Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

May 2018

When it comes to money and financial matters, most of us depend on our careers to keep things rolling. That’s precisely why astrology can help us know what’s coming up so we can be prepared for such unpredictable transits as Uranus’ move into Taurus on May 15—the same day as the New Moon enters Taurus. They’re all highlighting your career house. If you’ve been on the fence about changing jobs, it’s time to act; no more wait-and-see-what-happens for you. Uranus is a wild-card planet that always makes us wish we had a backup plan for whatever area it touches. This would definitely be a great month to consult a Career Psychic to see what’s coming up for you personally—preferably before the 15th. On the 25th Venus in Cancer will oppose Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn. Flavored by the Uranus transit, this means you’re either in line for a raise or promotion or quite the opposite. You may need to put yourself on an instant budget. Whatever happens, know that you’ve been through worse and have always remained the king/queen of the jungle. Chances are all of these changes will be the start of one of the best periods in your life.

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