Pisces Monthly Money Horoscope

May 2017

Venus in impetuous and impulsive Aries will come face-to-face with expansive and effusive Jupiter in lavish-loving Libra on May 19. This is a textbook astrological recipe for a splurge. That could spell trouble for you when you’re in the mood to shop, spend and spoil. If your own voice of reason is being drowned out by chatter between these two Hollywood-like planets, then at least make sure you have some form of brake mechanism in place, whether it’s a friend or a sensible money manager. In other words, exercise your option to dial a friend. You’ve earned the right to spend—just don’t go over the top. As a matter of fact, by month’s end you may be in a position to help a friend in need. Those are the situations that truly make you feel good—at least better than a leather jacket ever could.

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