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Thursday, November 21, 2019

General Overview: You do a lot for others. You don’t mind, although you do occasionally wonder how much your friends and loved ones really do for you. Someone is waiting in the wings to show you some love. Perhaps it’s a generous and loving Sagittarius?

Love/Friendship: Your passion and magnetism are strong as the earthy Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto. You’re all in when you do something fun with your love interest or your friends. Actually, ‘all in’ is putting it mildly. You can’t get enough of whatever brings you pleasure with spirited Venus and expansive Jupiter in the mix. Go for it. You can deal with the consequences of overdoing it tomorrow.

Career/Finance: Is it competitiveness or insecurity that motivates you to outdo a colleague? It’s a hard call while ambitious Mars is at odds with wounded Chiron. Unless you can bring it, you might want to sit this round out. You could be up against a fierce opponent. Why not focus on being a better version of yourself instead of proving that you’re better than others? The results of a personal victory will be more satisfying, and the risks of failure near impossible.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Your artistic skills are enhanced. Especially when you work on a tactile project. Even if you’re only a dabbler, you’ll enjoy performing a task in a more creative way. See what calls to you and give it a try.

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