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Friday, November 15, 2019

General Overview: Fascinating self-discoveries will change the way you see yourself as well as what you think you’re capable of. It’s fun for you, although it can be jarring for someone (especially a Scorpio) who wants you to continue to play the same role.

Love/Friendship: The vibe gets passive-aggressive when you skirt an issue that upsets you. With the emotional Scorpio Sun at odds with discordant Eris, you may question whether there’s something worth getting upset about or whether you’re making it all up in your mind. There’s more to the story than you realize, although untangling your emotions will be a complicated affair. It’s best to sort it out before you vent at your partner or a friend.

Career/Finance: You could overestimate how much credit is at your disposal or how much you can afford to spend. Mistakes will be made with the moon void of course in your money zone. You’ll have a better sense of which expenses are necessary after the moon moves into security-conscious Cancer. Hence, it might be wise to postpone shopping until later in the day.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Exciting insights about yourself abound as the Cancer Moon contacts enlightening Uranus in your sign. You might be inspired to learn something new or to express yourself in a different way. Go where your inspiration takes you. This could be an exciting journey of self-exploration.

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