Pisces Monthly Money Horoscope

January 2018

There’s plenty going on in your career of late, Pisces. New acquaintances and/or opportunities are a big part of the overall picture. It seems that you’re being recognized for your creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking. For you, the date to circle on your Monthly Money Horoscope calendar would be January 23 when a waxing Moon in energetic Aries joins forces with wildcard Uranus. On this day, you could get a raise, promotion or even an opportunity presented to you that you totally didn’t see coming. It seems that there will be some big reason to celebrate and you’ll be in the impulsive mood to do exactly that. But perhaps put some away as a reminder of what you can accomplish and an incentive to move forward with your ideas with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Remember, money is an energy, and while it needs to flow in and out, saving some will also help to grow your nest egg.

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