Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 2018

Once Venus moves into your first house on the 10th of February, you’ll feel prouder than a peacock to get out and show your vast array of talents in the flirtation arena, and you’ll have no shortage of admirers. Your fun and social energy light up under the Venusian influence. Venus is super serious and she doesn’t want you to be single, so if you are, you may not be that way for long. As the symbol of the two fish, she knows you do better in every way when paired with someone as opposed to going solo. Coupled Pisceans may feel the urge to have an adventure or try something new. Whatever the two of you do, it should be something worthy of a few pictures and a few good tales to tell. Plus, this will be great practice for your next adventure together. Once you experience the solar eclipse in your twelfth house, you’ll feel you’re in a partnership that’s void of secrets and full of love.

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