Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

March 2018

Jupiter’s retrograde occurs in Scorpio, your tenth house of careers. If your aspirations include going into business for yourself, getting a promotion or getting a better job, you may experience a delay in your plans. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune, but any planet in retrograde is a sign that it’s time to pause and go over the plan rather than forge ahead. Of course, Leo, you’ll inevitably do what you want, but it’s always wise to heed astrological wisdom that’s been around for centuries—the Universe knows what it’s doing.

Jupiter’s retrograde between March 8 and July 10, 2018, is best spent on trying a new endeavor, perhaps part-time (without quitting your day job) or doing a little market research for a product you want to sell. You get the idea. In fact, Mercury will turn retrograde as well on the 22nd in your fellow fire sign, Aries. You may grow impatient and want to get on with life, but the stars say you’ll be glad if you wait.

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