Pisces Monthly Money Horoscope

July 2019

Your solar fifth is illuminated now, especially on July 2 and 16. It is time to invest in your children’s creativity and recreation and, while you’re at it, invest in your own! Becoming involved in the arts, especially the Performing Arts will yield dividends in enjoyment and maybe, money. It may be a good time to consider partnership in a restaurant, bar, or sports team because the fifth house covers recreational activities. Do not sign a contract on a new venture until next month when Mercury is direct, but definitely do gather information, and read the fine print. The eclipses taking place in Cancer this month are trining you, and should bring good things for that reason. Pay attention to new opportunities and, possibly, reconsider an old one if it relates to the recreation industry in any way. A Money Psychic could help evaluate your ideas if you are seeking further insight.

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