Pisces Monthly Horoscope

July 2019

Your ruler Neptune is in harmonious aspect with stabilizing Saturn all month. You will imagine for the collective a world that loves on a higher vibrational plane. Neptune has been characterized as the higher octave of Venus and you frequently model this. You will serenely meet the surprises that Uranus sends your way. Mercury retrograding back into sister water-sign Cancer after July 20 will help you give voice to this inner knowledge. The sun and Venus in Cancer, trining you, will make this an enjoyable time. Consult a Life Path Psychic if you feel you want to contribute more of yourself to the world but aren’t sure what form it should take. Get away for a while with your mate, if partnered, and enjoy time by a body of water.
If single, you will have prospective lovers circling you in droves! They will crave the emotional calm and connectivity you project now so easily. Pick and choose carefully because your emotions are vulnerable.

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