be sure to send some pictures, especially when Mercury joins the party August 12. After the merriment reaches a crescendo you’ll soberly return, your navy-blue blazer neatly under your arm. You’ll stroll into the office looking cool and collected on August 30, about the same time that your ruler Mercury enters your crisp and efficient sign for a month. They’ll be none the wiser, but they’ll wonder, won’t they?

If partnered, you’ll return back to the routine with your smiles deep and your eyes glazed. And, if single….OMG!

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