Pisces Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2019

The sun and Mercury in Scorpio most of this month casts a lovely trine to you. You’ll feel this as added support in most things that are important to you. Trines from your ninth house of adventure, travel, and higher education make it a good time to branch out and see more of the world. This could be through an outer journey or an inner one. The Universe says that it would be enriching in a way that is very important to you now. A trine from the moon’s north node in Cancer may provide gentle urging to make this adventure a reality! November 5-8, the moon transiting your sign will give you the extra drive to investigate the possibilities of expansion, both physical and mental. Dreams usually play a big part in your planning, Pisces. As psychic as you truly are, you usually decode things for yourself. But, if you would like to explore some particularly cryptic symbolism, a call to your Dream Psychic would provide the insight you seek.

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