Leo Monthly Horoscope

September 2017

Though you usually love to cuddle and purr, all of that energy in Virgo planets has you focused on finances. And with Venus, the goddess of love and money, still in your sign until the 19th, you are speaking your mind without a filter and no one is out of the range of fire. As the King/Queen of the Jungle, you never shirk your responsibilities (without good cause). However, organizing your paperwork will have an amazing effect on your love life this September because you’ll feel more in control and on top of things, which let’s face it, is where you prefer to be. Single or attached, pounce on paperwork so you have more time for your love life. Then money won’t preoccupy your mind or divert your attention from more amorous pursuits. The quicker you soften the mood, the faster you and your lover can get down to the important stuff—your love life.

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