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Saturday, February 22, 2020

General Overview: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, activates your core values and is sextile Neptune highlighting home and family and giving you an opportunity to contemplate who and what matters most to you, why, and what you can do to best take care of your treasures. Not all abundance takes the form of dollar signs; there truly are some things that money cannot buy. A Libra has something to teach you about friendship, let them show you how it’s done.

Love/Friendship: Venus activates love and romance in your chart and square Jupiter she increases your attractiveness and makes you nearly irresistible. This is great news if you’re single and looking for a relationship, casual or committed. If you’re partnered, enjoy the extra attention but make sure to reassure you’re partner that you’re committed and have no intention of straying.

Career/Finance: The sun is sextile Uranus activating work in your chart and increasing the need for stimulation, challenge, freedom, and change. This transit makes routine difficult to endure, so look for ways to grow, new projects to develop, and new directions to move in. This doesn’t mean you have to change jobs, but it does mean that you can no longer tolerate doing the same thing day in and day out just for a paycheck.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Your home and family could use some of your attention. Spending time with loved ones will benefit you as much as it will them.

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