Leo Monthly Horoscope

March 2018

After the 6th, your March 2018 Love Horoscope becomes a wide-open invitation for romance and excitement. Venus will venture into your fellow fire sign of Aries—just the kind of romantic heat your sign likes. You’ll be even more flirtatious and engaging than usual, and there’s even a chance that singles could fall hard and fast for someone new. Actually, even attached, you may find your eye wandering if things at home aren’t so perfect. However, there will be consequences, so think before you act. Don’t get caught up in a fleeting moment that could change the course of your love life if you don’t want to risk it. Instead, all of this charm and exuberance can be channeled towards your existing relationship, helping you form a deeper, yet far-from-boring, romantic scene to build on. Single, you could end March newly attached. Already attached, you could end March by uncovering the hidden magic in your relationship.

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